NOÊTA „Elm“- VÖ: Prophecy Productions 23 April 2021

The sound of a teardrop falling onto a moss covered stone. The sound of a heart breaking. The sound of a rosebud opening at dawn. These are just some of the sounds that Norway based band NOÊTA with vocalist and musician Êlea have woven their songs from. Once again, she has been joined by her long-time collaborator Ândris from Sweden, who added a wide range of instruments to the music, which has been fittingly dubbed as dark ambient among other terms.

Lyrically, their sophomore full-length, „Elm“ is loosely based on emotions connected to the eponymous poem by celebrated American author Sylvia Plath, who struggled with severe depression and sadly committed suicide shortly after writing „Elm“. „The lyrical material serves as an outlet for my own personal struggles“, states Êlea. „It makes this album more cohesive as it mostly reflects my own musical vision.“

Something dark, melancholic, and at times even sinister is haunting each of the eight tracks collected on this album. Yet at the same time NOÊTA’s music comes with an inherent ethereal beauty, which is carried by Êlea’s both lucent and lucid voice. The focus on her bewitching vocals is further underlined by a subtle and nearly minimalistic use of instrumentation that masterly captures and enhances the musical moods.

Taking their name from the ancient Greek philosophical notion of universal thoughts or ideas that exist independently of any agent having them, NOÊTA embark on their musical journey into the otherworld with the highly praised 2015 EP „psykhē“, which also refers to classical Greek philosophy where it denotes the wholeness of a person. This was followed by the equally acclaimed debut album „Beyond Life and Death“ in 2017, which added more depth and audible confidence to the duo’s compositions.

With the recording, production and mix again firmly controlled by NOÊTA, mastering of „Elm“ was for the first time left to the expert hands of Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio (MAYHEM, WATAIN). Guest contributions by KNOKKELKLANG and P.Stille of STILLA and BERGRAVEN also hint to Êlea’s roots in black metal that remain present although her personal darkness takes a different stylistic direction.

„Elm“ witnesses NOÊTA charting their very own left hand course through the rising tide of unique female artists such as CHELSEA WOLFE, ANNA VON HAUSSWOLFF or EMMA RUTH RUNDLE to name but a few of the highly individual voices claiming their territory in the world of dark music.

1. Dawn Falls
2. As I Fall Silent
3. Disillusion
4. Above And Below
5. Fade
6. As We Are Gone
7. Elm
8. Elm (II)

Êlea – vocals, electric guitar, synth
Ândris – acoustic and electric guitar, lapsteel, accordion, piano

Guest Appearances
E. Rustad of Knokkelklang plays electric guitar on track 4
P.Stille of BERGRAVEN contributed guitar and piano chords on track 8*  

Produced, recorded and mixed privately by NOÊTA
Mastered at Necromorbus Studio by Tore Stjerna

Cover photography by Aron Mattsson



Style: Dark ambient folk

Pre-sale link:

Available formats
„Elm“ is available on Digipak CD, limited gold vinyl LP (200 copies), and on black vinyl LP.




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Industrial/Rock Band DEADLIGHT HOLIDAY Unleash Their New Single, „Blood And Body“

Michigan-based industrial/rock band DEADLIGHT HOLIDAY have unleashed their highly-anticipated new single, „Blood And Body.“  The visualizer made its premiere on March 17th at ReGen Magazine HERE:


The single also appears with a remix version from ANGELSPIT and is available NOW via Bandcamp.

„The lyrics draw from American culture, and our collective cognitive dissonance towards the problems we all help create as a humans. I don’t think it’s our job as musicians to solve or answer anything, but rather to call attention to subject matter, and create a ‚question mark‘ of sorts for people to make up their own mind. „

„When it comes to our remixes, I like to imagine them as what our music would sound like in an alternate reality. The remix version of „Blood and Body“ was done by Zoog from the band Angelspit. I think his style and musical approach really compliments what we’re going for aesthetically.“

Loud Guitars • Dreamy Lyrics • Twisting Soundscapes  • Black Paint  • Strange Behavior

DEADLIGHT HOLIDAY is an eclectic  industrial rock band based out of Grand Rapids, MI. The music is best described by their fans as ‚Stargaze‘, combining the dreamy sounds of Shoegaze and the guitar driven rock anthems of the 90’s. Formed on New Years Eve in 2014 by guitarist Kyle Panek, the band’s fan base began to precede them after just uploading the initial demo tracks. Soon joined by vocalist and guitarist Shane Seppala, they began to take the band into the studio to release their first EP. Setting their sights higher, they began to writing more material for intended for a concept album, in what would later become their debut album The Path of Desolation. Now working alongside producer Esjay Jones, they are currently working on a follow-up album. 

In promotion of their albums, DEADLIGHT HOLIDAY has independently toured the U.S. and Canada four times over. Playing alongside national acts such as The Misfits, The Birthday Massacre, Stitched up Heart, Psyclon Nine, The Genitorturers, Wednesday 13, Combichrist, and much more. The band has developed a following in the midwest alternative scene over the years, and has a devoted following. 

Activists through and through, the band utilizes its platform to reach a larger audience than normally possible. Donating both their time and finances, they focus on fighting abuse, funding medical research, ending the exploitation of animals, and promoting environmental awareness. 

Proudly Sponsored by Seymour Duncan, GHS Strings, Haunted Labs

Music Available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer, Apple Music, and wherever music can be streamed.




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Nuclear Sun – tribute album featuring „Head Like A Hole“


We’re very happy to bring you the new album from Chicago’s Nuclear Sun.  Their new album, Couldn’t Have Said It Better Vol. 1 features covers of classics by Filter, Mindless Faith, Rabbit Junk and of course, Nine Inch Nails. 

 Chicago-based industrial rock band NUCLEAR SUN has released a new single/visualizer clip covering the iconic NINE INCH NAILS  hit, „Head Like A Hole.“  The track appears on NUCLEAR SUN’s new tribute release, Couldn’t Have Said It Better Vol. 1, available digitally via Bandcamp and all major streaming services.


„Head Like A Hole“ written by Nine Inch Nails

„February War“ written by Rabbit Junk

„Insurgence“ written by Cyatonic

„Under“ written by Filter

„Next To Last“ written by Mindless Faith

„Spit AK“ written by The Shizit



NUCLEARr*SUN is the primary creative outlet of singer/songwriter/producer/audio engineer Tal Kliger. NUCLEARr*SUN takes inspiration from many influences like 90s industrial rock acts such as Gravity Kills, Rammstein and Stabbing Westward as well as various other genres from industrial metal, digital harcore, numetal, various EDM genres and even 90s Eurodance.

Tal- who grew up in the Bay Area, Northern California- spent the majority of life surrounded by music, having started learning piano at 9, guitar at 11 and jazz-trained singing at 14. NUCLEARr*SUNs first song, Sever The Connection (appearing on the album Dark Side of the Sun) was written when he was 11 years old, but it wasn’t until 2014 that Tal sought out music inspirations and self-produced independent artist role-models Sean Payne of Cyanotic and Chris Sevanick of Mindless Faith and received the instruction that allowed him to finally record, produce, mix and master his own work and release it to the world.

