THE OKLAHOMA KID release brand new single / video ‚Dye Black To Pink‘ from upcoming album »Tangerine Tragic«

THE OKLAHOMA KID – a modern metal experience. Known for their very own blend of genres, the avant-garde
5-piece never falls shy of pushing the boundaries and breaking old conventions.

After their successful and absolute refreshing singles ‚Pale Tongue‘, ‚Melt Into You‘, ‚Come Undone‘ & ‚A Velvet Feel‘, THE OKLAHOMA KID are back with their real diverse and alternative track ‚Dye Black To Pink‘, taken from their upcoming sophomore album »Tangerine Tragic«, due for release on June 3rd.

Watch ‚Dye Black To Pink‘ now
»Tangerine Tragic« as CD and limited colored vinyl and bundles at the Arising Empire Shop and Impericon 

After their successful debut album »Solarray« (2019) and struck by the global pandemic, THE OKLAHOMA KID set their focus on writing new music, with one simple goal in mind, to best themselves and give every fan something to crave for – »Tangerine Tragic«. »Tangerine Tragic« is built on the strengths of their debut »Solarray«. It plays with new ideas and concepts, comes gently as a breeze, and strikes hard as a wrecking ball. The album was recorded and produced by Jan Kerscher (Ghost City Recordings) – mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (Alpha Wolf, Polaris, Dealer) that gives this production its full-blown punch.
“We are always trying to get different influences into our music, that’s why we were looking for a producer outside our genre, to get some new input. When we first met up with Jan, we know he was a perfect match to record and produce our next album.” – Andreas Reinhard (guitar) 

Tangerine Tragic track listing:
 1. To Dance With Fire
 2. Pale Tongue
 3. A Velvet Feel
 4. The Way Things Were
 5. Replaced
 6. Come Undone
 7. Waldsterben
 8. Dye Black To Pink
 9. Melt Into You
 10. Lost Purpose
 11. Ohnmacht

THE OKLAHOMA KID »Tangerine Tragic Tour 2022
Presented by Contrapromotion
Special guests: Half Me, Liotta Seoul

19.10. Köln – MTC
20.10. Frankfurt – Elfer
21.10. München – Backstage
26.10. Berlin – Privatclub
27.10. Hamburg – Headcrash
28.10. Rostock – Peter-Weiss-Haus
30.10. Leipzig – Bandhaus

THE OKLAHOMA KID stehen für mitreißenden Modern-Metal, der eine Brücke zwischen instrumentaler Finesse und energiegeladener Rhythmik schlägt. Seit ihrer Gründung im Jahr 2012 hat sich die deutsche Band bestehend aus David J. Burtscher, Fred Stölzel, Robert Elfenbein, Tomm Brümmer und Andreas Reinhard kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt und mittlerweile fest in der nationalen Metalszene etabliert.
Es folgten Shows mit Szenegrößen wie Stick To Your Guns, Carnifex, Evergreen Terrace und  Hatebreed, auf denen The Oklahoma Kid mit ihrer passionierten und explosiven Performance die Massen begeistern konnten.
Ob live oder auf Platte – The Oklahoma Kid sind schon längst kein Geheimtipp mehr und stellen sich der Herausforderung, die Szene mit ihrem unverkennbaren Sound aufzumischen.

Tomm Brümmer | Gesang
Fred Stölzel | Gitarre
Andreas Reinhard | Gitarre
Robert Elfenbein | Bass
David J. Burtscher | Schlagzeug