After their two well-received debut EPs in 2020 (‘Death Pop’ and ‘Hex’), the enigmatic duo now presents their highly anticipated debut album.

‘Dead Lights’ showcases the duo’s visceral and sleazy hybrid of hard hitting dance beats, monumental synth bass lines and catchy vocals in 9 brand new songs.

Far away from the creative wasteland of retro synthpop, or the machismo of metal-infused industrial, the androgynous duo creates raw art that disrupts gender and genre, offering high energy, dark electronic songs with killer grooves that cross the borders between dancefloor TDM and electropop.

Imagine the gritty sounds of Gesaffelstein or Schwefelgelb on one hand, and the dance vibe of The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy on the other. Locked together in energetic, dark, industrial electropopsongs destined to fill dancefloors in a dystopian world.


01. The Raven

02. Plastic Girl – watch video​

03. The Future

04. Deleted Scenes

05. Futile

06. Insekt

07. Industry

08. Quiet Pleasure

09. The Witching Hour

bonus 1: Death Pop EP

10. Death Pop

11. Dead Lights

12. The Host – watch video

bonus 2: Hex EP

13. Hex

14. Ice Queen  watch video

15. Format The World – watch video

The 6-panel digipak CD edition incl. booklet contains the 2 previously released EPs as bonus tracks.

The 2LP edition contains the new album on LP1 and the 2 EPs as bonus on LP2. It features vinyl exclusive extended versions of ‘The Host’ and ‘Ice Queen’. Black splattered white vinyl with lyric sheet.


DEAD LIGHTS was founded a year ago at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, forcing the international duo to work on all their output from a distance.

Androgynous and visceral creators of raw art that disrupts gender and genre, DEAD LIGHTS fuel their dark alternative electronic dance sound with punk energy and catchy lyricism.

Since the start of Dead Lights, Saul and Richard have never met in person, yet managed to write and produce 15 tracks, release 2 EP’s, create 3 videos as well as all the artwork and band photos.

Watch their video for „Ice Queen“ here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialdeadlights

Web: https://www.deadlights.band/




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Still Dark Sky is New Haunts‘ third full-length album. Still Dark Sky’s title track was written just before the UK went into lockdown for the first time – news of the approaching pandemic felt surreal and disturbing, but at the time everyday life remained unchanged.




Each song that followed relates to a feeling or issue that has always existed, but which was inevitably amplified by the strange times in which it was born.

They wanted the songs to be cathartic – Still Dark Sky is their most upbeat and uncompromising album yet – an albumfor anyone who needs to process things via loud, heartfelt music. 




Bristol, UK-based New Haunts uses an arresting vocal and a hypnotic rush of synth-laden coldwave to contrast the jarring with the serene.

With a fiercely intense live performance, she has supported artists such as Kaelan Mikla, Whispering Sons, and Double Echo.

Her acclaimed self-released 2018 debut album Worlds Left Behind was followed up with a second full length, Fight/Flight, in 2020, and she has collaborated with artists such as Kill Shelter and Kindest Cuts.


Watch latest video for „Blame“ here:


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/newhauntsmusic

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/newhaunts/

bandcamp: https://newhaunts.bandcamp.com/


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Echodead Random Headnoise Parallax

Anger vocal modulations, energizing drumming, dark, dramatic and sometimes horrifying atmospheres, constitute the sonic schemes of this great debut album entitled „Random Headnoise Parallax“ which will surely receive considerable appreciation from the followers of the most authentic and significant electronic scene. Symmetric midtempo – uptempo rhythms of drum-machine, superb sequencing flows, coldly choleric chant sections transfigured by filtering, skilful use of sampling and cold synths emissions, generate a whole of innovative, catchy trajectories and incubotic configurations, made further engaging by lyrics full of hatred sentiments, capable of simultaneously rising you into the climax of EBM dance ecstasy, or dragging you into the black abyss of dark-electro, all enriched by sporadic metal elements and industrial pulsations.



Echōdead – Random Headnoise Parallax ( 2021 )

01. Worldwide   4:21
02. I Hate You    4:58
03. Komm Her    4:16
04. Demons   4:54
05. Die Zeit Läuft Ab   6:01
06. Already Dead   6:04
07. Die Spinne   4:44
08. Bionic Transformation    4:34
09. Reload    5:03
10. Bigger Than God    5:13
11. Before I Die    7:46
12. Echōdead Anthem    5:33
13. Wonderland    4:35
14. Welcome To The Wasteland   5:24

The German solo act Echōdead, played by Carsten Roggenbuck, not only represents one of the best emerging proposals of this year in the immense alternative technological panorama, but also manages to stand out for an innate and fervent compositional originality. The sound system of this project immediately chains the auditor, giving him back in musical terms the equivalent of a dynamic pleasure, strongly transmitted by dance percussiveness and by the bass lines, together with the maximum expression of the emotional tensions, thanks to the sharp words contained in the texts. Anger vocal modulations, energizing drumming, dark, dramatic and sometimes horrifying atmospheres, constitute the sonic schemes of this great debut album entitled „Random Headnoise Parallax“ which will surely receive considerable appreciation from the followers of the most authentic and significant electronic scene. Symmetric midtempo – uptempo rhythms of drum-machine, superb sequencing flows, coldly choleric chant sections transfigured by filtering, skilful use of sampling and cold synths emissions, generate a whole of innovative, catchy trajectories and incubotic configurations, made further engaging by lyrics full of hatred sentiments, capable of simultaneously rising you into the climax of EBM dance ecstasy, or dragging you into the black abyss of dark-electro, all enriched by sporadic metal elements and industrial pulsations.
The combination of vintage equipment and modern digitization, formulate captivating, turbulent melodies, perfectly suited to both being danced en masse in clubs and heard individually at loud volume, formulated with precision and rare effectiveness. „Random Headnoise Parallax“ is an unmissable release, a full length of enormous content value, a document that indisputably certifies the high creative level of this artist.
If you are looking for a truly seductive, totalizing sound experience, now you have found it.



Out now !!! Get your digital copy of „Random Headnoise Parallax“ now on Bandcamp. 15 excessive tracks full of Industrial, EBM and Dark Electro.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deadloungemusic




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Dark Ambient Act IN THE ABSENCE OF WORDS Reveals Their Compilation, A Collection I

„Mature, hypnotic works exploring themes of grief, tapestries
of mood, and dramatic natural landscapes.“

– Danica Swanson (Endarkenment Newsletter)



A Collection I is a compilation of six long-form dark ambient works by IN THE ABSENCE OF WORDS, which have been carefully selected to complement each other and to create a single immersive listening experience. Each track was originally released individually on Bandcamp between 2017 and 2019 and each has been remastered and assembled specifically for this compilation.