NUCLEARr*SUN’s first release (titled Rising) was released in early 2015, and after another two releases (The Cleansing and Dark Side of the Sun) Tal has released the first of hopefully many collections of tributes to the music that inspired him to create in the first place. Couldn’t Have Said It Better Vol. 1 consists of Tal’s takes on tracks by Nine Inch Nails, Filter, Mindless Faith, Rabbit Junk, Cyanotic and even The Shizit- J.P. Anderson of Rabbit Junk’s first project from the early 2000’s.


NUCLEARr*SUN’s first release (titled „Rising“Smilie: ;) was released in early 2015, and after another two releases („The Cleansing“ and „Dark Side of the Sun“Smilie: ;) Tal has released the first of hopefully many collections of tributes to the music that inspired him to create in the first place. „Couldn’t Have Said It Better vol. 1“ consists of Tal’s takes on tracks by Nine Inch Nails, Filter, Mindless Faith, Rabbit Junk, Cyanotic and even The Shizit- J.P. Anderson of Rabbit Junk’s first project from the early 2000’s.


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NO TRUST IN DAWN – Lost and Apart – CD Album

Am 26.03.2021 ist es endlich erschienen, das neue Album von No Trust In Dawn, es hat einige Zeit gedauert, bedingt durch die Corona Umstände, aber was lange wärt wird endlich gut!

Das Album gibt es Digital und auf CD in allen möglichen Shops intenational, von Amazon bis Bandcamp, von Media Markt/Saturn bis InfraRot…. u.s.w.





Die Snippets gibts hier:

Sonic Seducer Magazin + Heft CD mit No Trust In Dawn:…/akt…/die-aktuelle-ausgabe

No Trust In Dawn Album – Lost And Apart – VÖ: 26.03.2021

Alice in… „NO TRUST IN DAWN – Lost and Apart“ – CD (LC: AIW 213)

Song: This Beautiful Cage




No Trust in Dawn – Lost & Apart

Wow, hier kommen The Cure 2.0! Das war mein erster Gedanke als ich das zweite Studioalbum von No Trust in Dawn anspielte. Mit „Lost & Apart“ präsentiert uns das Duo seit dem 26.März 2021 dreizehn neue Songs im schönen Synthie-Style.

Den Einstieg gibt das rein instrumentale „Can You Feel The Silence“ mit ruhigen und sanften Synthie-Klängen.

The Greatest Love“ bestätigt meinen Eindruck, dass No Trust In Dawn stark von The Cure beeinflusst wurden. Selbst die Stimme von Rio Black erinnert an die von Herrn Smith. Der Song an sich ist ein ruhiges Stück mit einprägsamem Refrain, der die erste große Liebe schmeichelnd beschreibt.

Etwas flotter wird es mit „Lost & Apart“. Stimmlich haben sich Rio und Soykut hier zusammengetan und teilen sich den Refrain. Der wiederrum ist kurz und knackig. Die Strophen haben dafür gefühlt umso mehr Text, schön verpackt in angenehme elektronische Klänge.

Schon fast fröhlich beginnt „Under The Sun“. Als wäre es endlich an der Zeit, dass der Frühling kommt. Er macht Hoffnung auf bessere Zeiten und Sonne zwischen all den Wolken. Ein leichtes Stück, welches ich mir gerne öfter anhöre.

Ein bisschen individueller zeigt sich „Puritiy“, gesungen von Soykut. Es ist ein schnelleres Stück mit einem Refrain der hängen bleibt. „Schon fast Pop.“, wie die beiden es mit einem Augenzwinkern selbst beschreiben.

Morphine“ schickt uns, wie der Titel schon sagt, auf einen kleinen Trip. Der Sound lädt zum spontanen Händeklatschen ein. „Happy! So happy!“ singt Herr Black und genau das ist man mit diesem Song auch. Noten auf Drogen sozusagen.

Einen leichten und von zügigen Synthies getragenen Ausklang bildet „Sweet Dream“. Für mich ebenfalls ein gelungenes Stück.

No Trust In Dawn haben ein sehr schönes Album für Fans der Wave-Musik produziert. Es schickt einen teilweise zurück in die 80er Jahre. Da ich selbst The Cure sehr gerne mag, finde ich die starken Flashbacks im Album recht angenehm. Allerdings denke ich, dass den Jungs von No Trust In Dawn ein bisschen mehr Individualität bestimmt auch gut zu Gesicht steht.

geschrieben von Antje Heine



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Andy LaPlegua (Combichrist) reveals new solo project: LAPLEGUA & drops single ‘I Will Heal’

Andy LaPlegua (Combichrist) reveals new solo project: LAPLEGUA and drops its debut single ‘I Will Heal’ today!

Listen here:

Andy LaPlegua (Combichrist) reveals in his solo project that emotionality can be an incredible strength. LAPLEGUA is marrying dark angular elements and emotionally transports the listener to this heyday of the genre in a way that leaves the existing behind.

Andy LaPlegua states about his solo project LAPLEGUA and its debut single:

LAPLEGUA is my most personal musical project to date. It gives me the freedom to write exactly what I want, and express exactly how I feel. ‘I Will Heal’ sits very close to home. We all have gone through massive amounts of problems over the last year, and this song is one of many stories of my own personal mental health.”

The release of the first single „I Will Heal“ recalls future-oriented back to his origins with ICON OF COIL, but goes less into the electronic direction, and creates a spectacular hybrid between alternative new wave post-punk and eighties goth rock:

“I personally chose to call the music of LAPLEGUA “alternative” music, because that’s exactly what it is, and alternative to everything else I do, and an alternative to everything else out there. With inspirations from 80’s goth rock, to Nick Cave and Tom Waits, I just let the beast in me completely free in the studio,” describes Andy his promising new project and concludes:

’I Will Heal’ might be the first you hear of my new music, but there will be a lot more in the time to come.”

Stream/get the single here:






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FIRE + ICE sign with Auerbach Tonträger

ink deal with
Auerbach Tonträger

FIRE + ICE have signed a comprehensive deal including their full catalogue with Auerbach Tonträger. The project formed by British neofolk veteran Ian Read, who is also well known for his work with DEATH IN JUNE, SOL INVICTUS, and CURRENT 93 will announce further news in due time.

