Finally the time has come!

Today the latest and long awaited progressive black metal single “Fallen” by DecatheT is released, as I think, not only by me.

Who? What? I don’t know, I don’t know, there’s no more!!!

I became aware of Niclas some time ago. As me “Fragile” with Michelle Darkness,
a diamond still lying on my heart. Whenever I hear it, I can’t help but hear the two and your other works again.
I don’t know what it is, but it doesn’t let me go anymore and now, I’m doing “traps” just like that!

I‘m not quite through yet, so the review comes later, because that obviously takes more time to describe.


The inspiration for this musical journey was first and foremost our love for
each others music. The record developed its own vibe which is really dark and desperate. The lyrical basis refers to very precise descriptions of dreams which Niclas experienced.

Niclas wrote all the songs and arrangements for this album. He also did the mixing and mastering of this project.

Patrick wrote all the lyrics and performed all vocal tracks exclusively.

No unscripted leaves are the two main protagonists Niclas Gobolsek and Patrick Suchostawski.

About Niclas Grobolsek
My musical journey began very early on influenced by my fathers taste in music. Bands like Pink Floyd and Depeche Mode were the starting point for a lot of bands to come. Starting playing guitar at the age of six I could not stop practicing. At the
age of 14 I began to play the electric guitar performing songs like ‘Fire at the Funeral’ by Jeff Loomis. A game changing song for me, that paved the way for many more challenging songs and writing my own material.
In 2019 I released my first solo album “Elevate Your Mind”. Technical and progressive death metal combined with far reaching melodies and choruses. As a guest vocalist Timo Fielker can be heard on several tracks. This was followed by an instrumental single “The Antagonist” and a collaboration with Michelle Darkness “Fragile”, the distinctive singer from the dark rock band “End of Green” in 2021. For 2022 and early 2023 “Decathect” and another project with Timo Fielker
called “lightless” is planned. My main musical influences are Nevermore, Devin Townsend, Allan Holdsworth, Meshuggah, Periphery, and Pain of Salvation to name a few.

FIRST EP / 2019

Technical and Progressive Death Metal,
combined with far-ranging melodies and
choruses. Vocalist: Timo Fielker.


I N S T R U M E N T A L S I N G L E / 2 0 2 1

Driven by influences of Nick Johnston, Devin
Townsend, and Yngwie Malmsteen.


S I N G L E / 2 0 2 1

„A perfect confluence of strong songwriting and
a mixture of Progressive and Goth music.“


P R O J E C T / E P / 2 0 2 2

Strong confluence of Black Metal and emotions
with a powerful infusion of modern progressive

Out today:

Upcomming in 2023:


P R O J E C T / E P 1 / 2 0 2 3

New approaches to a more accessible
progressive but almost poppy 7string driven,
modern and groove oriented EP.
Vocalist: Timo Fielker



P R O J E C T / E P 2 / 2 0 2 3

New approaches to a more accessible
progressive but rather dark 7string driven,
modern and groove oriented EP.
Vocalist: Timo Fielker


About: Patrick Suchostawski

Patrick was born and raised in the deepest part of Bavaria, next to the alps. His musical career began in 2013 when he joined The Course is Black
as main vocalist. After gathering years of experience in playing live shows and writing new music, he decided to join another Death Metal project called Death Chamber in 2019. After releasing a debut record he decided to part ways
with Death Chamber. In 2021 Patrick also joined Experimental Death Metal band Ayahuasca, where they plan to release their next record in 2023. He
also performed guest vocals for Thrash Metal Band Dissorted and Deathcore band Abyss Above. Bands like Whitechapel, The Black Dahlia Murder and
Cattle Decapitation are his musical influences. Especially Christian Älvestam from bands like Solution .45, ex-Scar Symmetry and Miseration is his absolute main inspiration when it comes to vocals.



…to be continued…