Gothic/Industrial Metal Band AUTUMN STAY Gets „Closer To The Edge“ With New Video

Gothic/Industrial Metal band AUTUMN STAY have just unveiled their new video for the single, „Closer To The Edge.“ The video made its premiere on Side-Line Magazine on August 10 here:

Lyrically, the song dives into the dark side of being an artist and how often artists push themselves to the very brink of insanity. This song has everything from heavy hitting guitars to head bopping synth, to vocal harmonies that make you feel like you’re listening to a Sunday church choir!

For fans of: Gothic/Industrial Metal


AUTUMN STAY is an Austin, Texas based gothic electronica metal band that ranges from the heaviest of heavy to the glitchiest of electronica. This female-fronted line up has taken the Texas scene by storm since 2011, showcasing their amazing talent for writing and performing crowd pleasers, with a distinct haunting sound all on their own. In their short careers, AUTUMN STAY has already shared the stage and tours with favorites like Drowning Pool, Oh Sleeper, John 5, Straight Line Stitch, Salive and Heaven Below just to name a few…

AUTUMN STAY self-released their first album, ‘The Equinox’ in 2012. By 2014 and after numerous shows and festivals, AUTUMN STAY expanded their territory to the surrounding region and began working on their fan anticipated second release ‘SHEEP’. The title single was independently released in early 2015 immediately receiving rave reviews from fans, DJs, music bloggers, and magazines. AUTUMN STAY quickly followed up the release with a video that was premiered by BlankTV. The single is currently available for download on Itunes, Reverbnation, and

Despite taking on a full load of shows and time in the studio, AUTUMN STAY has kept the momentum by enlisting and securing sponsorships with California based sponsors Coldcock Whiskey and Dirtbag Clothing as well as gaining attention of local and national press and radio. With a couple of regional solo and package tours under their belt, plus some short national runs, AUTUMN STAY has set their sites on kicking up their sound to be larger than ever before.

In 2018, AUTUMN STAY teamed up with multiplatinum awarded producer, Kevin ‚131‘ Gutierrez to record the single, „Confess.‘ Kevin has worked with everyone from Sir Paul McCartney to Shinedown. „Confess“ became an instant hit among old and new fans alike. In 2020, they paired up once again to record „Closer To The Edge“ as a single with their very first official music video to go alongside it.

Noted for their engaging performances and showmanship, AUTUMN STAY is eager to share their force and refined sound with their new fans and loyal followers! Set up for success and the united effort to bring a Texas size roar, AUTUMN STAY will be on the stages and in the speakers of a city near you!





“Working with the creative team of Autumn Stay and producer Kevin Gutierrez, was an absolute blast. They came up with a story about the singer  being haunted and or pursued, with a unique twist ending.
I tried to dramatically light the shots to not only give a classic dark aesthetic to it. But we also had a really cool location, this old church. So I wanted to capture some kind of dark beauty as well, especially with the deep red tones and lighting, I was able to add a frantic feel with some creative editing and color correction themes.” – Erik Gustafson (Erik Gustafson Cinematography)


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Electro-Industrial Band UNITCODE:MACHINE Turns Loss & Regret Into Themes For A Collapsing Empire

Electro-Industrial Band, UNITCODE:MACHINE has unleashed their new full-length album, Themes For A Collapsing Empire. After three weeks on the DAC (Deutch Alternative Charts) and two successful singles, this new release comes as highly-anticipated.

Themes For A Collapsing Empire is a journey through the mind of Eric Kristoffer after a series of tragic events that 2020 brought. It explores a path of loss and regret, and struggling to cope with such stressful personal events while also trying to endure a global pandemic.

This release is written more from the perspective of Eric the person, and less UNITCODE:MACHINE the project.

Themes For A Collapsing Empire is available NOW on CD and digital formats.


Starting 2000, UNITCODE:MACHINE is a project from Texas Native Eric Kristoffer. Following in the steps of other Texas electronic artists, Eric’s style of electro-industrial takes from many inspirations to create a sound unique to the project. Ever changing, UNITCODE:MACHINE’s list of comparable projects changes from album to album.

The project’s first album Time/Frame released in 2004, took elements of musique concrete and synthpop and merging them together. „Know“, the lost 2005 follow up, was more conventional in comparison to the previous work, with more organized beats and vocals. Nosophobia (2011) was a drive to make a more accessible album that tapped into what Eric was listening to at the time, a culmination of the future-pop sound at the time, along with the more harsher EBM that existed.

After a hiatus to work on himself and his writing, 2019 brought Tyranny into existence. This album was written focusing on the vitriol of modern media and political climate that had come into fruition. „Tyrant“ (2020) was a release of material that was not offered on Tyranny, either due to cuts or insufficient space.
2021 brings the 6th official release Themes for A Collapsing Empire-a journey through loss, regret, and self-reflection.