FIRE + ICE comment: „I am pleased to have signed with Auerbach Tonträger and the Prophecy label family“, writes mastermind Ian Read. „I look forward to a fruitful collaboration with this forward looking company with much to offer any musical enterprise in the coming years.“

Martin Koller adds: „I am particularly excited to announce the signing of FIRE + ICE as a new signing for our re-launched label Auerberbach Tonträger as Ian Read represents neofolk in its most classic form“, tells the label’s founder. „I have been following Ian Read’s musical career for a long time and most gladly welcome this stalwart of the neofolk scene on the label.“

As a first step in this collaboration, original FIRE + ICE pressings as well as associated releases from Ian Read’s own imprint Fremdheit can now be obtained via Auerbach. Please publish this shop-link alongside your news-item, if possible:



FIRE + ICE were created by Ian Read in 1992. Ian Read was a major contributor to the development of the neofolk genre. He performed on several of the scene’s formative albums such as DEATH IN JUNE’s „Brown Book“ (1987), CURRENT 93’s „Swastikas for Noddy“ (198Smilie: 8), and SOL INVICTUS‘ „Against The Modern World“ (1987). SOL INVICTUS he had even co-founded with Tony Wakeford in 1987, who continued the band after Ian Read left to start his own project FIRE + ICE. With his own creative outlet, the mastermind has ever since explored themes surrounding magick, myth, and mysteries, which are often associated with Germanic or Northern mythology, Odin, runes, and English history. FIRE + ICE consider themselves as a genuine continuation of the Britsh Folk music and to represent an original poetic expression of its traditions based on Ian Read’s own mystical vision and deep immersion in occult lore.



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Auerbach Tonträger heißen ST. MICHAEL FRONT zum Label-Neustart willkommen

unterschreiben bei
Auerbach Tonträger
als erste Band des Label-Neustarts

ST. MICHAEL FRONT haben bei Auerbach Tonträger für mehrere Alben unterschrieben. Das Hamurger Occult Pop Duo aus Gitarrist Bruder Matthias und Sänger Bruder Sascha wird sowohl ihr gefeiertes Debütalbum „End of Ahriman“ (201Smilie: 8) als auch dessen kommenden Nachfolger noch in diesem Jahr über das Label veröffentlichen.

ST. MICHAEL FRONT kommentieren: „Wir freuen uns sehr, mit Auerbach Tonträger ein neues Heim gefunden zu haben“, schreibt Bruder Matthias. „Einst wurde prophezeit, dass der Erzengel Michael die Armeen des Herrn gegen Satans Horden anführen wird. Während des Krieges im Himmel warf er Satan nieder und stürzte den rebellischen Engel hinab auf die Erde. Es steht auch geschrieben, dass Michael in einem Büchlein all die guten und bösen Taten festhält, die jeder einzelne von uns begeht, damit er es am Ende der Zeit in Gottes Hand legen kann.“

Martin Koller fügt hinzu: „Das 25. Jubiläum von Prophecy Productions stellt eine hervorragende Gelegenheit dar, um auch die jüngeren Geschwisterlabel Auerbach Tonträger und Lupus Lounge auf Glanz zu polieren“, erklärt der Labelgründer. „Ursprünglich gänzlich dem Neofolk gewidmet, haben Auerbach Tonträger mittlerweile ihren musikalischen Horizont um Dark Folk und verwandte Stile erweitert. Mit St. Michael Front haben wir nun die perfekte Band gefunden, um eine neue Ära für das Label einzuleiten. Als ihr Debütalbum seinen Weg auf meinen Schreibtisch fand, hat es mich auf Anhieb elektrisiert. Dann traf das Demo ihres Zweitwerks ein und ich hätte St. Michael Front am liebsten sofort unter Vertrag genommen. Die Beiden wirken mitunter leicht verrückt, aber wer ist das nicht? Ich bin begeistert, dass es mit der Unterschrift geklappt hat und heiße St. Michael Front herzlich in unserer Labelfamilie willkommen.“



Auerbach Tonträger werden in den kommenden Tagen weitere Neuzugänge ankündigen, die das weitgefächerte Repertoire des Labels repräsentieren. Um das eigene Profil des Labels innerhalb der Prophecy Familie zu stärken, haben Auerbach Tonträger nun eigene Seiten auf den Social-Media-Plattformen bekommen:






Das Hamburger Duo ST. MICHAEL FRONT hat einen Blitzstart hingelegt, obwohl die studierten Künstler alle Regeln aushebeln. Ob Schlager oder Dark Pop, alles scheinbar Unpassende, das Bruder Matthias und Bruder Sascha lustvoll kombinieren, endet als Hit mit Biss. Ihr Debütalbum „End of Ahriman“ katapultierte die Band nicht nur 6 lange Wochen auf den ersten Platz der RADIOEINS Charts mit dem Song ‚Once‘, sondern bescherte dem Duo auch Auftritte und Features in so diversen Medien wie („Zwei tapfere Gesellen im Kampf mit Dämonen“Smilie: ;), dem Podcast von Olli Schulz & Jan Böhmermann sowie in der TAZ, Der Standard („Düsterpop mit doppeltem Boden“Smilie: ;) und im Intro.

Es folgten gern angenommene Einladungen zum Wave Gotik Treffen, auf die Alm zum alpinen House of the Holy nach Österreich u.v.a. mehr. Was ST. MICHAEL FRONT stilistisch als Mischung aus Dark Folk, OLIVER ONIONS, THE WHO und RICHARD WAGNER bezeichnen, kennt keine Scheuklappen. Ihre erstaunlichen Klangresultate werden obendrein durch eine kaum weniger wahnwitzige Lyrik gewürzt. In den Texten des Duos tummeln sich munter die Dämonen und andere uralte Kreaturen, die allgemein wohl kaum zum regulären Inventar des Pop gehören. Ihre ironisch gebrochene Beschäftigung mit esoterischen Themen trifft dabei präzise den aktuellen Zeitgeist. ST. MICHAEL FRONT illustrieren ihr inhärentes Paradox anschaulich in dem Video-Clip zum Hit ‚Once‘, in dem Sascha genial schnulzig mit fies gegrunzten Einlagen über eine Art von eingängigem Schlager im Hawaii-Stil singt, während die Protagonisten ein finsteres Ritual durchführen. Der ganz normale Wahnsinn eben.

Aktuell bereiten sich ST. MICHAEL FRONT auf ihr zweites Album vor, das als auf Deutsch gesungenes Werk die musikalische Evolution des Duo tiefer hinab in faszinierende Abgründe führen soll und noch in diesem Jahr erscheinen wird.

Über Auerbach Tonträger
Auerbach Tonträger sind ein internationales Label, das im Jahr 2003 von seinem Inhaber Martin Koller gegründet wurde, um Bands aus dem Neofolk-Spektrum eine engagierte Heimat und langfristige Kooperationen zu bieten. Zu den prominenten Vertretern zählen Sol Invictus, Orplid und Spiritual Front. Die Bands des Labels zeichnen sich durch eine starke und ganzheitliche künstlerische Vision aus, die sich auch in hochwertigen physischen Produkten widerspiegelt. Auerbach Tonträger gehören zur Prophecy Productions Label-Familie, die unter dem Dach der unabhängigen Mediengruppe SPKR besteht.

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…and another brand new release.

Next Sunday, at 6 p.m. CET I will be on the radio again, with my own show on

Terra Relicta Radio.
Immediately after the show, my new single ALLORDIESIDE will be available on


ALLORDIECIDE was written by me. Lars Kappeler from Sweet Ermengarde / OBB, was responsible for the playing and recording of all instruments and for the mixing.

This time, my good friend from UK, Sean Palfrey and his wife Deborah Palfrey (imagomortis

) preapred a Video that will be premiered in the upcoming days at by my friend Yami Spechie, somewhere around Youtube Smilie: ;-)

That’s the news, come and listen to my show at Terra Relicta next Sunday, between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. CET.

