Please take a seat to get to know us with Sea of Sin

Not too long ago we invited Frank and Klaus to our sofa, what came out nice and mysterious :-) you can read here.

Where´s your god now?

Frank: In my heart and in my head. In fact I’m not a believer at all, but there are sometimes weak moments in everyone’s life when it’s good to have such a basis of faith…

Klaus: I‘m not a believer – but I do believe in a higher power and Karma

Where are you and what are the vibes like?

Frank: I’m sitting on my couch enjoying my Sunday morning coffee – so my mood could be much worser ;)

Klaus: Right now I am sitting in a street cafe in Cologne

What was the last thing you ate?

Frank: Quite a lot ;) last night we had a wonderful barbecue in the garden with delicious salads, grilled vegetables, feta and great Italian salsicas…

Klaus: A very tasty brioche sandwich minutes ago

What was the last good book you read?

Frank: „Der Klang der Maschine“ by Karl Bartos

Klaus: Marc Raabe – Zimmer 19

Favourite political figure?

Frank: Helmut Schmidt

Klaus: In recent times Barrack Obama had the greatest impact.

What TV Shows do you try not to miss?

Frank: I’m not a big TV show fan at all and prefer feature films and documentaries. Ever since I had children, I’ve been looking almost exclusively through the media library, which also takes a lot of the stress out of missing something that interests me. If it fits, I like to watch “Kitchen Impossible”.

Klaus: I love Kitchen Impossible – other than that I mostly stream on Netflix (huge fan of old Shows like Friends)

What sports are you good at?

Frank: Cycling, hiking, badminton

Klaus: Table Tennis

Which public figures do you most despise?

Frank: Unfortunately there are too many to list them all here… :((

Klaus: A lot powerful people and political leaders with very bad influence and bias are out there – just look what happens in Ukrain right now, Trump surely also set a new level of embarrassment for a political leader

Favourite cities?

Frank: Istanbul, Paris, Edinburgh…

Klaus: Hamburg in Germany, Valencia

Most embarrassing records in your collection?

Frank: You can choose between Bananarama “Greatest Hits” or Samantha Fox “Touch me! 12 inch”… :))

Klaus: A lot of Hair Metal bands I listened to as a Teenager (eg Poison)

Punchline to fave joke?

Frank: Unfortunately I can rarely remember it – but at least there are some… ;)

Klaus: I am very bad at remembering jokes or punchlines

Favourite journeys?

Frank: There’s quite a lot, for example my two trips to Istanbul or this year’s Pentecost vacation in the Algarve. I particularly like to remember my small Germany tour with my family 2 years ago through various regions and cities

Klaus: 2 week trip through Sri Lanka – incredible island

Name three great songwriting partnerships?

Frank: Paul McCartney & John Lennon
Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel
The Edge & Bono Vox

Klaus: Too many to chose…

Worst lyric you´ve ever heard?

Frank: I’m blue
Da ba dee da ba di
Da ba dee da ba di
Da ba dee da ba di
Da ba dee da ba di
Da ba dee da ba di
Da ba dee da ba di
Da ba dee da ba di

Want some more?! :))

Klaus: A la la la la long – or something like that – this Song really annoyed me a lot back then

Favourite historical characters?

Frank: Karlson vom Dach ;)

Klaus: Can‘t really chose one

Who´s overrated?

Frank: Elon Musk, definitely!

Klaus: All Autotune Hiphop acts with hundreds of millions of (fake) streams

Who´s underrated?

Frank: Good question…?!

Klaus: So many Indie bands who struggle to cut through the clutter

What scares you?

Frank: Elon Musk

Klaus: How our planet might look like in 50-100 years

What bores you?

Frank: Unsympathetic and unempathetic egomaniacs

Klaus: A lot of those influencers out there

Can you quote a line of poetry?

Frank: Of course I could ;)

Klaus: „Die ich rief die Geister werd ich nun nicht los“ …passt auch gut in die Zeit.. und irgendwie auch zu unserem neuen Album

Where would you like to retire to?

Frank: Nowhere at the moment

Klaus: As much as I love Hamburg I think I would settle somewhere more South, Valencia being a top option

Name a song that can make you cry?

Frank: “Exit Music (For A Film)” by Radiohead, “Love Theme Fraom Spartacus (Zero 7 Mix)” by Terry Callier, “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley (sorry Leonhard Cohen), “Ohne Dich” by Selig, “Another Love” by Tom Odell – but there are so many more, if the mood suits it

Klaus: Barber’s Adagio for Strings … though being a classic Song and having no lyrics, such an impactful composition

When were you last drunk?

Frank: I just got a Filmriss at the moment ;)

Klaus: Last weekend – though I swore to myself to stay away from alcohol for a while after the tour as special guest of Diary of Dreams

What was the last dream you can remember?

Frank: I rarely -if ever- remember my dreams – otherwise, I think I would have become a filmmaker instead of a musician ;)

Klaus: I hardly ever remember dreams

Three records guanranteed to make you dance?

Frank: “White Room” by the KLF
“Raising Hell” by Run-D.M.C.
“Violator” by Depeche Mode
“Vision Thing” by Sisters of Mercy
“Senderos De Traicion” by Heroes Del Silencio
“Schubert Dip” by EMF
“Stay Hungry” by Twisted Sister
“Paradise” by Inner City

Klaus: Killing Joke – Love Like Blood Skinny Puppy – Assimilate Light Asylum – Dark Allies

What can you cook?

Frank: I really like cooking and I can really relax while doing it! I try very different styles, such as French, Italian or Asian cuisine

Klaus: I make great Omelettes

Where do you go to chill out?

Frank: In the garden and forest, on the bike or in the kitchen

Klaus: A walk at river Elbe

What was the last great record you heard?

Frank: Last night “Mezzanine” by Massive Attack last night but there is

Klaus: Last heard (not released): The Killers – Pressure Machine … not what you would have expected I guess


Frank: Carpe Diem!

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