AERONAUT V – Late Departure EP

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AERONAUT V „Late Departure“ EP

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Password: „distinction“. Distinction from the multitude of electro projects, to be precise. This is exactly what the Aeronaut V do since 2018, proposing a splendid technologically advanced sound, rich in refinement and heady formulations that elevate this duo act to one of the best emerging proposals on the scene. The album „Late Departure“ in six songs expresses all the sonic potential of the synergy between Ville Brusi, member of the ebm / darkwave / synthpop ensemble Neuroactive and Arttu Korppivuori, the post punk / goth rock singer of Murnau’s Playhouse. The two artists make their style converge within modulations of superior quality, involving and always with attention to the smallest details, performing in the Aeronaut V a unifying function between their respective music orientations. Linearity of drum-programming set at variable speed, pulsing sequencers, catchy synth melodies, introspective texts and deep vocals, make up the structure of this full length, specially planned to conquer all the fans of the best electro tradition, who will immerse themselves completely in the harmonious soundscapes designed by the power duo, planned to fascinate from the first listening, arousing immediate pleasure and the awareness of breathing an air of futurism and retrospective. The music of Aeronaut V is placed at the same time in a old / new synthpopish context with balanced 80’s waver deviations, creating a combination of atmospheres and euphonies characterized by elegance, danceability and solid attractive power.


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