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ALASKAN Dark Punk/Death Rock Duo, CLIFF AND IVY Bring The Night With New EP!

„Cliff and Ivy – if the world is going to hell, we need music like this!“
– Jack Rabid (The Big Takeover)

Alaska’s premiere dark punk/death rock duo, CLIFF AND IVY have recently unleashed their new four song EP, Bring Us The Night.  Available on limited edition 7″ vinyl and digital formats.

CLIFF AND IVY’s music is influenced by magic. Their psychedelic style lyrics are derived from synesthesia.  The mission of Bring Us The Night is to make fast dark punk songs with weird supernatural themes. „To hit ‚em hard and leave ‚em wanting more. Calling all to embrace the dark; to rise, slay, and rise again.“

For fans of goth, death rock and dark punk


Bring Us The Night Track List:

1. Bring Us The Night
2. Chasing Blood
3. Dominion
4. Parasite

CLIFF AND IVY are Alaska’s goth duo. With a solid background in punk and metal, they bring a traditional goth/deathrock sound into a new world. Theatrical and poetic, their music, live shows and art speak to dark hearts everywhere. “If the world is going to hell, we need music like this!” – Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover Magazine, #81

Inspired by art, punk, hardcore, old school goth and EBM, horror movies, no wave, industrial music, tribal music, current events and unwritten history,  CLIFF AND IVY  have been compared to Killing Joke, Ministry, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cure, and Dead Can Dance.





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Darkwave/Alternative Band VASELYNE Drops „Waiting To Exhale“ – A Story Of Perseverance


„Waiting To Exhale“ tells a story of breaking free from whatever is holding you back. Moving on, transforming into someone or something new. Whether that’s a unhealthy relationship, not being able to be your true self, the listener is invited to decide what that means to them.

The video sees Yvette walking through forests and dunes, a heavy cape trailing behind her. „Carrying the weight on my shoulders whilst I walk towards the sea. Morphing into a butterfly. But do I transform or disappear?“

For fans of: Darkwave, Coldwave, Ambient and Alternative music.

„Waiting To Exhale“ is available in digital format on VASELYNE’s Bandcamp page.


Yvette Winkler: vocals | lyrics
Frank Weyzig: instruments | arrangements
Influences: Peter Hammill, Porcupine Tree, David Bowie, A Perfect Circle, Japan, Pink Floyd.

VASELYNE is a collaboration between Dutch singer Yvette Winkler and Dutch musician and producer Frank Weyzig. A mutual artistic curiosity gave birth to their VASELYNE project in the spring of 2011. „One can safely assume that to hold tenure in VASELYNE, you’d best exhibit the deepest level of commitment to what the band stands for. Influenced by bands like Porcupine Tree and Blackfield, VASELYNE could remain one of ambient-alternative rock’s most intelligent and gifted technical bands“ says Markus Seibel / Both members have a track record that speaks for itself. Yvette Winkler was co-founder of Dutch band “Sea of Souls” (2006).



„VASELYNE continues to innovate upon their unique form of art-ambient/alternative and at the end of the day, its actually the ease with which VASELYNE serves up this versatility, making the music go by in a flash.“(Markus Seibel / VASELYNE has so far released four albums on German label, Echozone: ‘Earthbound’ EP (2012), their full length debut album ‘The Fire Within’ (2013), ‘In Dreams’ EP (2015) and ‘Fragile’ EP (2016).

In the spring of 2018, after a two year hiatus, the band picked up things where they left and VASELYNE contributed to the new Textbeak (Michael Szewczyk) album, Sick for Songs a Season Eats, produced by John Fryer.

VASELYNE now finished recording their upcoming EP. The first single of that album is a ballad „Waiting to Exhale”. The video for this track was made by Dutch filmmaker Dorothée Meddens. In 2021 a full album will also see the light of day. The new album includes collaborations with Lynette Cerezo from Bestial Mouths, Searmanas, John Fryer (Black Needle Noise, NIN, Prayers, This Mortal Coil and HIM) and Michael Aliani from Chiron/Ikon. Making their sound heavier and fresh, VASELYNE will hit the road again in 2021 with a new live band.








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EP „Debut Album – 10 Years (Alternative Versions)“


While 2021 finds Principe Valiente working on their fourth full-length album, it also marks the 10-year anniversary of their self-titled debut. To celebrate this, the band’s record label Aenaos Records and singer Fernando Honorato decide to make some special versions of the album’s most prominent works and release them as a digital EP during the summer. 

Aiming to emanate warmth, these versions are built on basic instruments including piano and acoustic guitars, enriched with digital string sounds. In collaboration with Chicago based mixer Adam K. Stilson, the songs reach a level of intimacy new to the audience. These 5 tracks are a fine collection of tunes made for loving, reflection and contemplation through nights, days, and dawns.