A Collection I was released on April 23, 2021 on Spotify and Bandcamp. A Collection II will be released towards the end of 2021, comprising the more melodic, song-oriented works from the catalog.



„There are certain experiences, moments, and feelings which I cannot describe. Whether it’s stark and dramatic landscapes, the serenity and solitude of the forest, connection with another human being, or the grief of losing one, sometimes it’s hard to find the words to express the feeling.“

“Inspiration always comes from a feeling or an emotion, which is then transmuted and expressed through music as a way to process and ultimately transcend it and gain a deeper knowledge of self. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the original 12 chapters, which were recorded over one year, represented an inner journey. The first chapter was recorded during the most challenging period of my life, while by the time I recorded the final chapter, I arrived at a place of peace and solitude. Though personal, the themes and their associated emotions are also universal.” 



bandcamp: https://intheabsenceofwords.bandcamp.com/album/a-collection-i

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/intheabsenceofwords

spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4uTAOeC5JLEBVdozcf9fmA?si=uzxmQ7ktRueutNNGrU28LQ&nd=1

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiv3UTINZAsKI8-dsT4wiWQ/featured


IN THE ABSENCE OF WORDS was founded in 2017 as an outlet to express experiences and moods in ways other than words. The original goal was to create „chapters“ every month for one year. With each chapter, the aim was to create a „story“ based on a mood or feeling, accompanied by a brief description explaining the track’s inspiration.

While the output from IN THE ABSENCE OF WORDS explores an array of different sounds and styles, both ambience and emotional resonance are always present. The music explores shared human experiences and emotions, such as longing, yearning, awe, tenderness. Listeners often remark on the project’s distinctively Nordic and glacial qualities together with feelings of melancholy. One Bandcamp listener writes that the music is „expansive like a landscape reaching for the horizon, but at the same time has an acoustic quality that gives the sensation of being in a great hall or church. This really speaks to me.“

After achieving the original goal of releasing new music every month for a year, music has been released sporadically. Since the initial chapters, Memento Mori (single 2019), Ascension (3-track EP), Womb of Creation (single 2020), a re-work of chapter III (2020), Ceremony of Endings (single 2021), and Cerulean Reflections (single 2021) have been released.

One of the earliest and darkest works in the entire catalog is the 17-minute ‚Suspension of Belief,‘ recorded in 2015 and included on the project’s first release in 2017. Contrasting it is ‚The Meeting Point‘, one of the project’s most serene tracks to date. Other highlights include the hulking ‚Memento Mori‘, the windswept ‚Northern Lights,‘ and the icy soundscapes of ‚A Search For Silence.‘




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Unknowndivide Existence

Electronic Artist UNKNOWNDIVIDE has released their new full-length album, Existence.

Existence is the second release from UNKNOWNDIVIDE, continuing the sonic journey of genre-bending ranging from ambient, IDM, and techno. Now, with compelling rhythms and organic voicings, UNKNOWNDIVIDE further defines the aural landscape. A driving beat is not unknown in DRIFTING IN SILENCE.  But in contrast, it’s a hallmark of the atmosphere.

UNKNOWNDIVIDE’s premier offering, Instinct, brings organic sounds and voicings into the electronic realm, creating an innovative landscape of sounds. The contrapuntal harmonies in Existence are evident from the beginning, perfectly placed so that each new listen reassembles the dynamic balance.

UNKNOWNDIVIDE is a side project from Derrick Stembridge known for his longstanding DRIFTING IN SILENCE body of work. Firmly rooted in the ambient music movement, DRIFTING IN SILENCE spans a broad range of territory from atmospheric music.



bandcamp: https://unknowndivide.bandcamp.com/album/existence-2
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unknowndivide

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/unknowndivide/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCykWObbe2kUdSil3vbbWvNw



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Dark Ambient Act LONG THE NIGHT Reveals The Ominous & Melancholic Illusion


US dark ambient act LONG THE NIGHT has released their new full-length album, Illusion.  

Illusion is a sonic journey capturing the deep melancholy sound of things that are likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses. Consisting of massive drones, chants, and field recordings, Illusion paints the picture of darkness trying to find a light in one’s consciousness. Illusion perfectly balances so that each new listen reassembles the dynamic equilibrium in new and exciting ways.
LONG THE NIGHT is the dark ambient side project by multi-instrumentalist and composer Derrick Stembridge known for his longstanding DRIFTING IN SILENCE body of work.

Illusion is available NOW digitally via Bandcamp.




bandcamp: https://kalpamantra.bandcamp.com/album/illusion

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/longthenight

spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/46PI68cGhctcfKIvuSZloL


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Thrillsville – Say Goodbye To The Light EP

Thrillsville has released their new EP titled ‘Say Goodbye To The Light’. From those first notes of ‘Fever’ you can tell that you are in for a wild and varied ride with this EP. Darkly delicious and electronically elegant, ‘Say Goodbye To The Light’ offers diversity in dystopia with each track with heavy heavies and industrialized attitude.
‘Say Goodbye to the Light’ EP is available digitally everywhere, including Apple MusicandSpotify, and can also be obtained directly from the artist via Bandcamp.

About THRILLSVILLE & „Say Goodbye To The Light“

Produced and mainly recorded in Sharone’s own studio, for this release, Thrillsville worked with Ulrich Wild (Deftones, White Zombie, Static-X), a frequent collaborator, who co-mixed and mastered this EP.

This EP also features Gil Sharone (Marilyn Manson, Dillinger Escape Plan, Jerry Cantrell) on drums and Dominique Lenore Persi on backing vocals – both of which are also Rani Sharone’s band members in Stolen Babies. This EP includes two reworks of Stolen Babies songs ‘So Close’ and ‘Second Sleep’.

Thrillsville also ramps up the fun with the addiction and obsession-driven video for lead track ‘The Fever’. With art and animation by Patrick Surace, this mini-film was directed, edited and VFX by Precious Child, Shadow Sunrise LLC.
Perhaps best known for his dark cabaret / experimental rock band Stolen Babies, Sharone has collaborated and performed with Puscifer, Marilyn Manson and TV/film composer Tyler Bates, to name a few.

Since starting to play live in 2017, Thrillsville has opened for such notable artists as Stabbing Westward, PIG, Gost and Dance With the Dead, in addition to co-headlining a southwest tour with Precious Child in 2018. He has also written music for the big and small screen, including scoring the experimental animated feature ‘My Entire High School Sinking into the Sea’ (Jason Schwartzman, Susan Sarandon, Maya Rudolph), which is currently on Netflix.
“This EP represents my voice as a producer and artist. These five songs were therapy for me and all have their own vibe and style. My pop sensibility as well as my darker, cinematic and heavier side is represented on this release,” says Rani Sharone.

