THE REVENANTS – “Ghosts”-Album

…to be continued…

“Who Knows” another song from her debut album “Ghosts” is released.

Here is my tip, for those who also listen to music across genres.

This album is a total hit and not only because Michelle Darkness sings here. Yes, I admit that makes things extremely interesting, but let yourself be surprised and just listen unbiased.

Back in the 80´s – a little bit- with the sound of ´23.

“Who Knows” another song from her debut album “Ghosts” is released.

MICHELLE DARKNESS, best known as “The Voice” by the German band End Of Green have signed a record deal with El Puerto Records and released the album “Ghosts” on April 24, 2023.

In February 2022 it started: -) With the video for “Ghosts” followed also the second video single with “Los Angeles” on YouTube.

Besides MICHELLE DARKNESS, guitarist Fabio Amane and Marc Ayerle, guitarist, studio producer and live sound mixer, belong to THE REVENANTS.

The two soul mates, the guitar wizard with Italian roots, Fabio Arganese and Marc Ayerle, guitarist, studio producer and live sound mixer with decades of experience, started around Marc’s sound manufactory studios one day. There was no overarching plan, no concept, nor were there any genre limitations. The signpost was the music alone. The song itself decided on the path that was followed. Marc asked one of his best and closest friends, Michelle Darkness, best known as Frontman of the Black Grinders of End Of Green, if he didn’t want to contribute the vocals. And it was a perfect match. The songs started to breathe and everything got more and more contour. The rest was quickly clear, the rest of the songwriting went virtually by the hand and all at once 20 songs were fixed and finished.

“The Revenants” was born.

THE REVENANTS “Ghosts” Tracklist

Disc I:
01 Ghosts (Video bei YouTube)
02 Into The Fire
03 Emeraldmine
04 Redemption
05 Leeches & Whores
06 If We Dance (Video bei YouTube)
07 Karma Kills
08 Who Knows
09 Disclosures
10 The End Is Black

Disc II:
01 Los Angeles (Video bei YouTube)
02 Ain’t No Wine
03 Me And The Sea
04 Mountain
05 Freestreet
06 Roofless
07 Good Men Gone Bad
08 Slippin’ Away
09 Vendetta
10 Worlds Collide


MichelleDarkness (END OF GREEN) – Vocals
Fabiano Arganese – Guitars, Keys
Marc Ayerle – Guitars, Keys, Bass, Drums