1. The Night – 10 years alternative version
2. Stay (strings theme) – 10 years alternative version
3. In My Arms – 10 years alternative version
4. Before You Knew Me – 10 years alternative version
5. One More Time – 10 years alternative version
Medley Video:

All tracks written, arranged and performed by Fernando Honorato
Saxophones on „Before You Knew Me“ by Jonathon T. Freund
Mixed and mastered by Adam K. Stilson (at Decade Studios, Chicago. US)
Cover photo by: Louise Tauman
Cover design by: Fernando Honorato
Press pictures by: Sebastian Lindmark at The Royal Institute of Art/Stockholm







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25 Jahre Massiv in Mensch – Zwei Veröffentlichungen am 20. August 2021

Massiv in Mensch – Türkis und Schwarz
Massiv in Mensch – 1996-2021 – Best of – 25 Jahre

Katyusha Records

Am 20. August 2021, knapp vier Jahre nach ihrem letzten Album „Am Port der guten Hoffnung“, veröffentlichen die friesischen Offshore-Elektroniker „Massiv in Mensch“ ein neues Album sowie eine strikt limitierte „Best of“ auf farbigem Vinyl. Anlass ist das 25-jährige Bandjubiläum. So gründeten Daniel Logemann und Mirco Osterthun das Projekt im Sommer 1996.

„Türkis und Schwarz“ ist das reguläre 9. Studioalbum von „Massiv in Mensch“ und beinhaltet die letzten 6 Singles. Dazu gesellen sich 10 neue Stücke.

„Türkis und Schwarz“ ist bewusst kein Konzeptalbum geworden. Es repräsentiert noch stärker als sonst die klangliche Vielfalt der Band. Während der 1. (schwarze) Teil des Albums noch von einer rauen und düsteren Stimmung geprägt ist, wird es im 2. (türkisen) Teil elektronischer und verspielter. Wie schon auf früheren Alben, arbeiten „Massiv in Mensch“ mit Gastmusikern (Sam Winter, Bojana) und der Sängerin Rana Arborea zusammen. Das Intro wird erneut von Schauspieler und Synchronsprecher Reiner Schöne gesprochen.

„Türkis und Schwarz“ erscheint am 20. August auf CD und ist natürlich auch auf allen digitalen Plattformen erhältlich.





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With „Empty Landscapes“ Switzerland-based Coldwave project LETTEN 94 debuts with their first single including two powerful and synth-driven tracks. The single release is also accompanied by a video for the title track (see below).

01 Empty Landscapes
02 Red Lights Soft Skins

About LETTEN 94

Zurich, 1994. Along the banks of the Limmat river, on the railway tracks of the disused Letten station, the largest open drugs scene in Europe is in its last year. Federal Councillor Ruth Dreifuss visits the site and meets addicts who lie on the ground, injecting themselves with heroin. From the Kornhausbrücke, the view looks like a dystopian landscape.

Comprising Dolorès and Freddy Van Ballast, LETTEN 94 is a Swiss Coldwave duo which takes this mental image of Letten, and more widely of Europe in the aftermath of the fall of the Berlin Wall, as a starting point to try to create electronic music which is sometimes aggressive and syncopated, sometimes dark and mysterious.

The guitar, putting into relief the railway-inspired rhythms of Van Ballast, commemorates the post-punk movement, while the deep and haunting voice of Dolorès prepares listeners for the clearly nihilist tone of their creations.

Watch the video for „Empty Landscapes“ here:








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With „Offerings“ Cult of Alia now finally release their debut EP including 7 tracks.

In addition to the three existing singles currently spreading in the ether, Cult Of Alia has exploded into the remix world with appearances on two recent Remix albums from darkwave darlings Twin Tribes, and legendary industrial / EBM act System Syn. Beyond the musical tones, Cult Of Alia lives in a crafted universal narrative that serves to inspire and stir the imagination with unique live show visuals.


Fueled by science fiction lore, video game soundtracks, religious mythos and years of performing in underground clubs and venues… David Wright formed Cult Of Alia. The project is based the USA.

Pulling from a variety of influences, Cult Of Alia is a mix of Darkwave and Industrial voices that hit hard on a dance floor, soothe cursed wounds and guide you through nostalgic journeys.