“Inspiration comes in many forms, but my prime motivation lately has been reality being so fucked up that it makes me escape it and get lost in my writing. Once I get a song idea and mood sketched out – that’s usually when lyrics present themselves oftentimes coming from scenarios from movies or life experience, but in the case of the ‘The Fever’, the lyrics were directly inspired by the 1960’s Twilight Zone episode also titled The Fever, which in turn heavily inspired the narrative for the video.”

Thrillsville’s music and sound aesthetic are influenced by the music of The Cure, The Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, Revolting Cocks, Mike Patton, Film Music, and Bauhaus.













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Dark-Electronic queen ‚DEATH LOVES VERONICA‘ presents new album!VÖ: May 21st, 2021

Chemical, an album by Death Loves Veronica, is a perverse, dark-electronic journey infused with themes of nihilism, inhibition, and deception.

Heavily saturated with post-industrial and gothic influences, this album is a corruption of the expected and resonates with the disillusion of our times. Recorded with analog synths and minimal guitar work, Chemical is a daring undertaking for solo artist Veronica Campbell.

Veronica recorded the framework of this album within a two-week time period while in recovery from an intensive health-related surgery.  With limited use of her arms, she dove into the more technical capabilities of her favorite synthesizers, obsessively crafting each sound and, as usual, keeping her distance from the use of MIDI.

The album’s title is as a reminder of what collectively fuels the human race—and what can increase or dull our pain. This album tells a dark story. It is driven and propelled from someplace deviant within, an expression of the artist’s true self. 

Veronica is the creator, composer, and vocalist of electro/darkwave/post-punk, and at times post-industrial, solo  project DEATH LOVES VERONICA.

Her first demo album, Vampiros Electric (201Smilie: 8), was widely described as a cold wave-minimalist sound created with a variety of synth work and distinctly clean vocals.

As the former singer of legendary, but now defunct, Veronica’s Veil, Veronica’s focus became her solo project, and released the In Nightmares EP on April 1, 2019. This album retains a lot of darkwave electro sound while incorporating post-punk and deathrock elements that stem from her original artistic roots.

Veronica has been vocal about the importance of addressing mental health issues and is in treatment for neurological conditions such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and Chronic Migraines. She urges people to embrace their differences and to seek help when available. ​Veronica has composed music and played several instruments since childhood which helped her to cope with sensory issues, learning disabilities, and childhood abuse.

Watch latest video for „BURN“ here:

​Veronica collaborated with Bari-Bari of legendary Mephisto Walz on various tracks, now included on the All These Winding Roads album.COLLABORATIONS

Veronica collaborated with Violetta Crush for their widely viewed synthwave single „Friday Nit3.“ Veronica worked with The Ghost of Bela Lugosi, and the music video to their popularly played track Grimm Love can be viewed here.

PRE-ORDER the Chemical album NOW

Official release date May 21, 2021.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coldtransmissionmusic

Website: http://www.veronicacampbellofficial.com/music.html

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAXoitKLX4h6471xfSwdN1A

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/yddi73fxbwd90dbycegmousre





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Neo-Classical Band AUTUMN TEARS Reveals The Glow Of Desperation

April 21, 2021 – After the highly acclaimed 2020 double album The Air Below The WaterAUTUMN TEARS is thrilled to present their newest offering The Glow of Desperation, featuring 64 minutes of brand new music, presented as a limited CD and digital download. 

„To put it simply enough, the theme of the album to be construed is that sometimes we get so desperate that it actually manifests into luminescence.  All of the songs actually deal With some form of hope and desperation.“

The Glow of Desperation features a fully orchestrated, classical ensemble as well as:

Classical / opera singer & composer Caroline Clarke (Trovatori),
Singer / songwriter Tamar Singer (Zeresh, Cruel Wonders, Necromishka),
Singer / composer / vocal coach Anne „Anaé“ Laurent (Anaé & The Petrichor, Adrana),
Tenor opera vocalist Darren Clarke (Trovatori),
Lead vocalist Agnete Mangnes Kirkevaag from the legendary Norwegian progressive metal act Madder Mortem Mark Garrett from the avant garde, progressive metal act Kardashev Classical / opera singer Ann-Mari Edvardsen Alexis, best know as the Former vocalist of Norwegian doom metal / avant-garde band The 3rd and the Mortal (Nightswan, Painting on Glass, In This Room). 
Also returning is singer / songwriter Brona McVittie. 

Analog mastering by Michael Venia from Sound Mixology. 

The CD features a 20 page lyric booklet lavishly illustrated with paintings by award winning artist Marcela Bolívar – http://www.marcelabolivar.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTrueAutumnTears

spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/32WFfO8pMkrpupMgDiXlDE?fbclid=IwAR1GduAvfA6dmOS4EXD64t3kyhG1xtgkz0PqO1Bf6szW0B-ka2eY2eY5n8o

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkKsJaicCl1nPIKZOdawhpA

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MECHANICAL MOTH – Mirrors – 2CD Album – SCANNER / Dark Dimensions Label Group

Mechanical Moth – Mirrors – Albuminfo

Mechanical Moth nähert sich dem zwanzigjährigen Bandbestehen und reflektiert mit dem siebten Album „Mirrors“ die musikalische und persönliche Entwicklung der letzten Jahre.
Mit dem Anspruch, ein innovatives wie gewohnt dunkel-elektronisches Album zu erschaffen, hat sich auch die Bandbesetzung hin zu einem Zweipersonen-Projekt neu strukturiert.
Für „Mirrors“ ist Ivy zurück in die Band gekommen, die bereits Leadsängerin auf dem „Rebirth“-Album war. Ihre Multikreativität und ihr unkonventioneller, souliger Gesang verleihen Mechanical Moth eine solide düstere,
aber auch eine progressive Klangfarbe.

„Mirrors“ ist ein Konzept-Doppelalbum, dessen Songs je eine Female-Version in Dark Wave und eine Male-Version in harter Dunkelelektronik bietet.
Die Song-Versionen können der Tracklist folgend parallel gehört werden und zeigen durch ihre vokale wie instrumentale Diversität jeweils unterschiedliche Facetten des Albums.
Neben gewohnt getragenen und filigranen Melodien finden sich auf diesem Album auch treibende Tanzflächenfüller mit präsenten Synths und Rhytmen.

Die Motte ist stilistisch gereift und bleibt sich dennoch selbst treu.
So behandelt „Mirrors“ thematisch den inneren Zwiespalt aus Erinnerung und Zukunft, gewohnten Strukturen und Neuanfang.
Licht oder Schatten — auf welcher deiner Seiten stehst du?

