Italian Synth Wave duo SUN’S SPECTRUM present their long awaited second album!

Following the first two singles “God Is A Machine” and the club banger “Pain Is Just A Noise”, the Italian synth wave duo Sun’s Spectrum have just released their new full length album “The Silence After The Fall”. 

With the new album Sun’s Spectrum aim to consolidate their unique sound. It is Sun’s Spectrum’s second full-length album – a fusion of synth wave, techno, new wave and industrial. With this formula they deviate from the cliches of the genre, a courageous choice to seek a new and fresh sound.

“The Silence After The Fall” is out on CD an in Digital version via Cold Transmission Music.


Sun’s Spectrum are a synthwave duo consisting of Livio Caenazzo (guitars, vocals) and Daniele Iannacone (keyboards, programming) from Udine / Italy.

Sun’s Spectrum fuse darkwave elements steeped in reverb, industrial and Detroit techno. Distorted synthesisers, melancholic melodies and deep techno beats inject a dose of darkness into their catchy tracks.

After releasing the singles “It Was like Autumn”, “Elevate” and “Just a Destiny”, Sun’s Spectrum released their 6-track debut EP in January 2019, followed by the single “Fade to Grey”. In 2020, the duo took part in She Past Away’s 10th anniversary remix album, ‘X’. Also in 2020, Final Muzik released their first album, ‘Don’t Chase the Light’. In the same year, the collaboration with the Mold Records label began and the intense video clip for the track “Torch#1” was produced.

During the years 2021 and 2022 the band performed in Italy and abroad, continuing to produce singles and video clips.

After being part of the new „ZEITGEIST Vol. 2“ compilation issued in March 2023 by the German COLD TRANSMISSION MUSIC label, Sun’s Spectrum signed with the label for the release of their upcoming new full-length album „The Silence After The Fall“.