To strengthen our team, we are looking for you! You can support us in the various editorial areas:


Do you like to go to concerts and festivals, readings or medieval markets etc.? Your taste in music is broad? Or are you the absolute “freak” or connoisseur / – in a certain area?

Interviews, writing reviews, about the latest releases, meeting people, attending concerts, festivals and writing about them, as well as photography?

What you need is a suitable way to live and realize yourself? How about us? We are always open to new topics;-)


If you own a camera and dare to publish your pictures with us, then the stage trench, among other things, can become your new place of work.

… is an online magazine established in 2009 by the scene for the scene. Our employees work to a large extent independently and for fun. In terms of content, we are mainly in the field of the black scene – but rock, metal and the like are not foreign to us and welcome.

In addition, cooperation with publishers has been started or planned. This will not only be about horror, so much is already revealed;-)

… offers “acute experts”, “approachers”, “learners, “patience keepers”, “gernarbeitern”, “crisis copers”, “co-thinkers”, “law enforcement officers”, “desk offenders”, “puppet masters” and you a new, interesting cooperation?

is very happy that you have read this far and hopes to have aroused your interest. Offers you the opportunity to work on an established project, to make contacts and to work in various areas according to your own preferences, but also to get varied specifications.

We work together, you in and do not leave you alone:-)

We all work on a voluntary basis – payment or assumption of costs is therefore not possible.

It is important to note that any accreditation is only possible in consultation with us and the respective organizer / manager / label or booking agency.

Nothing will be published here or elsewhere that does not correspond to the above.

In the event of improper or intentionally false information, whether editor or photographer, we and the above reserve the right to take legal action.

Apply informally via


See you soon and thank you;-)

The Kainklangteam