UK Info :

Mechanical Moth almost approach their twentieth band anniversary, and on their seventh album “Mirrors”, they reflect their musical and personal development of the last years.
Striving to create an innovative, yet familiar dark-electronic record, the band line-up has changed into a duo project as well.
Ivy, who has provided lead vocals for the “Rebirth” album before, has returned for “Mirrors”.
Her multi-creativity and unconventional, soulful voice offers Mechanical Moth a solidly dark, yet progressive timbre.

“Mirrors” is a conceptual double album; the songs are interpreted in a male elektro and female dark wave version each.
The different versions offer a parallel listening experience following the tracklist and illustrate the various facets of the record through their vocal and instrumental diversity.
Aside from the usual combination of sustained and delicate melodies, this record offers high-energy dancefloor fillers featuring prominent synths and rhythms as well.

The Moth has matured stylistically and yet stayed true to itself.
In that sense “Mirrors” also reflects the inner dichotomy between memories, future, familiar motions, and new beginnings.
Light or shadows – which one of your sides are you on?


CD 1 :

1. Stuck (female)
2. la petite mort (female)
3. bad thing (female)
4. wake up (female)
5. animals (female)
6. pain with no face (female)
7. coffing gossip (female)
8. icetears (female)
9. undead on the dancefloor (female)
10. extinction theory (female)
11. home (female)

CD 2 :

1. Stuck (male)
2. la petite mort (male)
3. bad thing (male)
4. wake up (male)
5. animals (male)
6. pain with no face (male)
7. coffing gossip (male)
8. icetears (male)
9. undead on the dancefloor (male)
10. extinction theory (male)
11. home (male)

Kontakt :
Arne Gutowski (Tandrin)



Website: http://www.mechanicalmoth.de/






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Boom Bang Boom! EP – Preview

Boom Bang Boom! is the upcoming latest release from KNIGHT$ (Boytronic/Scarlet Soho/James Knights). A real summer floor-filler to add to his growing string of hits, this future classic is set for release in early July. Here’s a little taste of what’s to come for your readers and fans and video to follow in a couple of weeks:

Boom Bang Boom! is available to pre order from Bandcamp on May 7th on limited edition Yellow 12″ vinyl, and as part of several bundle deals (details below). James adds „Since the last album I’ve written a lot, and I can’t hold this song back any longer!“. 

The release includes extended cuts of Boom Bang Boom! by Mirko Hirsch, Also Playable Mono, and Ant-People. Legendary producer and DJ Alexander Robotnick „Problemes d’Amour“ provides a re-worked version of live favourite Alligator for the B-side, and Ant-People’s Dollars & Cents remix completes the tracklist, cramming a total of five mixes on this lemon-coloured gem.

Thank you!




WATCH TRAILER – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=putsfgtbg6w

A1. Boom Bang Boom! (Mirko Hirsch Extended)
A2. Boom Bang Boom! (Also Playable Mono Extended)
B1. Boom Bang Boom! (Ant People Digital Frequence Mix)
B2. Dollars & Cents (Ant People Remix)
B3. Alligator (Alexander Robotnick Extended)

A1. Boom Bang Boom! (Mirko Hirsch Single Edit) &
B1. A personal voice message from KNIGHT$ to you. Tell him what to say, or he will make something up!

Finest Gelato since 1979)







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CLICKS release new album „G.O.T.H.“

Fast rising Polish electro project CLICKS are releasing their new full-length „G.O.T.H.“ today, Friday, April 16. Please find album details and cover art below.

„G.O.T.H.“ is now streaming in full at the link below: 

All previously released radio singles are available for airplay in MP3 and WAV format.

We kindly ask you to publish this shop link alongside any news items, if possible: http://lnk.spkr.media/clicks-goth

1. First World Problems
2. Connection
3. Clicks. Dead
4. Dropdead
5. Every Bloated Muscle
6. I Dream
7. It’s All about You
8. Mr. Nevergonnabe
9. Past of My Past
10. Story
11. The Clicks in Me
12. Fever
13. Themostimportantperson

CLICKS frontman Kr-Lik has landed a sardonic coup: The Polish electro project’s mischievous provocateur concocted an elaborate deception, which insinuated a radical change of style towards guitar-laden gothic sounds. He launched a tailor-made pre-release video for the track ‚I Dream‘, which featured a dark figure walking through a gloomy forest wrapped in Blair Witch aesthetics and shrouded in gothic soundscapes. This image is ironically broken by the final scene that shows the protagonist actually at the gathering of mushrooms. The cover of CLICKS‚ upcoming second full-length „G.O.T.H.“ also picks up on the dark scene’s classic style as the black and white artwork features Gothic type and is decorated with an insular graveyard.

If this overdose of „goth kvlt“ appears to be somewhat suspicious coming from CLICKS, it is very much due to the fact that this is just Kr-Lik giving free reign to his wicked sense of humour again. The title „G.O.T.H.“ actually stands for: „Getting Old, Tired, and …“ and is programmatically referring to the main theme of this album. „G.O.T.H.“ is at its core a thoroughly serious and respectful examination of this former youth culture, which has been ageing noticeably for several decades. The song ‚Every Bloated Muscle‘ can therefore easily be understood as a tongue-in-cheek homage to the NITZER EBB EBM classic ‚Murderous‘ – viewed from the perspective of 30 years later.

Through this artistic self-irony, the famous elephant in the room is made visible: What happens to the heroes of a scene who have long outgrown their youth? What remains when cultivated depression and juvenile longings for death have been pushed to the side-lines by family and children? To this essential question, CLICKS provide a powerful answer with „G.O.T.H.“. Without any denying their roots in the classic EBM environment, the Poles pick up sporadic electroclash and minimal dance influences, while gallantly bowing to acts like ANTHONY ROTHER or GUY BURATTO.

This „new“ ease of composing spawns exciting musical hybrids like ‚First World Problems‘, ‚I Dream‘ or ‚Mr Nevergonnabe‘. On ‚G.O.T.H.‘, the joy of experimentation, perfect sound, and casual humour fuse with scene-spanning nonchalance. The result works just as well in a car or at home as in any club. From CLICKS‚ mocking strategy of confusion, the shape of an album emerges that is as idiosyncratic as it is modern and with a twinkle in the eye turns up its nose at the self-proclaimed enforces of morals blocking the gates for any change within EBM. Almost casually the Poles catapult their freshly minted sound design into the 21st century.

This is how musical self-renewal works: CLICKS‚ „G.O.T.H.“ provides the  perfect antitheses to all the horrible clichés that have haunted the EBM industrial scene of the last two decades.