Just in case that you are on facebook – here is the event.




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LIYA Addresses Depression’s Curse With „Kill The Beast“ New video/single/EP out NOW

„The video and song are about someone with depression; someone who is not dealing with it and hurting himself and me, because we were together. It’s about how his depression ruined our connection. The depression is the beast that needs to be killed.“ – LIYA

The video was shot in central Israel and directed by Nero P
Music co-produced by LIYA & Vinnie Saletto (Giant Monsters On The Horizon)

Buy or Stream:


Liya Trebitch is a Singer, Songwriter and Composer from Tel-aviv Israel. LIYA began playing the piano and composing from the age of 5. She has been creating electronic music for the last 16 years. Inspired by New wave, Synth pop, Dark wave, Industrial etc. Her music has deep dark melodies that take you out of your ordinary world. A combination of Dark wave and Synth Pop. In recent years she has performed with Dj Yahel in Europe and in Israel. In December, 2018 her first EP Listen was released through the label Blind Mice Productions and received a lot of great reviews. These days LIYA continues to work on new material.

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Electronic Artist ALIA SYNESTHESIA Reveals The „Cult“ of Productivity With „Stop Go“

The song itself is about dead-end jobs and the cult of productivity.  This theme runs throughout her forthcoming EP, Anhedonia due out later this year. In this case, it’s about climbing senseless corporate ladders and sacrificing things one loves in order to perform at work, to survive and to stay afloat.


About the forthcoming EP, Anhedonia:

Anhedonia, scheduled for release in July 2021, will be the first concept EP to be originally released under the name of ALIA SYNESTHESIA. Paying homage to the sounds of the 90s (trip-hop, NIN, The SugarCubes, Bjork) Alia brings in the combination of pop and operatic vocals, distorted cello riffs, and booming, danceable basslines.

In Psychology, „anhedonia“ refers to inability to experience pleasure or loss of interest in pleasurable things. It’s linked to depression and other mental health disorders. ALIA SYNESTHESIA conceptually explores anhedonia of modernity, with all it’s silent hysterics and mental storms, not only as a de-contextualized nebulous tendril of clinical depression, but as an every day side effect of mental battles for purpose and meaning within the grinding cult of productivity.

Anhedonia will be released in two editions, White (standard edition) and Black (limited to 20 copies only). There are slight differences between the editions that provide different context to each. Both editions are available for pre-order on the project site:

Buy or Stream:

ALIA SYSTHESIA is a multi-instrumentalist, trained operatic singer, neo-classical composer, cellist & drummer. Her music compositions defy genre, spanning from electronic dance music, industrial & sludge metal to dungeon synth, atmospheric, cinematic scores, and operatic works. Known for her deep mezzo-soprano voice and experimental distorted cello technique, Alia carries her unique, exotic sound across genres.

Alia is Yakut (Siberian first nations), and was born and raised in North Siberia, where she started her music education at 6, subsequently immigrating to Canada at the age of 14. Although classically trained, her first musical exposure was to electronic music.

Alia released her first solo record titled Kingdoms Fall in 2017 under the project name Subterranea. Shortly after, two more records under different project names have followed, Banshee (2017), a synthmetal relese, and DataVVitch (201Smilie: 8), released first as anonymous record. Ever since, Alia has been touring the world from Hawaii (2017) to New Zealand (201Smilie: 8) and Japan (2019) as a live member of industrial/darkwave UK pioneers ATTRITION (Coventry, UK) and her neoclassical symphonic dungeon synth project Subterranea.

In her home city of Toronto, Alia opened for the father of dungeon synth Mortiis (2019), as well as black metal/heavy metal band Malokarpatan from Bratislava, Slovakia (201Smilie: 8). Due to versatility and uniqeness of Alia’s sound, she performed with metal bands, goth/darkwave and industrial bands, witch house acts (Valhall), synthwave acts (Dana Jean Phoenix), and dark ambient/experimental acts like Northumbria, Uxvae, and Darsombra.

Alia’s voice is often described in reviews as ‘siren-like’, haunting and beautiful, yet powerful and deep. The compositions she weaves range from tribal and hypnotic, to complex, nightmarish, avant-garde and multi-layered, laced with her signature baroque vocals.

Alia’s compositions were featured in multiple compillations, including numerous Cage Studios compillations (UK) and Brutal Resonance. She was featured on several releases by Di Auger (Toronto, Canada), and Etherial Delusions (Oregon, USA). Alia has also made guest appearances on podcasts and radio shows dedicated to classical opera. Currently, Alia’s discography consists of over 20 releases (EPs, Singles, Band Albums, Live Albums).



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German Industrial Rock Artist KANDINSKY NOIR Covers „KIX“ By ROXETTE’s PER GESSLE

March 8, 2021 – Berlin-based industrial rock artist KANDINSKY NOIR is paying tribute to Per Gessle  with their cover of the song, „KIX.“  The song was originally written by Per Gessle (ROXETTE´s Frontman) in 1997 for his first solo Album The World According to Gessle.

For fans of: Die Krupps, Zeromancer & Das Ich

„Why did I choose this mostly unknown song as cover? The main reason is related to my past: When I was younger, here was MTV, radio stations and cassettes. And the first international music I had access to through the latter were Roxette. Roxette opened my mind even regarding foreign languages and I started learning English through their lyrics.  The original version of „Kix“ contains all the features of a typical 90ies power pop song: a syncopated drum machine loop, a harmonica theme, a tambourine and a tremolo electric guitar. However, I wanted to give the song an industrial twist, in order to enhance the darker side of the lyrics.  

It is one of the few productions by Per Gessle and Roxette in general that detaches itself from the usual way the topic of love is treated. The lyrics are in some way raw, rough, merciless in the depiction of a state of things I have experienced here in Berlin. This city represents a constant search for new kicks in order to escape the insignificance of existence.“
– Anti Austyrøl (KANDINSKY NOIR)

Buy or Stream:


KANDINSKY NOIR is a solo cross-genre project from Berlin born at the end of 2020 during this time of lockdown. After 17 years without actively playing and composing, I considered this period of universal stillness as the best occasion to start again, trying to condense experiences and memories of this last decade in some songs. The name for this solo project derives from a sleeve tattoo I got on my arm reproducing a painting by the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky, mostly known for his colourful abstract works. While the reproduction on my arm is completely in black. I found the juxtaposition between the name of the artist and a colour that is not typical for his works interesting, as it creates a sort of short-circuit of signification.

My main influences are Type O Negative, Die Krupps, Zeromancer, Fear Factory, Das Ich, Lord of the Lost, Jacques Brel and the Berlin Techno scene sounds that I have breathed in during the last decade. I would define the genre I play as industrial / synth rock, even if my very first release Miss Hauntology was more reminiscent of the 80ies Hair Metal with a touch of synths and my second release DOM-J had more of an EBM / Industrial atmosphere. The common trait among my releases is the stress of dissonances and according to the inspiration odd time signatures.

