… is an online magazine established since 2005 by the scene for the scene. Our employees work to a large extent independently and for fun. In terms of content, we are mainly in the field of the black scene – but rock, metal and the like are not foreign to us and welcome.

… black has many colors…

Our interests are not only in the field of Gothic, Metal, Electro? No, they include all common music genres that can be counted as part of the black scene.

At this point, a big thank you to all those with whom we have been able to work together so far and who have supported us and will support us. Without you, we wouldn’t exist!!! ;-)

Claudia “Cloudy” Tomaszewski

E-mail: kainklangmusikmagazine@web.de

Origin: Southeast Germany

Responsibilities: Chief Editor / Contact and PR / Interviews

Personal interests: music, parties, literature, cinema, my family inkl. my dog, travelling

Fav. bands/artist: End of Green, And One, VNV Nation, Mesh,Diary of Dreams, Paradise Lost, Fields of The Nephilim and too many bands to mention

Most memorable concert(s): Depeche Mode(1996 – Mannheim), Diary of Dreams 2005 – Hamburg), APOP(2009- Dresden), End of Green (2022-Jena ) etc.p.p.

Antje Heine




Personal interests:

Fav. bands/artist:

Most memorable concert(s):


E-mail: william@mooncoilmedia.com

Responsibilities: Artist promotion & management

Personal interests: Same as responsibilities, Also..German language & culture

Fav. bands/artist: mention Voice of God, Motley Crue, Supreme Court, Fix8 Sed8 Most memorable concert (s): Prince

Karsten Zakrzewski

E-mail: riotrio@anpa.de

Origin: Essen/NRW Germany

Responsibilities: Reviews, Concerts

Personal interests: Music, Console Games, Movies, Dogs

Fav. bands/artist: The Cure, Fliehende Stürme, David Bowie

Most memorable concert(s): The Cure @ the Grugahalle 1994, Fields of the Nephilim WGT 2008 a.m

Melanie Heine

E-mail: heinemelanie@outlook.de

Origin: South/West Germany

Responsibilities: Reviews / Interviews

Personal interests: music, concerts, dark-art, photography, books, vampires, nature, animals

Fav. bands/artist: Empyrium, Satyricon, Dark Tranquility, Combichrist and many more

Most memorable concert(s): too many but Ramones Adios Amigos Tour 1996 with Rammstein as special guest ! , The Vision Bleak WGT 2001 etc.p.p.