Watch their first live streaming performance here:


David Wright

Kyle Vorst(Live)








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THIEF reveal details of forthcoming new album „The 16 Deaths of My Master“- Release: August 27, 2021

THIEF have unveiled a deadly video for the track ‚Apple Eaters‘ as the first single taken from their forthcoming album The 16 Deaths of My Master„, which is slated for release on August 27, 2021. The Californian experimental electronic project of multi-instrumentalist Dylan Neal is also revealing cover arttracklist, and further details of the new full-length. Please view all album details below.

pre-sale link:

THIEF comment: „The title ‚Apple Eaters‘ is taken from a line in J.D. Salinger’s short story ‚Teddy‘ and the song is a vision of the world through the extreme lens of a lonely spiritual misanthrope in a deceptively shifting time signature“, explains mastermind Dylan Neal. „The hitwoman in the video is searching for someone or something, but her view of the world is colored by the lens that she is using. The strange horrors that she encounters end up being too much for her to bear. Why did she see those things? What did they mean to her? What does she use to clean her gun?“

Video credits ‚Apple Eaters‘
Directed by Sean Sweetman & Dylan Neal
Shot and edited by Sean Sweetman
Sniper actress: Virginia Rand

1. Underking
2. Bootleg Blood
3. Teenage Satanist
4. Scorpion Mother
5. Fire in the Land of Endless Rain
6. Gorelord
7. Apple Eaters
8. Night Spikes
9. Victim Stage Left
10. Wing Clipper
11. Grave Dirt
12. Lover Boy
13. Crestfaller
14. Life Clipper
15. Cannibalism
16. Seance for Eight Oscillators

THIEF have already gained cult status among the initiated, which might be taken quite literally considering that the backbone of their sound has been formed by manipulated sacred chant and choral  samples. Although the project of American multi-instrumentalist Dylan Neal from Los Angeles, California continues along this path, his third album „The 16 Deaths of My Master“ surprises with a much heavier use of original instrumentation such as strings, organ, harpsichord, bass, guitar, and other hardware synths.

The reason for this twist in dynamics, which makes „The 16 Deaths of My Master“ more accessible, aggressive, and straightforward in comparison to its two predecessors is to some extent influenced by THIEF’s experience performing their first two albums live and looking to re-create the intensity experienced on stage that their shows have become known for.

Lyrically, „The 16 Deaths of My Master“ is heavily drawing from dreams and a generally more personal approach including topics such as rebellion, grief, addiction, mysticism, and spiritual horror. „Relating to the album title, ‚ The 16 Deaths of My Master‘, each track may be considered to be a ‚master‘ that upon its death either sets free the servant or the student then becomes the teacher“, explains Dylan by offering a riddle: „Or maybe they just become lost, because they have both relied on something other than themselves for too long.“

Such illuminating thoughts are probably less surprising when considering that Dylan lives at a Zen Buddhist temple along with THIEF live bassist Chris Hackman, where both participate in residential training. The mastermind recorded and mixed most of the album in his apartment. The other 10%  were conceived in a cabin in the woods to which Dylan had hauled all of his gear into. Of the originally 24 tracks that were written between 2018 and 2020, he decided to use only 16 on „The 16 Deaths of My Master“. The sparkling, crisp sound of the album might contradict its „home recording“ history, but Dylan recruited literally a master of his trade for the mastering process in the person of John Greenham at Clearlight Mastering, Los Angeles, CA. John has collaborated with artists ranging from THE LOCUSTS via KATY PERRY and MARY J BLIGE to receiving three Grammy Awards in 2019 honouring his contributions for BILLIE EILISH.

Dylan Neal first made himself a name as a musician by playing hammered dulcimer in San Francisco-based experimental black metal outfit BOTANIST from whom he recruited THIEF live-drummer Robert Chiang. Although Dylan officially parted ways amicably from his former band mates, he still contributed from the background as a „silent“ member – for example by writing the dulcimer and bass parts for the BOTANIST album „The Shape of He to Come“. This continued relationship is also beautifully demonstrated by the BOTANIST & THIEF split-album „Cicatrix/Diamond Brush“, which will be released in parallel and as a companion to „The 16 Deaths of My Master“.

Eager to explore his own way, Dylan released „Thieves Hymn in D Minor“ (2016) and „Map of Lost Keys“ (2019) under the banner of THIEF. Although his electronic music is inspired in his own words by such ground-breaking acts as PORTISHEAD and ULVER, while critics also found traces of TOOL, NINE INCH NAILS, and TEARS FOR FEARS, THIEF accomplished the rare feat to gain recognition and leave an impact in the metal world by scoring features in leading US print magazine Decibel among others.

With „The 16 Deaths of My Master“, THIEF return in an even heavier incarnation than ever.


Dylan Neal – everything
Style: Experimental ElectronicsRecorded, produced & mixed by Dylan Neal in his apartment in Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by John Greenham at Clearlight Mastering, Los Angeles, CA
Vinyl Master by Nick Townsend

Artwork by Joseba Eskubi
Layout by Luis Cuervo
Album design by Dylan Neal

Available formats
The 16 Deaths of My Master“ is available as Gatefold 2-LP on 180g ocean blue vinyl and on 180g black vinyl, and as Digipak CD.
About Prophecy Productions
Prophecy Productions are an international label and were originally founded by their owner Martin Koller in Germany in 1996. From the beginning, the label has the declared aims of providing a dedicated home for eerie emotional music and to offer long-term collaborations to artists signing into the family. This concept has generated a roster displaying a stylistic emphasis on dark music from different genres such as metal and rock, alternative, and folk. Signees on the label are generally characterised by a strong artistic vision, which is reflected in premium physical products. Prophecy Productions is best known for artists such as Empyrium, Alcest, Arcturus, Tenhi, Dool, and The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices feat. Lisa Gerrard. Prophecy Productions are a part of the independent media group SPKR.