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KIRLIAN CAMERA announce new double album „Cold Pills (Scarlet Gate of Toxic Daybreak)“ and release first single ‚The 8th President‘

KIRLIAN CAMERA have released the first single taken from their forthcoming double album „Cold Pills (Scarlet Gate of Toxic Daybreak)“, which is scheduled for release on May 14, 2021. The forerunner single ‚The 8th President‘ will hit the stores on March 26, 2021. Cover art and single details can be found below.

The track ‚The 8th President‘ is now available for immediate publication via YouTube:

Please publish this pre-sale link alongside any news-item, if possible.

KIRLIAN CAMERA commented: „At times apocalyptically romantic, at other times merciless and stormy, ‚The 8th President‘ appears to be the choreography of ’satanic-shaped mystics‘, for those, who have no courageous touch with the subsoil of good“, the Italians write. „The true history of the world was born in the basement. It is there that the event of ‚The 8th President‘ came to life, in the dark and devastating places of a former asylum, where the screams and desperation of long-term patients can be still clearly perceived in every corner of that earthly hell. The pieces of a luxurious marble chessboard are moving under the fingers of the 8th President. The preys of dark and conditioning powers are now his toy, leaving nothing to dreams.“


1.1. The Illusory Guest
1.2. Cold Pills
1.3. I Became Alice
1.4. Not True
1.5. Crystal Morn
1.6. Lobotomine 5
1.7. Randonists and Sleepers
1.8. The 8th President

2.1. Dreamlex
2.2. Dusk Religion
2.3. LSDay
2.4. Phoenix Aliena
2.5. Apophenia
2.6. Blue Drug
2.7. Lux Industries
2.8. Twin Pills

With „Cold Pills (Scarlet Gate of Toxic Daybreak)“, KIRLIAN CAMERA deliver their darkest music yet. At the same time, the Italian electro-provocateurs par excellence have added a subconscious metallic vibe into their already wide-ranging sound on this massive double album. This subtle but audible shift away from more pop leaning experiments in the past, maintains the main duo’s uncanny ability to compose catchy and captivating electronic hymns, but gives their new songs a more sinister spin.

This most recent transformation of KIRLIAN CAMERA fits the constantly evolving, ever changing band that has always been restlessly searching for new answers and still finds fresh perspective – although these already legendary veterans are celebrating their most impressive 40th anniversary.

The current incarnation of KIRLIAN CAMERA with its subtle dark rock undertones might come as a surprise to some, but just means a return to his roots for the band’s founder, multi-instrumentalist Angelo Bergamini (electronics, synthesizers, e-guitars), who took his first musical steps closely linked to HAWKWIND during their „Lemmy Kilmister period“ and has worked with YES-guitarist Trevor Rubin back in the days. The Italian’s new bass player Mia Wallace comes with strong ties to the realm of metal through her involvement with ABBATH and NERVOSA among others and guitarist Alessandro Comerio also plays drums in Tom Gabriel Fischer’s TRIUMPH OF DEATH and plucks the bass for FORGOTTEN TOMB.

Yet, KIRLIAN CAMERA are foremost always themselves and this remains true for „Cold Pills“ as well. As a given constant in all the works of the band and as distinctive as Angelo Bergamini’s trademark musical handwriting are the stunning vocals of the other half of the original core duo: Elena Alice Fossi’s voice covers an amazing range of expression from the darkly seductive via the dangerously hypnotic to ethereal beauty – and every emotion in between.

As contemporary artists, KIRLIAN CAMERA are painting a dystopian picture with  „Cold Pills“ that reflects in the bleak monochrome artwork, the music, and in the lyrics. The ongoing pandemic has left its traces too. „This is the dark, toxic, and sometimes dreamy world of ‚Cold Pills‘ and its sub-title ‚Scarlet Gate of Toxic Daybreak‘ too“, reveals Elena Alice Fossi. „It is an obscure world plagued by altered states and malaise, by rituals and facts that go beyond explainable limits.“

Such multi-layered constructions as well as transcendent and subversive content have always been at the core of the art of KIRLIAN CAMERA. Their unapologetic at times outrageous ability to provoke and to hold a truth-telling mirror to the world has sparked more than one controversy in the past. Yet, the Italians have never been using provocation for its own sake or succumbed to mindless destructive impulses. Their artistic course seeks the extraordinary contrast between the pleasing and the gloomy, the otherworldly and the dreamy, and is probably unique in the world of music for this very reason.

After all these decades filled with celebrated albums, of which many are already considered modern classics, and on an artistic path that knows no rest and constantly heads towards new horizons, KIRLIAN CAMERA have again created a fascinating masterpiece with „Cold Pills“ that brings their dark and mysterious aura another step closer to perfection.

Current Line-up
Elena Alice Fossi – vocals, electronics, theremin, synthesizers
Angelo Bergamini – synthesizers, electronics, e-guitars, additional vocals
Alessandro Comerio – guitars
Mia W. Wallace – bass

Recording Line-up
Elena Alice Fossi – vocals, electronics, theremin, synthesizers, piano
Angelo Bergamini – synthesizers, electronics, e-guitars, add. vocals
Mia W. Wallace – bass
Alessandro Comerio – guitars
Andrea Fossi – guitars

Guest musicians
Davide Mazza – additonal electronics on ‚Apophenia‘
Alison Bergamini – additional vocoder on ‚Lobotomine 5‘

Produced by Elena Alice Fossi
Recorded and pre-mixed by Elena Alice Fossi at Uranium Mobile Studio
Sound engineering by Willi Dammeier 

Cover Artwork by Jose Manuel Moreno Santiuste

A. The 8th President
B. Phoenix Aliena (Italian Version)
B. Golden Carousel

The meticulous songwriting and striking arrangement of the single elegantly demonstrates how this duo has mastered its musical craft with the wealth of experience of more than 30 years.

Yet the title track of the single ‚The 8th President‘ also hints at a slight change of direction for KIRLIAN CAMERA: Elena Alice Fossi’s soaring vocals float with captivating ease over a beckoning abyss of sinister electronics.

KIRLIAN CAMERA present the single ‚The 8th President‘ as the first delicious appetiser taken from their forthcoming double album „Cold Pills“. The subversive Italians remain true to their course of melancholic electronics as on the highly acclaimed latest album „Hologram Moon“.

The meticulous songwriting and striking arrangement of the single elegantly demonstrates how this duo has mastered its musical craft with the wealth of experience of more than 30 years.

Yet the title track of the single ‚The 8th President‘ also hints at a slight change of direction for KIRLIAN CAMERA: Elena Alice Fossi’s soaring vocals float with captivating ease over a beckoning abyss of sinister electronics.

„With ‚Cold Pills‘ we have created our darkest album yet,“ promise Angelo Bergamini and Elena Alice Fossi. ‚The 8th President‘ is the first indisputable proof of this statement.

Single release date: March 26, 2021

Available formats
‚The 8th President‘ will be released as a black and grey, four-sided Digipak CD and as a 12″ vinyl single limited to 300 black and 200 gold coloured copies.


