Inner Missing, an Israeli based underground Goth Metal Band, chose their name as a reflection of the essence of their music, namely abstract, mysterious and with self admitted awkwardness.

The current metamorphosis of the band started in 2013 and is a duo comprising of Sigmund on vocals and guitars and Melaer on keyboard and bass with session musicians joining the pair when required. The band traces the origins of its music style back to their roots in St Petersburg which Inner Missing describes as having a “distinct atmosphere of hostility and despair with a slight hint of romantic decadence”.

Citing the actual writing of the lyrics for their songs as the most important part of the creative process for Sigmund, he is inspired mostly by personal experiences and incidences that he encounters in everyday life. Having a career as a forensic pathologist, Sigmund is no stranger to the grotesque and sick. Inner Missing fearlessly explores themes of insanity and mental disorders as well as suicide and death.

Sigmund attributes his inspiration for lyrical conception to the French poet Charles Baudelaire who fostered a belief in praising mad and disgusting things. Being more of a reader then a conversationalist Sigmund’s inspirations come from literature especially such classics as Nausea by JP Sartre and Kafka’s The Castle.

For their albums The Sentinel and the Murderer, Deluge and Ghostwriter, Sigmund was instrumental in the ambience and artwork for the album covers using his own photography. At times Inner Missing finds designers and gives them the freedom to create whatever the music inspires in them.

With no specific creative process Sigmund just allows the music to come into his head, something that can happen unexpectedly at any moment. When he is inspired he arranges the music and then writes the accompanying lyrics.

Although the band concentrates more on studio work they still believe that live concerts are an extremely powerful way to communicate with the audience. With just two musicians on stage Inner Missing have an unusual way of performing live. With minimal action on the stage the band uses video installations to create an immersive experience for the audience creating a wistful and contemplative air.

In 2020-2022 the global pandemic stifled the bands ability to perform abroad. Inner Missing were forced to concentrate on shows and festivals only in Russia. Following their repatriation to Israel they plan to start performing on local and European stages.

They are currently working on a new album. If you like or are interested in listening to contemplative, melancholic music Inner Missing is the band for you.


The band was formed in the spring of 2008. In that time it was called Odium and appeared to be a studio project, consisting of 2 members: Sigmund (vocals,guitars,bass) and Cosmic Drone (keyboards). They recorded demo “Decay”, that included 3 songs, the demo has got lots of positive opinions and after that musicians were looked for, and after successful search in autumn 2008, the band was given its actual name. The band’s debut concert was given on December 19th 2008 and not long after that the first Inner Missing EP “All the lifeless” was recorded. The EP was released by Russian independent label Satanarsa Records in March, 2009. After that the band participated in several local festivals in St. Petersburg and Moscow and shared the stage with such bands as Ordog and Throes Of Dawn. In summer of 2009 Inner Missing participated in Metal Crowd Festival (Rechsitsa, Belarus) – it was the first show abroad. In autumn 2009 the band participated in the most famous doom metal festival in Russia – Shadow Doom Fest for the first time. After that, Inner Missing recorded its first full-length album ‘’The Age Of Silence”. In spring 2010 Inner Missing performs as an opening act for Katatonia in St.Petersburg and right after that gives concerts in such cities as Kazan and Vologda. In 2011 “Escapism” is released by the Russian label Darknagar Records, also in 2011 the band shares the stage with Saturnus in Minsk, Belarus. In 2012 Inner Missing shares the stage with My Dying Bride in St.petersburg and takes part in some local festivals. The third album, “Perjury”, was recorded in 2013. Like all previous albums, it was released by Darknagar Records ang it has got high marks in many webzines. Then, during 2013 the band undergoes a lot of line-up troubles and finally records “Defeat” as a duo (Sigmund – voice and guitars and Melaer – bass and keyboards) – this album demonstrated that the band’s style has turned to atmospheric\depressive rock and since 2013 the band exists as a duo (although session musicians are recruited for studio work and live shows). In 2014 Inner Missing supports Saturnus during their Russian shows and then takes a short break during which both band members play in a progressive rock\metal band Karma Rassa. After the hiatus “The Sentinel And The Murderer” was recorded in cooperation with well-known Ukrainian sound producer Max Morton (he also recorded bass for this album). Supporting this album, Inner Missing performs live shows in Ukraine (at Kiev Kills Festival), Egypt (at Metal Blast Festival), Mongolia (at Noise Metal Fest) and Romania (at Rock’n’Iasi festival) in 2016. In the years 2017-2018 the band does not give many shows (with the exception for an exclusive gig in Istanbul) and concentrates on the studio work mostly which results in “The Ineffable” and “Ghostwriter” – the 6th and the 7th studio albums. In 2019 Inner Missing participates in The Room Of Doom Festival (Athens, Greece), Mullae Metal City (Seoul, South Korea), Shadow Doom Festival (Moscow, Russia) and gives a lot of local shows in Russia and Belarus. 2020 turned out to be a productive year for the band as well – 8th album Deluge was recorded and released and after its release the band gives a lot of shows in Russia and Belarus.

Review – InnerMissing’s Ninth Album Dead Language

Dead Language is the new album by Israeli based band Inner Missing. From the title track “Dead Language” the listener is transported into a dark gothic soundscape. With an ominous hypnotic sound, and a disturbing rhythmic chime reminiscent of some sort of ancient carnival, the song Dead Language tantalizingly takes the listener on a haunting journey. The bleak vocals of Sigmund are tangled beautifully with the operatic vocals of Melaer to create an almost ethereal experience. “The Quest” is inspired by the musings of British Occultist Aleister Crowley and has an enigmatic bassline and low tempo that results in an undulating music experience. Luring the listener with a dark rhythmic sound the lyrics and music of “Empty Rooms” create a disorientating and fearful landscape. A haunting guitar carries the listener on a wavelike journey. A chaotic musical introduction to “Long Odds” with ominous and bleak lyrics suddenly shifts with the song taking the listener into its confidence with menacing, conspiratorial whispered vocals. Slower to build “Mute” has dreary sounding vocals that are perfect as the song ascends, dizzying the listener with changing tempo and dissonant harmonies. The final song on the album “At Sea” makes the listener feel as though they are sailing on waves depressive and gloomy waves that ebb and flow with the music.

The album artwork was created by Belarus artist Olga Kann. The image is a haunting simulacrum of death, representing something once valuable which is not anymore.

Dead Language is a fabulous album if you enjoy being immersed in a gloomy, depressive, Gothic environment with some exciting twists and turns.

Inner Missing – Dead Language
Release: 25.02.2022

Label:Inverse Records

Duration: 35:46

Genre: Gothic Metal / Doom Metal

written by Sylvana Ferguson


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