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Ltd. BLACK ANGEL Sampler & Live Q/A Invitation

BLACK ANGEL will be holding a LIV E Q/A with an album giveaway and premiere of their new music video, „Alive.“  

Event Link:

Gothic Rockers Black Angel release their third studio album ‘Prince of Darkness’ on June 18th.

Following up from the previous well received album, ‘Kiss of Death’, the band embark on another gothic banger, a sure fire dance floor filler. The bands previous album ‘Kiss of Death’’ put the band firmly on the gothic rock map and one year later they are ready to do it again.

Pre-release sales have already put them at the top of Bandcamp‘s ‘Gothic Rock’, ‘Gothic’ and ‘Darkwave’ “most popular” genres.

The concept of this album is to take you on a journey. The record starts out with an introduction to set the tone and to put you in 10th century England. As our protagonist embarks on his pillage through the town we hear screams from the villagers as they run for their lives. Black Angel want to take you on a journey, away from the incessant ‘next’ track clicking of today’s streaming generation. To rejuvenate and promote the listener to the tactile experience of holding an album sleeve notes and reading the lyrics. Maybe to even sing along.

Black Angel proudly presents:

Inspired by cinematic classics such as ‘Dracula’ (Gary Oldman 1992) and ‘Interview with a Vampire’ with contemporary inspiration on tracks like ‘Alive’ and ‘Give it to Me’ from the modern aristocratic sophisticated vampires in ‘Underworld’.

The record contains an equal sharing of traditional gothic rock richness, mostly uptempo tracks with their usual tip to the 80’s goth stars that came before them. Namely on this endeavor, we have, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Cult, Gene loves Jezebel and The Damned.

To quote the band : ‘Picture England in 932 AD – a shadowy figure rides through the gate of the castle walls on his black steed – causing chaos and mischief wherever he goes’Prince of Darkness is available on CD and in digital format.

The band also has plans to release the album on blood red vinyl in the very near future. Black Angel will also be releasing a music video for the track ‘Alive’ from the new album at the same time – release date of Friday, June 18.


Facebook Black Angel page :

Facebook Black Angel News



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Industrial Band SHIV-R Unleashes New Album, Kill God Ascend

„SHIV-R has always presented well produced electronic music and maintained a buzz within the industrial music lexicon, and now shows continued growth, experimentation and originality.” – Ilker Yucel (ReGen Magazine)

There is a Zen teaching that if you meet God on the road, you must kill him. Kill God Ascend is the fifth full-length album from Australian electro-industrial band SHIV-R.

What the killing of God means to each listener will be a unique and personal revelation. In a world full of gatekeepers and figureheads whose only interest in you is to tell you what to do, illusions will need to be shed and those who profess to have all the answers will need to be confronted.

While not offering any answers, SHIV-R’s newest release comes with a statement courtesy of the album’s 6th track, „Empire.“ „I’m on my own path.  Get the fuck out of my way.“



Kill God Ascend buries any criticism that the band has gotten less heavy with the full-speed aggression of „Borne From Hate“ and the grinding power of title track, „Kill God Ascend“. Not only delivering heaviness, Pete Crane and Ben Bulig conjure emotively stirring pieces such as „Blue Turns to Black“ and „Valley of Death“ which incorporate acoustic instruments and modular synth experimentations. While „Spark“ and „Promises of Armageddon“ bring a melodic and memorable dimension to SHIV-R’s dark electronic style.

Since their debut album in 2010, Australian electro-industrial act SHIV-R have made an impact on the international dark alternative music scene and set themselves apart with a uniquely hard-hitting yet elegant sonic aesthetic. The group have toured extensively throughout over 20 countries including festivals in Europe and North America and have received heavy rotation on industrial dancefloors worldwide with their releases hitting number 1 on the DAC (German Alternative Charts) and top 10 in the GEWC (German Electronic Web Charts).

Over their five full-length albums and numerous EPs and singles to date, SHIV-R weave a dark, dynamic tapestry varying from the heavy electronic drive of international club staples „Eye of the Needle“ and „Pharmaceutical Grade“ to slower yet hauntingly captivating songs such as „Milk and Honey“ and „Blood Rose“.