Release date: March 14, 2021

Pre-sale link

Available formats
„Cold Pills“ is available as 48-page hardcover artbook including the regular double-CD and a bonus CD, Digipak 2-CD with 12-page booklet, and gatefold 2-LP in black and silver vinyl editions.




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THIS MORN‘ OMNIA announce new album and release first single

THIS MORN‘ OMNIA announce new album“The Roots of Saraswati“and release first single
1.000 Cuts (Lingh Chi)‘

THIS MORN‘ OMNIA have released the first single taken from their forthcoming album „The Roots of Saraswati„, which is slated for release on March 26, 2021. Cover art and album details can be found below.

The single track ‚1.000 Cuts (Lingh Chi)‘ is now available for immediate publication via this YouTube link:

Please publish this pre-sale link alongside any news-item, if possible.

1. Nadisti Sukta
2. The Mongoose King
3. Naous
4. Vadavigni (The All Consuming Fire)
5. People of the Serpent
6. 1.000 Cuts (Lingh Chi)
7. The Nothing Space
8. Blood Oath
9. Nepenthe
10. (A) Song of Eloi’im

With „The Roots of Saraswati“, THIS MORN‘ OMINA add a new, dark facet to their already impressive catalogue. The latest album by the Belgian tribal industrial pioneers can be seen both as a continuation of their previous work as well as a welcome expansion of their stylistic palette.

The broadening of their musical horizon is partly due to Karolus Leroq having been replaced by IVARDENSPHERE drummer and electro-musician Scott Fox. The Canadian from Edmonton arrived with new sound elements in his bag when he joined THIS MORN‘ OMINA. This line-up change resulted in the current tracks offering an increased compositional depth and a darker atmosphere compared to the previous album „Kundalini Rising“ (2017).

The organic structures of the current songs put more emphasis on the tribal heart of the Belgians, while their psychedelic trance influences shining through on their previous albums have been audibly trimmed back. The extremely well-honed production of „The Roots of Saraswati“ seamlessly blends driving atmospheric electronics with organic percussion, which will also prick up listeners‘ ears.

Lyrically, THIS MORN‘ OMINA remain true to their fascination for the spiritual traditions of the Indian subcontinent on „The Roots of Saraswati“. In Hinduism, the name „Saraswati“ („The Flowing One“Smilie: ;) represents the goddess of wisdom, art, and learning, yet also denotes a mysterious river from which knowledge, inspiration and divine grace spring. In Hindu teachings, „Saraswati“ is also used as a term for scholars and seekers of truth. All the aspects of this word contain an element of flowing and profound transcendence as a common theme, which also defines the content of the new album, musically, lyrically, and in the artwork as well.

„The Roots of Saraswati“ irresistibly call to the dancefloor via hypnotic club hits such as ‚The Mongoose King‘ and ‚The Nothing Space‘. Yet after several spins, the raw percussive power and cinematic scope of mid-tempo tracks like ‚Vadavighni („The All Consuming Fire“Smilie: ;)‘ and ‚Nepenthe‘ starts to grow into focus. The coup de grace is delivered by the soothing chords of ‚Song of Elo’im‘ that could have had a starring role on a John Carpenter soundtrack – seasoned with a tasty industrial dash.

The impressive evolution of THIS MORN‘ OMINA finds a perfect outlet with the hypnotic and varied tribal industrial masterpiece „The Roots of Saraswati“.

Album release date: March 26, 2021

Available formats
Digipack CD edition and 2CD 36-page Artbook edition.


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HOCICO New Single ‚Broken Empires‘

HOCICO shares the long-awaited new single „Broken Empires“ and music video!


Today is an exciting day for all followers of the Mexican Industrial-Electro legends HOCICO! The band drops their new single „Broken Empires“ via Out of Line Music.

Erk (vocalist) explains: “Broken Empires, is a song about the current state of the world. It resumes how the pandemic was a way to achieve power and control for some and how it transformed the world into a darker place for some others.” And Racso (music) adds: “Musically speaking “Broken Empires” is a futuristic and modern vision, it’s a blend of dark electro with the new trends of mid-tempo and dark synth.”


HOCICO are looking forward to “completing and releasing our new album in 2021 and hopefully, we get to tour the globe with it afterwards”, says Erk.


Accompanying the release of HOCICO’s new single, Erk explains, “we found it interesting – the idea of making a video where we are not part of it. This time we want to deliver the message separating ourselves visually from it to create an unusual feeling on the audience. We found an actress in Canada who performed the song in front of the camera, it’s a simple but powerful idea.” Watch the music video HERE!


Racso Agroyam (Music) and Erk Aicrag (Lyrics and Vocals)


Erk Aicrag and Racso Agroyam, two angry survivors of the physical and mental violence rising daily on the streets of Mexico City, emerged in 1993 as Hocico, a hard-electro act that lashes out against the deteriorating human spirit with compassion and rage. This project of two cousins has been active on the underground scene ever since, constantly exploring new musical concepts. Hocico creates dark and aggressive sounds: nightmarish atmospheres, classical landscapes, and driving beats, charged with adrenaline and fury. They channel the violence, isolation, and social misconduct of Mexico City into their music to exhibit what society has wronged – letting the music speak for itself. Their artistic expression is mainly focused on aggressive and violent aspects of human nature, with lyrics being equally as powerful as their sound. Los Hijos del Inferno have been active for about 30 years in the underground scene, during this time they have been touring around the globe, evolving into a headliner band on huge festivals, and has eventually become one of the most influential bands on the electro-industrial scene and the harder side of electronic music. Their live performance can be described as pure adrenalin and energy which the duo transmits to the audience. Hocico’s trademark talent creates memorable melodies and a highly creative sound design to get a club-compatible hell ride with addictive qualities. Erk and Racso persistently push themselves to be drivers and innovators in the worldwide dark and industrial scene. Erk has a side project called Rabia Sorda and Racso has a solo project called Dulce Liquido. Hocico has established as one of the most active bands in the underground music scene, both live and in the studio. To date, they have released 10 albums, several live records and DVDs, countless EP’s, singles and the story continues…

Follow HOCICO 

IG & Twitter @ocicoh

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SORROWNIGHT ​- Acoasma 26.02.2021, Dark Poets Society

Eine Halluzination, getarnt als Geräusch, fungiert als Vorbote einer Aura und ungewisser
Kraft, welche damit Tore zu einer Welt im eigenen Kopf öffnet. Diese kann nicht nur völlig
frei gestaltet werden, sondern bietet eine Atmosphäre, die nicht ganz gedeutet werden
kann. Trotz der verwirrenden Halluzination entsteht ein sanfter Schleier, der einen neuen
Pfad aus dem Boden wirbelt. Die Erfurter Band ​SORROWNIGHT ​hat sich mit ihrer neuen
EP ​ACOASMA ​in diese Welt gewagt. Nach der ersten Demo EP ​HELLISH SACRIFICE
aus dem Jahr 2016, gefolgt vom Debutalbum ​UNKNOWN PRESENCE (2019), erscheint
am 26.02.2021 das neue Werk der thüringer Dark Rock Formation. Die eingänglichen
Melodien, getragen von treibenden Drums (erstmals eingespielt von Marky Hillton) und
spielerischer Bassgitarre werden von cleanen Vocals umschmeichelt und bekommen
Unterstützung von Keyboard Riffs, Synthesizer Flächen und drückenden Gitarren mit viel
Spielraum. Diese Kombination brachte die Band nicht nur auf die Bühne mit Größen wie
Dark Tranquillity​, ​Evergrey​, ​Megaherz oder ​Null Positiv​, sondern auch zu einem
eigenen Sound mit Wiedererkennungswert und einer wachsenden Fanbase nicht nur in
Deutschland, sondern auf der ganzen Welt in Ländern wie zum Beispiel Australien, USA,
UK, Russland, Schweden, Mexiko oder Brasilien.