Wojciech Król aka Kr-Lik – all instruments, vocals, and music

Produced by Wojciech Król
Mastered by Vincent Uhlig
Artwork & Layout by Nico Janse van Rensburg

Facebook: www.facebook.com/clicks.music
Insta:  www.instagram.com/clicksmusix

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AERONAUT V – Late Departure EP

Launch sequence has begun!

AERONAUT V „Late Departure“ EP

as a free download on Bandcamp.

Password: „distinction“. Distinction from the multitude of electro projects, to be precise. This is exactly what the Aeronaut V do since 2018, proposing a splendid technologically advanced sound, rich in refinement and heady formulations that elevate this duo act to one of the best emerging proposals on the scene. The album „Late Departure“ in six songs expresses all the sonic potential of the synergy between Ville Brusi, member of the ebm / darkwave / synthpop ensemble Neuroactive and Arttu Korppivuori, the post punk / goth rock singer of Murnau’s Playhouse. The two artists make their style converge within modulations of superior quality, involving and always with attention to the smallest details, performing in the Aeronaut V a unifying function between their respective music orientations. Linearity of drum-programming set at variable speed, pulsing sequencers, catchy synth melodies, introspective texts and deep vocals, make up the structure of this full length, specially planned to conquer all the fans of the best electro tradition, who will immerse themselves completely in the harmonious soundscapes designed by the power duo, planned to fascinate from the first listening, arousing immediate pleasure and the awareness of breathing an air of futurism and retrospective. The music of Aeronaut V is placed at the same time in a old / new synthpopish context with balanced 80’s waver deviations, creating a combination of atmospheres and euphonies characterized by elegance, danceability and solid attractive power.


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Arsine Tibé – (previously unreleased) archive songs III

Mit dem Wort „Archiv“ assoziiert man landläufig ein gewisses Alter und zwar das Alter der Dinge, die sich darin befinden. Mit dem dritten Teil der im September 2020 begonnenen „Archive Songs“-Reihe widerlegt Manfred Thomaser nun diesen Zusammenhang, denn die meisten der hier präsentierten Tracks sind erst im Jahr 2020 entstanden bzw. vollendet worden. So zum Beispiel die beiden Songs, die gemeinsam mit Aidan Casserly versteckt hinter dem Namen Sebastian and the dream) komponiert wurden. „I Am Your Blues“ und „Voyage Now“ zeigen erneut, dass diese Stimme wunderbar zu Arsine Tibé passt, und die Ausflüge in blues-rockige bzw. poppige Regionen tragen wahrlich wunderbare Früchte. „Voyage Now“ besticht dabei durch samtig groovenden und verführerischen Charme sowie mehrlagigen Gesang. Dem Ohrwurmcharakter des Songs wird folgerichtig durch eine
begleitende Single-VÖ Rechnung getragen und der Radio Edit ist hier bereits als Bonustrack enthalten.

Die weiteren Lieder dieser Zusammenstellung bewegen sich wieder im für Arsine Tibé absolut typischen, rein instrumentalen Lounge Noire-Spektrum und laden zum Beflügeln der Fantasie ein.
Songtitel wie „Northern Silence“, „Cocktail“ oder „Dark Monday“ lassen erahnen, wohin die Reise dieses Mal geht. Umrahmt werden alle Tracks von den Songs „Before The Shooting“ und After The Shooting“. Zunächst stehen sich die Gegner Duellanten?) gegenüber, am Ende wird vielleicht doch eher eine liegende Position eingenommen… Rückschlüsse auf die entspannende Wirkung des Werkes wären an dieser Stelle
natürlich rein spekulativer Natur. Todlangweilig ist es jedoch in keinem Fall, sondern bietet vielmehr reichlich sphärische, aber auch beschwingte, teils nachdenkliche oder auch augenzwinkernde Destinationen.

(Torsten Pape)

01. Before The Shooting 3:02
02. I Am Your Blues (feat. Sebastian and the dream) 3:27
03. Northern Silence 3:07
04. Voyage Now (feat. Sebastian and the dream) 7:29
05. Cocktail 3:05
06. Dark Monday 2:02
07. Lovers And Dancers 2:21
08. After The Shooting 3:02
09. Voyage Now (feat. Sebastian and the dream) / Radio Edit 4:26
10. Voyage Now (Instrumental) 7:29
11. I Am Your Blues (Instrumental) 3:27

cover/artwork: Seyhan & Arsine Tibè

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ArsineTibe


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Inner Axis – Midnight Hunter

Die Kieler Heavy Metaller INNER AXIS starten in das Frühjahr mit zwei brandneuen
Metal-Krachern, die neben dem jeweiligen Digital-Release als Double-Feature CD- und 12“ Vinyl-Maxi erscheinen werden. Beide Songs sind in den PITCHBACK STUDIOS produziert worden und liefern einen perfekten Genre-Sound, der u.a. von Band-Neuzugang Nino Helfrich (auch IRON ANGEL) an der Gitarre und Annihilator Bassist Rich Gray als Gastmusiker veredelt wurde. Auch in Bezug auf das Artwork hat sich die Band mit Jan Yrlund einen Fachmann an Land gezogen, der u.a. für Manowar, Apocalyptica, Battle Beast, Bon Jovi und Korpiklaani gearbeitet hat.

Den Anfang wird die Single „Midnight Hunter“ machen, die am 9. April inkl. einer
instrumental-Version als B-Seite erscheint. Ein dazugehöriges Musikvideo veröffentlicht die Band am gleichen Tag und hat für die Fans noch ein paar besondere Video-Clips vorbereitet, die zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt erscheinen werden.
„Midnight Hunter“ zeigt die Band gewohnt treibend, kraftvoll, episch, aber auch eingängig im Geiste des klassischen 80er Jahre Metals, welches sich sowohl bei der Cover Gestaltung als auch im Video manifestiert. Zudem konnte die Band für die Bandaufnahmen zur Videoproduktion Bassistin Melissa Cavo gewinnen.

Mit der zweiten Single „Steelbladed Avenger“, die am 14. Mai ebenfalls mit instrumentaler B-Seite erscheint, schießt die Band aus vollen Rohren. Nicht minder eingängig, aber noch mal eine Schippe treibender präsentiert sich die Band bei diesem Titel auf einem, im Vergleich zu den Vorgänger-Alben, deutlich gereifteren Level. In Bezug auf die Umsetzung des Musikvideos konnte die Band Regisseur Alex Popov, der u.a. für die Special Effects des oscarnominierten Films TWO DISTANT STANGERS verantwortlich war, sowie Danny McBride (Produzent / Drehbuchautor von UNDERWORLD) für ihr Projekt gewinnen. Deren Kurzfilm „Fallen Angel“ kombinierte das Regie-Team mit Band-Aufnahmen zum perfekten „Steelbladed Avengers“ Clip, der nicht nur mit Schlachtengetümmel und viel mystischer Dramatik aufwarten kann, sondern auch mit einer überaus interessanten Riege an Darstellern.

