ASTARI NITE – Delves Into Personal Solitude & Angst With Latest Single

ASTARI NITE has unveiled their new single, “Necessity Meal” courtesy of Negative Gain Productions.

Born from the raw edges of vulnerability and the cold touch of societal indifference, “Necessity Meal” is a battle cry against the facade of perfection that suffocates an authentic connection. It’s about the dark, often unseen journey of seeking forgiveness and finding solace in the unexpected kindness of strangers. Stripping away the gloss of privacy, ASTARI NITE reveals a landscape marked by the struggle for a genuine existence against the backdrop of a judgmental world.

“In the end of it all, life can be rather messy, and I can sing if I want to, at my own pity-party!” – Mychael

“Necessity Meal” is available on all major digital platforms including Bandcamp and Spotify.


YouTube: Necessity Meal

ASTARI NITE 2024 Live Dates:

2/10 – Nashville, TN @ Fascination Street (THE GOTH PROM) featuring ASTARI NITE!

3/23 – New York City, NY @ The Red Party

4/20 – Parsippany, NJ, @ Dark Force Fest

4/27 – Tampa, FL – Supporting Das Ich W/ guest Oberer Totpunkt (Communion After Dark Presents)

7/6 – Dallas, TX @ Obituary Festival curated by Lean lane of Rosegarden Funeral party

9/7 – Deutzen, Germany @ NCN Nocturnal Cultural Night Festival

9/28 – Louisville, KY @ Dark Castle Fest presented by Radio Arcane!

ASTARI NITE‘s ability to blend dark alternative sounds with introspective themes surrounding death, love, and the occult results in a haunting and emotionally raw atmosphere that sets them apart in the music scene. Their provocative approach captivates listeners and pushes boundaries, making them a standout in the dark alternative genre.