ACOASMA markiert einen weiteren Wegpunkt in der Reise von ​SORROWNIGHT ​und
ebnet den Weg für den frischen Sound durch die neue Besetzung und dient als Vorbote für kommende Veröffentlichungen und Präsenzen.

Release:​ ​26.02.2021, Dark Poets Society

01 Autumn Melodies
02 Deny Me03 Silent River
04 Hellish Sacrifice (Acoasma Version)
05 My Own Enemy
06 Ghostlike Vision

Christine Shadow – Keyboard
Veri Jumala -Vocals
Lichtbringer (als Gast auf Acoasma) –
Sven Crow – Bass
Marky Hillton – Drums

Für mehr Informationen besucht:

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Gothic Industrial Band BATAVIA Unveils New Album, „Batavia And Their Friends“

The Florida-based duo, BATAVIA has just released their new album, Batavia And Their Friends.

This new album is a cacophony of voices who give their individual interpretations on BATAVIA’s previously released EPs from 2020. You will find reimagined works from the likes of GRENDEL, MACH FOX, SPANKTHENUN, SYINX, BETA VIRUS, and more.

Adding to the works of the guest remix artists, BATAVIA have provided several remixes of their own with additional mixing work provided by Joy Thieves Productions.

Batavia and Their Friends is available now through Tigersquawk Records as a pay what you want via their Bandcamp.

BATAVIA is less about the band, but more about the people behind it. The two had been acquainted years ago and reconnected only by chance. The chemistry between them was immediately apparent and scarcely has there been a day where they have been apart since. They were married in November of 2019 in a retro arcade in downtown Jacksonville, before an Addams Family pinball machine, in true nerdy-goth fashion. Both being musicians, having strikingly similar musical tastes and already doing everything else together, it was a natural step to form a musical project. BATAVIA is a gothic industrial band from Jacksonville Florida. The band is comprised of husband and wife duo Terri and Ed Cripps.
Terri’s comeuppance was in the Madison,Wisconsin scene. She began playing piano and singing from a very young age. Ed spent most of his formative years playing in bands in the Providence and Boston area. He had been recording from his teenage years on, starting with primitive tracker software and thrift shop synthesizers to score video game mods.

They both came into the punk and industrial scene during its 90s stride and draw much of their inspiration from the music of that era; Skinny Puppy, 16Volt, C-Tec, Godflesh as well as goth and post-punk bands The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Smiths and a litany of other influences.

BATAVIA’s music is an amalgamation of all those influences, using those textures as a framework and building into new directions, painting vibrant pictures, exploring new ideas and to make more of the music they would want to listen to themselves.

BATAVIA are signed to Tigersquawk records


Hello peoplea new day a new reviewhere comes Bataviaof which I have never heard anythingso the suspense is great againWhen I saw the cover I thought it was the new record of French fries and beer (but they don’t exist anymore), the two people on the cover looked to me at first like Nils Bokelberg and Britney SpearsIn an old Viva backdrop that was supposed to represent the 70/80, nice kitschig. . yeah!

The „record“ is full of mixes (so probably the songs have been around for a while and now friends of the band have remixed them?!), so lets see how that soundsSong 1 and 8 and 11- The Absinthian1. „The Absinthian (Grendel Mix)“, yaystarts off nice and New Order-likegreat old school drums and keysthe female voice is unexpected but coolA really great song and the mix by Grendel is fantasticprobably my first TIP TOP!

8.  The Absinthian (Beta Virus Mix)“, I personally dont like it that mucheverything a bit too distorted herevoice guitaronly the drums run „straigt“ throughI liked the Grendel Mix better!

11.  The Absinthian (Green Fairy Mix)“, here the song really sounds completely differentits drivingstill I prefer the Grendel Mix, but I am also what „old school, this is what for the cyber-gothics of todayfits and is good? Song 2 and 9 and 12  ScaMask2nd “ ScaMask (Alors On Dance Mix)“, here it gets a bit more gruffindustrial vibes and the typical vocal sequencesa bit of „haaaaaaa haaaaaaa“ in betweenthats how it startsnice break in the middleare there cats screaming?. . . i dont think sothe voice very warped this timethe mix is good if not really catchy.

9.  ScaMask (Mach Fox Mix)“, wishy washy mixkinda confusedmakes me nervousthe mix is hmmmm. . . A „skip“ for meSorry but yocan get away with one and Im sure others think its great.

12.  ScaMask (Microwaved Mix)“, starts like a story from Europa radio playsthen the distorted voice and distorted guitar keysthe pad plays long the same sounds alternating with long always the same violin soundsthen again radio playwhy not?!

Mix 3 and 7 and 13  Step 13 : 3. “ Step 13 (Hell Miix by Spankthenun)“, she wants hell backnice mixthe voice is greatnice sound structurefrom the middle it gets even more rhythmicthe mix is well thought outpure Hellraiser feeling

7. „Step 13 (Liquid Crack Mix)“, this mix is a bit fasterI like it much bettera great „dance-song“ full of energyyolike to go to this hell.

13.  Step 13 (Haunted Halfway House Mix)“, is also goodmaybe a bit too much house, but not badit depends on what kind of music yoprefer to listen toif yolike „fucking shit“ talk in betweenthis is perfect.

Mix 4 and 10  Ab Initio:

4. “ Ab Initio (Insatiable Void Mix) „, strong basses buzz in sea breezesdistorted voice in a danceable soundKraftwerk sound add-ons in between end to the beach againhere again a strong mixnow I have to check if the songs are available somewhere in the original and how it sounds?

10. “ Ab Initio (Psyence Fiction Mix) „, also has a bit too much sounddoesn’t get stuck like thatI stick to the Insatiable Void Mixthere was less moreand here I miss the sea?

Mix 5: „Fields of Gray (UHF Mix)“, is a little bit quieter and at first its just a little bit of a bobble through your earsthe mix fits well into the overall picturetheres only one mix of this, but there would have been more for surestill greatespecially the drum parts go in wellAll in all all great mixessome just satisfyingothers are super awesomeso now I have to see how the songs sound unmixedIm curiousmy tipsThe Absinthian (Grendel Mix), Step 13 (Liquid Crack Mix), Fields of Gray (UHF Mix). 

written by Karsten Zakrzewski 

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Industrial/EBM Act NULL CELL Reveals New Full-Length Album, Eternally Ill.