So wird die Hauptrolle (die Steelbladed Avengerin) von Ellen Hollmann verkörpert, die
u.a. bei den Film/Serien Projekten Criminal Minds, Spartacus, CSI:Las Vegas, Scorpion King 4, Leathal Weapon: Series, NCIS: New Orleans mitgewirkt hat und ebenso im kommenden The Matrix 4 mit spielt.

Zudem sind Steven Dunlevy (Mad Max: Fury Road, John Wick 2, Logan: the wolverine, Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw), Scott Mcelroy (Resorvoir Dogs, Star Treck: Deep Space Nine, Underworld…stunts für Pulp Fiction) und Anthony De Longis (Master of the Universe, Star Treck Voyager, Highlander:Series, Batman Returns) mit von der Partie.

Nach dem Release der beiden Digital-Singles erscheint am 11. Juni die CD-Maxi- Single im limitierten Digifile Format, die sowohl beide neuen Songs, als auch deren B- Seiten enthält. Am 27. August wird dann die 12“ Maxi-Single mit allen vier Tracks veröffentlicht.



Audio Tracklisting:
1 Midnight Hunter
2 Midnight Hunter (Instrumental)


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InnerAxis





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Projekt Ich – Senses Thrilled

Mit „Senses Thrilled“ veröffentlicht Projekt Ich alias Ulf Müller mittlerweile die siebte Singleauskoppelung vom kommenden zweiten Studioalbum, welches im Herbst / Winter 2021 auf Echozone erscheinen wird.

Nach dem erfolgreichen Debütalbum „By Train Through Countries“ (2019) machte sich Ulf nach einer kurzen Kreativpause erneut ans Werk und produzierte kurzerhand einige Demosongs, um das bewährte Konzept des Debütalbums mit verschiedenen,
talentierten Sänger*innen aus der ganzen Welt fortzusetzen.

Als Sänger konnte Ulf diesmal David B Roundsley vom Electropop Projekt Munich Syndrome aus Kalifornien / USA verpflichten. David kreierte neben dem Songtext auch die Gesangsmelodie von „Senses Thrilled“ und schafft durch seine prägende Vocoder-
Gesangsperformance, die sozialkritische Botschaft der Gegensätze von Reizüberflutungen im digitalen Zeitalter und die Möglichkeiten, dekadenten Luxus in allen erdenklichen Formen zu erleben oder die eigene Realität zum Teil, über dem Durchschnitt, oder ganz
auszublenden, zu verstärken. Gewinnt der Rausch oder bleibt man bei sich, im Jetzt und Hier?

„Senses Thrilled“ ist eingängig, magisch, aber auch tragend.
Alternativer Synthpop mit einem Hauch von Eleganz.

„Senses Thrilled“ beinhaltet neben dem Originaltitel die Radio- Edition des Originals, sieben intensive Remixe von den Bands und Künstlern Analogue-X (DE), Cyborgdrive (ES), Mind Code (DE), Druggedmoon (ZA), Morbid Echo (DE), U.M. Fiedel (DE) und
Sudden Creation (UK), sowie die beiden Instrumental Remix- Versionen von U.M. Fiedel und Analogue-X und die Instrumentalversion des Originals.

Parallel zum Release wird ein Lyric-Video erscheinen.

Markus Kühnel von Noctural Studios entwarf für diese Single das Frontcover und alle weiteren Grafiken.

Audio Tracklisting:
1 Senses Thrilled (feat. Munich

2 Senses Thrilled (Radio Edit) (feat.
Munich Syndrome)

3 Senses Thrilled (U.M. Fiedel Remix)
(feat. Munich Syndrome)

4 Senses Thrilled (Mind Code Remix)
(feat. Munich Syndrome)

5 Senses Thrilled (Druggedmoon
Remix) (feat. Munich Syndrome)

6 Senses Thrilled (Sudden Creation
Remix) (feat. Munich Syndrome)

7 Senses Thrilled (Cyborgdrive Remix)
(feat. Munich Syndrome)

8 Senses Thrilled (Analogue-X Remix)
(feat. Munich Syndrome)

9 Senses Thrilled (Morbid Echo Remix)
(feat. Munich Syndrome)

10 Senses Thrilled (U.M. Fiedel
Instrumental Remix) (feat. Munich

11 Senses Thrilled (Analogue-X
Instrumental Remix) (feat. Munich

12 Senses Thrilled (Instrumental) (feat.
Munich Syndrome)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ProjektIchMusik

Website: http://projektich-musik.de

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Mit dieser eher düsteren Power-Ballade schlagen die PLEXIPHONES ein neues Kapitel ihrer Erfolgsgeschichte auf.

„You Shock Me“ spannt erneut, wie schon der Single- Vorgänger „Fail In Love“, den Bogen vom Alternative zum Dark-Pop und wandelt emotional vom subtil Skurrilen bis ins Extreme. Das wirklich Schockierende an einer zwiegespaltenen Gefühlswelt ist, dass man
sie manchmal erst auf den zweiten Blick erkennt. Durchleben, durchziehen, durchatmen! Ein Song für das Hier und Jetzt, aber auch für die Zeit danach und die Reminiszenz an die Pandemie.

PLEXIPHONES machen mit „You Shock Me“ wieder Lust auf „live“ sowie auf weitere musikalische Landmarks und Lebenszeichen der Band aus Mönchengladbach. Teil des digitalen Release-Pakets vom Label Echozone ist mit „It’s Alright“ eine Nummer von ihrem Debütalbum „News From The Colonies“ aus dem Jahr 2010.

Audio Tracklisting:
1 You Shock Me (Radio Edit) 04:54
2 It’s Alright 04:44

In Britain, PLEXIPHONES‘ mix of danceable electro-rock and electro-pop caused quite a stir in 2013 and 2014. A German band in the motherland of pop – it’s been done before, but it’s a long time since then.

Whether at their recording sessions in London’s Kreeme Studios, in an interview on London’s 103.3 fm radio station, or performing on the legendary club stages of the musical metropolis, „The Water Rats“ and „Music Palace“, the PLEXIPHONES from Mönchengladbach near Düsseldorf are making their mark in Britain. With the tongue-in-cheek title of their debut album „News from the Colonies“ and the almost heretical touch to their EP cover „The London Tapes“, showing Britain’s „Union Jack“ national flag in Germany’s black-red-gold colours, they have gained numerous British fans.



