OVDETH’s origin story begins in mid-2016 with a group of men with a passion for Death Metal. The group felt compelled to play Death Metal, understand the intricacies of this sub-genre and then write their own music. OVDETH came together as relative strangers and essentially started as a cover band. They chose to play a challenging and fun Death Metal playlist for which they borrowed songs from bands like Carcass, Bloodbath and Amon Amarth. After a few gigs the band decided that this was what they wanted to do.

The Helsinki based group acknowledge that the Finnish Death Metal scene has impacted the direction that their band has taken. The rich environment of Death Metal that surrounded them in Finland further inspired them. OVDETH also found that early 90’s and 2000 Death Metal bands as well as more recent Death Metal bands resonated with them.

The band name OVDETH means “All from Death” or “All about Death” Choosing a unique name they wanted the band name to reflect the fact that their music tells stories about death. OVDETH also prefers their name to be capitalized further expressing the bands power. Death is more then an influence on OVDETH’s name. The band look at death as an end but with something more present. The band believes that the death of something brings immediacy, movement and a lot of emotion. The powerful concept of death provides a great resource for OVDETH to create “striking and engaging art in music.”

Check the lyric video to opening track “March of the Blind”: https://youtu.be/VfBvKeTHTMU

Death Metal is a demanding genre for those who create and play it. OVDETH describe Death Metal as attempting to “put a supernova in a box.” Since its solid roots beginnings in the 90s Death Metal has evolved. As a non-mainstream genre Death Metal has been allowed to grow without the parameters of moneymaking and business that constrain mainstream music, allowing a certain creative autonomy. Due to this Death Metal bands have been able to explore nuances and trends encouraging new listeners as it evolves.

OVDETH believes that every Death Metal band “carries a piece of history” and that Death Metal musicians “should not forget the path they have walked”, however it shouldn’t blind them from progressing.

With a creative style that acknowledges the work of the individual band members as well as the group, the creative process for OVDETH usually begins with band member Matti and sometimes Kai making a composition and the band then arranges the songs. On occasion their song writing sessions take them to a rented cottage near a lake. This fosters an alchemic moment of creation in nature.

When asked what OVDETH would say to anyone new to or daunted by Death Metal they acknowledge that “anything new, uncomfortable or unknown can be scary.” The band also suggests that perhaps Death Metal isn’t something to listen to all day and all the time but it certainly suits particular days and events. OVDETH recommends people “give it a try; go and see a gig!” Death Metal is something to discover and explore at your own pace.

Review – OVDETH’s Mortal Burden

“Closest to what we musically are and what OVDETH is all about” is how the Death Metal band describes their latest album, Mortal Burden.

The first track on the album is “March of the Blind” which begins with enthralling guitar melodies before the song soars accompanied by intense drumming and snarling, ferocious vocals. The choppy groove and intense music finally builds to an unrelenting crescendo.

A hypnotic, somnific opening to “The Ancestor” erupts into manic rapid drumbeats and a tortured, menacing, grunting growl of vocals. This is on occasion alleviated with an unexpected dissonant harmonious voice. A serenade by a beautiful guitar riff that is overcome by the delirious and aggressive drumbeat, takes the listener to the end of the song.

“Perished” starts with a thrashing beat and combative, intrusive growls before falling into more melodic mesmerizing vocals. It’s a powerful song with at times an almost alluring and peaceful ambience.

With an atmospheric slow tempo build up “Saturn Devoured” devolves into a chaotic unstable music scape with a delicate surprise interlude. An acoustic guitar playing enchanting melodies accompanies slicing, slow growling vocals. Background purer vocals harmoniously escort the growing crescendo of music. The final surprise in this musical journey is an exquisite piano ending to the song that graciously lulls the listener.

This Death Metal album is full of surprising nuances and even if you are new to the genre well worth a listen.

written by Sylvana Ferguson


Atte (bass)

Esa (guitars)

Matti (guitars)

Kai (vocals)

Timo (drums)


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ovdeth

Bandcamp: https://ovdeth.bandcamp.com/

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3AU9Zhi

Bandcamp: https://ovdeth.bandcamp.com/

Apple Music: https://apple.co/32WwTIz

Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/en/album/273717822

Tidal: https://listen.tidal.com/album/205705958