SHIV-R’s members Pete Crane (vocals & music) and Ben Bulig (music) continue to push for musical evolution and self-expression, presenting their project with a provocatively dark, lace-filtered visual style, to create a result that is altogether monstrously seductive.




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Unitcode:Machine „Fight“ single

We’ve got a big project in the works for ebm/industrial act Unitcode:Machine.  The new single, „Fight“ and another to follow in July are in effort to prepare for the fall album which we’re very excited about. 

„Fight“ – Taken from the forthcoming Unitcode:Machine album, the tentatively titled, Themes for a Collapsing Empire

UNITCODE:MACHINE, the brainchild of Eric K, have been producing emotional and compelling music since 2000. With their first official release in 2004, UNITCODE:MACHINE established themselves as mix of multiple genres that inspire the group. Blending elements of EBM with industrial, synthpop, and many other styles, UNITCODE:MACHINE bring their unique perspective to electronic music.


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Alternative/Industrial Band WARM GADGET Reveals Rituals

WARM GADGET, the recording trio made up of multi-instrumentalist/ producer Colten Williams, bassist Austin Williams and vocalist/part time instrumentalist Tim Vester has self-released a brand new alternative metal/industrial E.P. entitled Rituals.

The Rituals E.P. showcases five brand new, original songs, as well as remixes by notable electronic artists such as SNOWBEASTS and WITCH EYES. This  E.P., which features the band’s signature blend of industrial and alternative metal, was released in digital format exclusively to the WARM GADGET Bandcamp page.

For fans of Helmet, Dillinger Escape Plan, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Faith No More, Deadsy


Austin Williams: Bass
Colten Williams: Guitar, Synths, Programming, Production
Tim Vester: Vocals


WARM GADGET, based out of Bend, Oregon, has been writing, recording, and

performing since 2009, when Vester and Williams, as the primary members and songwriters, began working together in a converted bedroom/studio/HQ. Since the group’s inception, they have released their initial demo, a full-length album Brides, the Hallowmas E.P., various singles added to compilations and have written compositions for film and video.

This new release, Rituals is filled with the band’s brand of hard-hitting songs, electronic beats, synth melodies, un-melodic synth chaos and hook-laden, crushing guitars. It also showcases the longing, bleak, dismal yet aggressive lyrics and deliveries that the band has perfected. Colten Williams has topped everything off in the studio by producing an album that sounds crisp, heavy, and intense. The Rituals E.P. also marks the band’s return to writing & recording together after a 3-year hiatus, showing that they have violently shaken the dust and cobwebs off and have come out swinging.






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Dark Ambient Act DRIFTING IN SILENCE Contemplates Jung’s Theories With ‚False Awakening‘

Dark ambient act DRIFTING IN SILENCE has just unveiled their new and highly-anticipated album, False AwakeningWith this new release, DRIFTIING IN SILENCE offers a deep contemplation of Carl Jung’s dream theories.

Across the album, a pulsing, rhythmic collage of field recordings and synthesizer pads lay the foundation for meditative strains of piano and guitar. These reveries on our primordial nature feel as familiar as a dream can be, like an alien we’re certain we’ve met before. This careful study of Jung’s theories is a profound collection of sonic textures that are at varying times reminiscent of Vangelis, Robert Rich, or Max Richter.

False Awakening is available on CD and cassette as well as digital download.


The calming ambience of “Myth of Memory” beguiles you into tranquility before the album slips down into the unknowable abstract. The enigmatic synthesizer of “Preconscious Mind” stutters forward as if trying to piece together the disparate parts of a dream. Meanwhile, “Unknown Archetype” practices the art of total fragmentation, the mellow piano scattered in a sonic storm of brooding synthesized pads. As the album reaches its close with “Silent Patterns” and “False Awakening,” a certain clarity is achieved, like the haze of a trance falling away. The journey through the unconscious achieves its zenith and DRIFTING IN SILENCE achieves a full portrait of what it feels like to dream.

This numinous reflection of our dreams is presented by Secret Press, a self-proclaimed nomadic record label home to a variety of high-quality ambient gems.

DRIFTING IN SILENCE is the name of a longstanding ambient project created in 2003 undertaken by multi-instrumentalist and composer Derrick Stembridge. Stembridge chose the name as “a description of the feeling evoked by the music,”. He intended to create the sensation of movement through regions of light and shadow.




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Derision Cult „Worlds Collide“ Single

About „World’s Collide“:
In the last year, especially in America, political divides drove wedges between families, destroyed friendships, marriages and communities. The combination of the panic and anxiety of the pandemic, coupled with a highly charged election season caused people who normally wouldn’t do so to take up arms (figuratively speaking) and become politically active. In many cases, people found suddenly their loved ones looked like strangers, or people they loved were suddenly political enemies because of how they voted or what they thought about masks  etc.