In Germany too, the electro rockers are now revving up as they launch their song „Can’t Change You“. This catchy dance track, a joint project with the internationally successful multi-million seller DJ SASH!, garnered its slot in calendar week 13 as the second-highest new entrant in the top 100 of Germany’s DJ charts: www.deutsche-dj-playlist.de/DDP-Charts-Top100/

In early April, the PLEXIPHONES crossed the pond to Britain again, playing in Oxford (03.04., The Art Bar) and in London (04.04., O2 Academy Islington). At both English gigs, they performed as supporting act for post-punk BLUE ZOO.

In addition, work on the second PLEXIPHONES album is under way at full pace. The recordings are made, the final mixes are in progress, and London-based record label Big Sky Song Ltd., based around producer Tom E Morrison (Underworld, Bonnie Tyler, Andrew Roachford, Bliss, P.Diddy) is in the starting blocks for the global release of the follow-on work, „ELECTRIC“ on 14/10/2016.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Plexiphones

Website: https://plexiphones.com

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Mirrorplain – The People’s Choice

MIRRORPLAIN setzt mit „The People’s Choice“ ein starkes Zeichen.
Vor Gesellschaftskritik hat das Sextett aus dem Sauerland noch nie zurückgeschreckt, doch kommt ihre neue Single mit einer nie dagewesenen Schärfe daher.


Getreu dem Motto ‚Harm Set, Harm Get‘ rechnet MIRRORPLAIN mit den Missständen der aktuellen Zeit ab und liefert einen neuen, kraftvolleren Sound gepaart mit der typischen, melodischen Attitüde, die sie über die Grenzen hinaus bekannt machen.
„The People’s Choice“ ist der nächste logische Schritt einer jungen Band, dessen Zenit noch lange nicht überschritten ist!



Audio Tracklisting:
1 The People’s Choice 04:00
2 The People’s Choice (Instrumental) 04:00


Die Band Mirrorplain ist eine sechsköpfige Gruppe, aus dem nicht so schönen Finnentrop, im sehr schönen Sauerland! Gegründet wurde sie im Mai 2011 und überzeugt seit dem mit einer Mischung aus Hard-Rock und Heavy Metal. Bundesweit standen die Jungs bereits auf über 40 Bühnen (von klein bis groß) und brachten die Massen (oder die Grüppchen) mit ihrer Musik zum toben! 2014 veröffentlichten sie ihre zweite CD namens Reflection und Produzierten ein Musikvideo zu dem Song Tower of Babel. 2016 begannen Mirrorplain mit der Arbeit an ihrem Debütalbum welches am 08.09.2017 erschien. Seit 2017 stehen sie bei Fastball Music unter Vertrag. Seit September 2017 befinden sie sich auf Album Tour und fügten Jan Ackerschott, als vollwertiges Mitglied an der Rhytmus Gitarre hinzu.



Website: http://www.mirrorplain.de/


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Bloodred Hourglass – New Single “Veritas” out now!

Bloodred Hourglass just released their new single “Veritas” which is taken off the upcoming album to be released later this year. The new album is expected to be a melodic death metal rollercoaster with an epic feel and a very modern approach to be released later this year via Out Of Line Music.

Listen to the new song “Veritas” here: https://bloodredhourglass.lnk.to/Veritas 

Finland’s upraising melo death band, Bloodred Hourglass, comments about the new song “Veritas”:

“When the pre-production of the album was almost finished, Eero got the idea of making a song with absolutely no holds barred. All the parts were composed in one rush of inspiration. 

„Veritas“ carries a ton of intensity with its adrenaline-filled riff and super-fast pace and really is a straight-forward raging roller coaster-like nothing we’ve done before. Lyrically it is very much a temptation-filled fairytale all gone down too well.”

“Obviously, we were in a new situation since the songwriting responsibility was divided due to member changes after the previous album. Overall, we wanted to create something that’s completely new and fresh for us but also maintain the familiar BRHG sound. Really happy with the results on the final record and it’s safe to say the end result is more than we, and hopefully all of you, even expected,” adds the band about the upcoming album.

With their latest output, the “Godsend” album (2019), the melodic death/thrash metal band succeeded in delivering great Melo-death vibes that positioned Bloodred Hourglass with their own signature sound who could climb their way towards the top of the metal genre hailing from Finland.

Vocalist Jarkko Koukonen comments: “Lyrically it’s going to be by far the most personal album to date. It’s an introspective trip into loss, lost chances of life and love – all crowned with sadness. You get a lot closer by being also fragile, and the contrast we managed to capture on this record is definitely some next level BRHG.“

„Musically it’s the most diverse BRHG album we’ve created. It contains our slowest song ever but also the most aggressive headbanger too. It’s filled with sadness and joy, brutality and catchiness – a perfect melodeath rollercoaster just the way we wanted it to be,“ states guitarist Lauri Silvonen.

Listen to the previous Bloodred Hourglass single “Drag me the rain” here: https://bloodredhourglass.lnk.to/DragmetheRain 

or watch the video here: https://youtu.be/kEba9KgIBcw.


Jarkko Koukonen – vocals
Jarkko Hyvönen – drums
Jose Moilanen – bass
Lauri Silvonen – guitar
Joni Lahdenkauppi – guitar
Eero Silvonen – guitar



Bloodred Hourglass – Photo by Outi Puhakka – Outokuva


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The Song is a warning of complacency. An urgent call to refine oneself and to make the world a better place.

Pink Turns Blue – There must be so much more  is an alternative rock band from Berlin with hits and albums that have become milestones in the genre of post punk / guitar wave. Their songs are a fixture in clubs and they are headlining genre festivals worldwide.
The singles top genre charts and are featured in playlists and radio shows. Last year, “Something Deep Inside“ was used in Matthew Berkowitz’s thriller “The Madness Inside Me”.
Since their world tour 2018-2020 the three-piece has grown a global fanbase with strongholds in the US, Mexico, Germany, UK and Brazil.

( KREDITE: © 2021 Daniela Vorndran (www.black-cat-net.de) )

Reinhören: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=313g81nFcEI


Beginnings (1985–87)

The band originally was a duo consisting of Thomas Elbern (vocals and guitars), Mic Jogwer (vocals, bass and keyboards) and a drum machine.

