THE AWAKENING release new Album „This Alchemy“!

The Awakening’s 10th album „This Alchemy“ will officially release next week. The album features 10 new original compositions, along with a powerful rendition of the Alphaville classic “A Victory Of Love.”

Nyte says about the first single from the album:

“Zero Down is about the posthumous exploitation of ‘rockstars’ – something that has been happening since the dawn of rock ’n roll. It’s a song I wrote many years ago, and I am delighted to finally share it with the world, in all of its irreverent reverence.”

Based in the U.S., The Awakening is a musical project born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in the late ’90s. Ashton Nyte has released seven critically acclaimed solo albums and has collaborated on various projects with members of The Cure, The Mission, Bauhaus, and many more. „This Alchemy“ follows less than a year after frontman Ashton Nyte released his solo album and book of poetry and short stories, Waiting For A Voice.

“I think the 36-date European tour I completed with Wayne Hussey in late 2019 re-ignited my drive to create more art and stay connected with those who kindly support my work. This Alchemy is, in many ways, a new creative chapter for The Awakening. It occupies a different space to both „Waiting For A Voice“ and „Chasm“ which I think satisfies the growth and diversity essential for an artist,” says Nyte of the new release.


The Awakening premiers new music video ‘Zero Down’  
The Awakening premiere a new music video for the track ‘Zero Down’, a cynical view of the posthumous 
exploitation of “rockstars” – something that has been happening since the dawn of rock ’n roll. 
Singer and composer Ashton Nyte comments about the lyrics and the video: 
“The lyrics cover several ways that we the fans, the media, record labels, managers, and others, 
essentially exploit and cheapen the legacy of those we were supposedly enamoured with. The song 
references various indignities suffered by many artists once they have passed, all for clickbait or more 
sensational headlines. I’ve tried to capture the manic insanity and insensitivity of it all with the music video,  which was very enjoyable to create – I’ve always enjoyed theatrical melodrama!” 
‘Zero Down’ is taken off the brand-new album „This Alchemy“ by The Awakening, which releases officially 
this week. The album features ten new original compositions, along with a powerful rendition of the 
Alphaville classic ‘A Victory Of Love’. 


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