Omaha, Nebraska-based-ebm/industrial act NULL CELL has revealed their new full-length album, Eternally Ill.  

For fans of ebm/.industrial and industrial/rock styles

Eternally Ill is available digitally via Bandcamp and appears courtesy of Machine Man Records.

Eternally Ill’s atmosphere is caused by my emotional state during its production.  It mainly had to do with my handling of depression and anxiety, and with fellow musicians and other people who either talked down to me or were outright hostile. The title is a nod to the Beastie Boys‘ debut album but doubles as the seemingly unending feeling of sadness and fear that can take over if you aren’t expressing yourself.“ 

– Isabella Chains (Null Cell)


From Omaha, Nebraska and drawing inspiration from genres such as thrash metal, hip hop, electro-industrial, and EBM, NULL CELL is the industrial rock project of Isabella Chains.




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Multi-Genre Artist SINTHETIK MESSIAH Drops THE OTHER LA Split & ATR Cover Tracks

„In My Dreams“ is a split collaboration with THE OTHER LA. The band also presents their cover of ATARI TEENAGE RIOT’s, „Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture.“

The track, „In My Dreams“ was originally produced by Cj Pierce of DROWNING POOL for THE OTHER LA’s self-titled album that was released in 2016. THE OTHER LA approached Bug Gigabyte to take the music and bring it on a more twisted,  electronic journey.

„Cj Peirce is one of the greatest guitarists on the planet. I wanted to make something that even he,  himself would jam out to.“ -Bug.

After receiving the original track stems, Bug took the audio , ground it up into a new composition and added more drums, guitars, synths and vocals. Grammy nominated engineer Joe Haze (Lords of Acid/The Banishment) then used his mastery of analog mix and mastering technology to glue all the chaos of the track together.

SINTHETIK MESSIAH’s first cover was meant to be an updated American version of the 1997 track “Destroy 2000 Years Of Culture” by the revolutionary electronic noise act, ATARI TEENAGE RIOT (ATR).  Originally ATR sampled the track „Dead Skin Mask“ by American metal  act SLAYER, from their 1990 album, Seasons in the Abyss.

In continuing the tradition of the ATR song and ideas behind both acts‘ music, Bug Gigabyte sampled the same SLAYER track and gave a new spin to the fundamentals of what makes ATARI TEENAGE RIOT. Once Bug finished composing the cover, he then passed it on to Grammy nominated engineer, Joe Haze(Lords Of Acid, The Banishment) for mixing and mastering with analog technology.

Photo credit: Light The Frame Media

Bug Gigabyte is an electronic music enthusiast and musician. In 2018, Bug started the Southern Electronic Music Conference, Louisiana’s first electronic music conference. Determined to teach and bring new ideas to the genre as a whole, 2019 Bug merged the conference with the Cutting Edge Music Conference based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

At The 2020 Cutting Edge Music Conference, Bug did an hour-long  talk on Electronic Music History: one that becan in the 1920s and went  to the 1990s. He presented educational information, industry opinion and a perspective that takes decades to truly understand. More info can be found here:

SINTHETIK MESSIAH Is known for their benefit work across the south. At the end of the year they came together with several other local acts to help raise funds for local musicians who are suffering through the Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions. This was possible through the non-profit organization, The Foundry Of Lafayette. A total of $5,512 was raised.

Main website:


Donation page:





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Dark Ambient Act WITHERING OF LIGHT Unveils Their New Full-Length Album, „Reliquary“

January 1, 2021– US dark ambient act WITHERING OF LIGHT has unveiled their new full-length album, Reliquary.  

Reliquary is available now on digital and CD formats.  Vinyl LP format tentatively due in February.

„The concept behind this album became how each of the words that are the titles took me out of the mundane everyday and put my mind in somewhat of a different state.

For instance, „Reliquary“ is a vessel that contains a sacred or holy relic of some kind. We as humans fetishize objects, moments, memories. Even your mind can become a reliquary harboring the sacred, profane and otherwise. Each of these words I found carried some kind of weight, a spectral resonance(hence that title) and the sounds here are the aural embodiment of these.“ – Todd Janeczek

Formed in 2012 by Todd Janeczek, WITHERING OF LIGHT is the vehicle used to reach out towards the unseen, to enter dreamscapes of long forgotten places in the recesses of the mind and spirit. Meditative soundscapes to journey through the chasms and spires of one’s psyche.




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Check Out Electronic Artist VEXILLARY’s Innovative New Video, „The Geneticist“

 Electronic artist VEXILLARY has unveiled their innovative new music video for the track, „The Geneticist.“  The video premiered on ReGen Magazine HERE:

„The Geneticist“ appears on VEXILLARY’s latest EP, SurViolence.

Video Credits:
Original art: Luqmn Ashaari
Animation and editing: Nikolay Yunkevich
Produced and directed by: Reza Seirafi

The opulent darkwave closing song off of VEXILLARY’s latest EP, SurViolence has now received the music video treatment it deserves. Both the song and the video explore the link between science and spirituality and how they influence one another. The dark supernatural theme is embodied by the menacing lyrics of the song :“Chimera awaits at the tip of his hands, a snap of his fingers and the beast is in your land.“

The video echoes the same theme visually. It presents us with a sci-fi dream sequence that plays like techno hypnotism.

About the SurViolence EP:

SurViolence adopts the theme of unease in an overly politicized society; using surveillance culture as a metaphor on how technology that was created to serve and protect can serve to exploit. Hence the title, SurViolence.  The sub-plot of tension and lack of trust in the decisions that are being made for us fueled the eerie sounds and direction of the record.

Voyeurism has been weaponized to give rise to surveillance. Violence has been digitized to replace intelligence.  This is where evolution has led us. It’s time to take back control. If only we could have our eyes back to see.

Welcome to the surrealist horror of SurViolence.

VEXILLARY is the brainchild of the New York-based producer Reza Seirafi. His diverse work is seeded with a singular undercurrent of gloom and shaped by his unique scientific approach to production.

As a chemist and perfumer, Reza was fascinated by the secret bonds between unrelated chemical ingredients that create well-balanced, other-worldly scents. Reza’s music making process follows the same philosophy, as he magically blends unrelated musical parts to create his own brand of decadent Industrial and techno music.

On his production style, Reza has noted “key changes and odd chords are all over my stuff, connecting seamlessly where they shouldn’t. There’s some magic to it that can’t be explained.”

But VEXILLARY’s music is far from formulaic, and his records are proof of that. His debut EP for Blaq Records, Chemica Divina, was a conceptual record exploring the themes of chemical sciences and their link to the divine. On his recent EPs, CrossFire and The Brutalist, Reza takes on classic industrial sounds as ingredients and transmutates them through his own brand of alchemy to leave a refreshing modern take in his trail.

With his new release, SurViolence, Reza has now added new conceptual ingredients in the mix to tell the tale of the unease that we’re all facing as we approach what may seem to be a dystopian future. Looking into this said future, we can expect Reza to carry on doing music on his own terms to further cement his place as a true force in underground music culture. And if SurViolence is any indication, that exploration will surely remain out of the ordinary.




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