Chaos Projekt, the new, the other dark atmosphere, melancholic, electronic music.

About two years ago, “Chaos Projekt” came into being in its entirety.
The name itself, as well as every song & title, has a profound meaning and tells of phases of development about life itself

Chris about Chaos project:

I create and produce at home with my own equipment (the same goes for the cover design).

To date, 6 tracks have been written, edited (mixing and mastering) and available on various platforms (Spotify, YouTube). I also design the cover illustrations myself, using various software. The same applies to music production. Here I have taught myself the craft in recent years, among other things, through various online courses. Until then, I had neither heard nor produced anything in the genre of “techno”.

He want the music to get more reach, that there are also opportunities to perform live ( I already have live experience).
The main focus is the promotion but also any kind of network expansion (interview, band, presentation) are a real gain for us :)

He is also open to collaborating with a label.







Contact us:

Thank you in advance for supporting, sharing, playing and writing about this cool new release!

Have a great day!

Chris & Claudia