In 1985,[2] Elbern was part of an NDW-ensemble called Seltsame Zustände but wanted to form a new band in Cologne and was looking for musicians via an ad. The music student Mic Jogwer answered, and they had several small appearances around Cologne under the name Pink Turns Blue (named after the Hüsker Dü song Pink Turns to Blue). Musically they were oriented towards post-punk bands like early The CureThe Chameleons or The Sound. In early 1986, art student and drummer Marcus Giltjes joined the band. The trio won a ’new talent award‘ from Germany’s biggest radio station WDR which included as a prize a studio session with producer and radio host Volkmar Kramarz.

The years as German indie insider tip (1987–91)

In June 1987, Mic Jogwer switched from bass to guitar and Ruebi Walter, who joined the band in 1986 as a keyboard player, moved to bass.

In August the band were signed by the newly found record label Fun Factory! The band recorded a few new songs and remixed existing material from 1986 for their debut album If Two Worlds Kiss, released in October 1987.

From October 1987 to March 1988, the band toured and the song Walking On Both Sides got them TV appearances and was played on the radio. They were invited to tour with the controversial Yugoslavian band Laibach, and Jogwer became friends with their soundman Janez Križaj. Križaj invited Pink Turns Blue to record their second album in Ljubljana. To pay for the recordings, the band smuggled Western studio equipment across the border.

In August 1988, the single Touch The Skies was released, and Pink Turns Blue played their first concerts in England, France, Switzerland and the Netherlands. In October, their second album Meta was released which carried the keyboard heavy The Cure sound to extremes and which sold 2,300 units within 8 weeks. As second single, Your Master Is Calling, was released which got them TV appearance in Tele 5, was on rotation of many radio stations and is their most popular song to date with more than 3,7 million YouTube views.

The third album Eremite also was recorded with Janez Križaj in Ljubljana and was finished in August 1989. However, their record label Fun Factory got into financial difficulties and Pink Turns Blue switched to the Rough Trade Records sub-label Our Choice, which released the album in April 1990. „Michelle“ was remixed in Manchester and released in October as a single. Early 1990, Ruebi Walter’s younger brother Reinhold joined on keyboards, and drummer Marcus Giltjes left the band.

The fourth studio album, Aerdt (Art+Earth), was recorded between January and February 1991 in Ljubljana by Mic Jogwer and Ruebi Walter as a duo. A drum machine was used. The album was released in August. The band performed the songs live with a conventional setup supported a hired drummer.

Relocation to London (1991–95)

In spring 1991, after finishing the album Aerdt, Mic Jogwer and Ruebi Walter moved to London. The song „Seven Years“ from Aerdt was re-recorded in a dance version and released as a single in September. In early 1992, two more dance oriented singles followed: „Overloaded“ and „Star“.

In May 1992 Pink Turns Blue recorded their fifth album, Sonic Dust, with their new English drummer Louis Pavlou, and it was released in August.

In December 1992, Pink Turns Blue recorded their sixth album, Perfect Sex, with David M. Allen, the producer of The Cure and Sisters Of Mercy. It was released after some delay in 1994. Louis Pavlou left the band to join The Cure to record Wild Mood Swings.

In November 1994, the unplugged album Muzak was released which was recorded by Mic Jogwer and his sound engineer colleague Marc Williams in his London flat. It contains a selection of Pink Turns Blue songs performed with acoustic instruments.

In 1995, Pink Turns Blue disbanded. Mic Jogwer later remarked that with the move to London, the band lost its musical orientation and spread itself too thin. Mic Jogwer made a career in the music and media industry producing CD ROMs and websites.

Re-union (2003–today)

In April 2001, Mic Jogwer produced three songs with Violetta Superstar, the band of Brigid Anderson which was released in October 2001 on a compilation CD (Die fiesen Diven). The two formed an electronic duo called Orden and started to write songs together and recorded some Demos.

Early 2003, Thomas Görnert, the manager of the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig, requested a performance of Orden and he addressed Mic Jogwer’s band Pink Turns Blue. Jogwer and Andersen persuaded Thomas Elbern, Reini Walter and Louis Pavlou into a one-off Re-Union show and Pink Turns Blue performed at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in June 2003. Following this, the band reformed and played as headliners at M’era Luna 2004.

The restart was announced in combination with a greatest hits album called Re-Union.

The seventh studio album Phoenix was recorded in Berlin in winter 2004/2005, mixed by Janez Križaj in Ljubljana and released in April 2005. The album received ‚album of the months awards‘ in three music magazines (Sonic Seducer, Orkus, Zillo) and spent eight weeks on chart position 3 in the German Alternative Charts.

The eighth album, Ghost, which came about in the same setting in fall/winter 2006/2007 followed in May 2007. The release was presented at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2007 and again got ‚album of the month awards‘, made it to chart position 37 of the annual German Alternative Charts.

In November 2009 the band recorded their ninth album Storm with the singles Storm Rider and Run From Me which made it to chart position 2 in the German Alternative Charts. Storm also got critical acclaim from the mainstream press (laut.de) and brought international attention and festival invitations.

In April 2016 Pink Turns Blue released their tenth studio album The AERDT – Untold Stories with their Club EP staying on chart position 3 for eight consecutive weeks in the German Alternative Charts. With the some success on the alternative chart in combination with placements and attention on the Internet as on Apple MusicSpotifyYouTubeFacebook and Last FM the band has since played at various alternative music clubs and festivals in Europe and worldwide.

( Quelle: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pink_Turns_Blue )




  • 1987: If Two Worlds Kiss (LP/CD)
  • 1988: Meta (LP/CD)
  • 1990: Eremite (LP/CD)
  • 1991: Aerdt (LP/CD)
  • 1992: Sonic Dust (CD)
  • 1993: Muzak (CD)
  • 1994: Perfect Sex (CD)
  • 2005: Phoenix (CD)
  • 2007: Ghost (CD)
  • 2010: Storm (CD)
  • 2016: The AERDT – Untold Stories (CD)

Compilation Albums[edit]

  • 1998: Best of and Rarities (Compilation CD)
  • 2004: Re-Union (Compilation CD)


  • 1988: Touch the Skies (12″/MCD)
  • 1988: Your Master Is Calling (12″/MCD)
  • 1990: Michelle (12″/MCD)
  • 1991: The Son (12″/MCD)
  • 1991: Seven Years (12″/MCD)
  • 1991: Overloaded (12″/MCD)
  • 1992: Star (12″/MCD)
  • 1994: Talk Baby (12″MCD/7’Vinyl)
  • 2005: Phoenix (MCD)
  • 2010: Storm Rider / Run From Me (7″Vinyl)
  • 2016: The Aerdt Club EP (12″MCD)


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pink-Turns-Blue-234627269927555

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/pink-turns-blue/there-must-be-so-much-more/s-JVVCoGpdu5y

Website: https://pinkturnsblue.com/

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