„Worlds Collide“ is a commentary on the impact of these political divides on everyday people’s lives.  We live in a world where everyone has their own little echo chambers on social media and are spending more time staring at screens than every before. The track raises the issue that this may not be a good thing and the emotionally charged nature of the country may be all be part of the plan. We need to be on the lookout for who is trying to make us think and how is just trying to make us mad.

About Derision Cult: The Derision Cult is an industrial metal project from Chicago Illinois. With caustic lyrics and increasingly noisy thrash guitars against a dystopian soundscape albums are a reflection of the times.  Fronted by Dave McAnally- the songs focus on themes of manipulation and media manipulation foisted on the public.  We live in an era where our news and our conversations aren’t meant to make us think, they’re meant to stir our emotions.

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Industrial Band SUPER DRAGON PUNCH!! Unleashes New Full-Length Album, Feral

„with themes of self-reflection and emotional fragility, Venganza alternates between English and French amid melodic and atmospheric passages, offering proof of the project’s versatility and willingness to experiment beyond the confines of a single genre.“ – Ilker Yucel (ReGen Magazine)

Belgium based SUPER DRAGON PUNCH!! returns with their long-awaited debut album: Feral. The video for the song, „Sutura“ made its premiere on ReGen Magazine HERE.

SUPER DRAGON PUNCH!! unleashes twelve tracks of highly effective techno-infused body music inspired by retro 80s video game soundtracks. The album transports the listener through a unique vigorous ride of melancholic emotions, enhanced by deeply personal lyrics which deal about self-reflection, inner demons and emotional breakability.

Feral is filled with compelling dynamic tracks packed with infectious rhythms, catchy synth melodies, heavy beats, driving bass lines, ingenious sound samples, dark atmospheres, harsh and melodic vocals, that are harmoniously combined to create original soundscapes.

SUPER DRAGON PUNCH!! is the synthpunk/EBM/industrial project of frontman Jérémie Venganza, and is well known for their powerful energetic live performances. The band has performed in front of varied crowds and events in different places like Mexico, Japan AND Russia.

Feral is a diversified album continues on the path of the cold, somber and haunting tracks from SDP!!’s debut EP while continuing to expand its musical horizons. Feral contains complex, detail filled, fast tempo anthems or dark ballads alternating between futurepop or more anarchic industrial synthpunk tracks with numerous sound effects and elements that are harmoniously integrated in the music.

This album is proof once again that this project will refuse to be locked in one particular genre, only to suffocate there.

Feral  has been skillfully mixed and mastered by Hocico and Dulce Liquido mastermind Racso Agroyam at Liquido Labs. Racso also added some additional punch to the creations. “Frame” has been mixed by Krischan Wesenberg at Studio-600.

SUPER DRAGON PUNCH!! is a synthpunk/8bit/industrial project from Belgium. Jérémie Venganza who composes and sings all tracks, is a half-Belgian, half-Mexican artist working on electronic music for more than 15 years, and having been involved in many well-known futurepop/industrial/EBM projects as a live musician.
SUPER DRAGON PUNCH!!’s sound is a mix of different influences blended together without following any established rules or trying to appeal to just one specific audience, making it hard to categorize them. The varied influences include 80s retro gaming sounds, which help to create an original sound and style, pushing past the boundaries between genres.
SUPER DRAGON PUNCH!! released it’s first EP in October 2017, which included remixes by Assemblage23, Terrolokaust, Iszoloscope & WO††W. This EP received great reviews that praised the project for taking an original approach on electronic underground music, while at the same delivering powerful industrial-EBM songs for electro fans, and exploring emotionally heavy soundscapes.

The band has continued to deliver highly energetic live performances during the years in front of varied crowds, at many events in Europe, Mexico or Japan, sharing stages with different kind of acts such as:
Suicide Commando, Surgyn, Underviewer, Dive, Ambassador21, Alien Vampires, Centhron, State Of The Union, Torul, Alphamay, Elm, Pro-Patria, Larva, Nova-Spes, Schwarzschild, Alienare, Omodaka,. .

Jérémie Venganza – Vocals
Sem Roosen – Bass
Noémi Meteors – Synths





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Alternative/Industrial Band CARBON MARTYR Addresses Mankind & Technology With Debut Album


Toronto-based alternative/industrial band CARBON MARTYR has just unleashed their debut full-length album, A Soft Spot For The Broken.

A Soft Spot For The Broken: The underlying message revolves around mankind and technology. This manifests in a few different ways, from thoughts of a future where we become over-dependent on technology, to simpler ideas like social media addiction, information manipulation and group identity trends.

The album also explores some spiritual questions relating to our constantly changing relationship with the world around us.

A Soft Spot For The Broken is available in digital format.

For fans of: KMFDM, NIN & CHEMLAB


CARBON MARTYR is an industrial/alternative music project created by Jake Hamilton in 2020. Hamilton is the only official member but recruits a live band for stage performances. CARBON MARTYR’s music combines old school analogue with modern technology to create a unique listener experience. Lyrically Hamilton takes the audience on a journey to a place where questions of spiritualism, mental health and what it means to be human clash with a future increasingly dependent on technology and machines.




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Industrial Band MICROWAVED Addresses Loss With Save Me

Electro-Industrial band MICROWAVED has just unleashed their new EP, Save Me. The video for the title track featuring BOW EVER DOWN made its premiere on ReGen Magazine HERE.

The EP contains 16 tracks, 14 of which will be available on streaming platforms June 12th. The Bandcamp release will contain two bonus tracks: a collaboration with LIEBCHEN on a cover of Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” and an additional remix from the talented and outstanding remix artist Steven Olaf.

Save Me refers to the album’s theme of loss.  Gabe Wilkinson, the founder of MICROWAVED says: „All of my songs seem to be about loss, addiction or monsters. These songs fall into the loss of love category. This record for me is also about taking these songs and expanding my musical vocabulary. It’s about stretching some mental muscles and playing with ideas I may not have been very comfortable with.“


MICROWAVED’s latest release Save Me sees the band collaborating with Kimberley of BOW EVER DOWN, Nathan of milkfixer and Mitch of DOOMSLAYER each lending their unique vocal talents to MICROWAVED’s cold wave creations. Save Me also has many different remixes from varying artists starting with pilgrimOmega (keyboard player for MONSTER VOODOO MACHINE) to I YA TOYAH and SPANKTHENUN plus many of the friends that founder Gabe Wilkinson has made through the years

MICROWAVED started as an outlet for Gabe Wilkinson while he was playing in other bands. It’s something that was different than what he was getting from playing in metal bands as a keyboard/sampler. Taken from the name of a Pitchshifter song, MICROWAVED was born.

Wilkinson has had an extensive career in the music industry, doing everything from playing shows and writing music to booking clubs and writing for various music magazines since the early 90’s. Throughout his tenure in the industry, Wilkinson has managed to play with bands like Slipknot, Mudvayne, Combichrist, Hate Dept., Sister Machine Gun, Cattle Decapitation, System of a Down and countless national, regional and local bands.

Gabe Wilkinson will take MICROWAVED and continue to produce music and put out the best he absolutely can, sharing his vision of love, death, sex, addiction, horror and loss.





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MICHAEL HAGGERTY Drops „And There Was War“ – A Letter To Goth Rock Bands Of The 80s


Dark electronic artist MICHAEL HAGGERTY has unveiled his personal tribute to goth rock bands of the 80s. “And There Was War” is a  letter to these artists and is the first single from Michael Haggerty’s upcoming album.

Now on the verge of a milestone, Michael’s decade-long outing as Krebs appears to be ending. This is bittersweet for Mr. Haggerty as he releases his newest single, which also marks his departure from the Krebs pseudonym.

„And There Was War“ is out now for purchase and streaming on all digital retailers.  The full-length album release date is yet to come via Machine Man Records.










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Darkwave Duo Band HANGING FREUD Speaks Of Loss And Transformation with Persona Normal

Glasgow based darkwave/post-punk duo Hanging Freud have just unveiled their sixth full-length album Persona Normal. The band states:      „We were living between the UK and Brazil, going back and forth. These were two societies going through extreme change. The whole world was changing in a way that felt scary.“

Some themes of Persona Normal deal with detachment, dissociation, what it means to be human, political issues and about strong, irrational cults. These are approached in tracks like “I beg you” and “We don’t want to sleep”. Persona Normal is also a record about transformation, and growth, accepting losses and coming to terms with the loss of innocence.

Persona Normal is available now in physical and digital formats on HANGING FREUD’s label, Tiny BoxPersona Normal was written produced and recorded by the duo with mastering duties from James Plotkin (Khanate).




HANGING FREUD’s new record Persona Normal sees a progressive change with more urgency and directness in sound and while maintaining a synth/drum machine approach. The album moves the duo into a new post punk, krautrock and art rock direction rather than the more emotive, goth inspired leanings of their previous record Nowhere.



HANGING FREUD is a Glasgow based production duo of Paula Borges and Jonathan Skinner. As a duo they combine their somewhat nomadic past with multicultural backgrounds of coming from Sao Paulo (Brazil) and London (UK), into a body of work that is more often than not described as uncompromising and genre defying.

Throughout their career, HANGING FREUD have played around with all sorts of sounds with structures ranging from straightforward melodic verse chorus verse to claustrophobic, dense, ambient workouts, cold minimalism and repetition.

HANGING FRUED themes approach dark multilayered subjects. It’s contradictory, emotional and aims to combine sound and lyric as one.

They run their own imprint Tiny Box which homes all HANGING FREUD and additional solo projects.






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