Gothic/Post-Punk Duo, CYBORG AMOK Bring Darkness & Hope With Debut LP

Gothic/Post-Punk duo, CYBORG AMOK have recently unleashed their debut, self-titled LP. The album covers conflict, hope, loss, betrayal, estrangement and depression, looming in the darkness on the fringe of the gray.

CYBORG AMOK resides somewhere between the brilliance of twilight and the apocalyptic darkness. Their gothic infused synth-rock sound delivers the listener to a panorama of synthetic waves, twisted organic tones and a slightly pop crust … the language angels speak in the darkness.

Greg Bullock states, „Much of the inspiration for my music comes from life experiences. I will also read or see something going on in the world that moves me to write a song to chronicle the event.“

CYBORG AMOK’s self-titled album was released in both digital and CD formats. The album is a compilation of two previous EPs that are now extinct. New music blog Right Chord Music described the release as “gloriously brooding and timeless in its introspection.”

CYBORG AMOK is Greg Bullock (synths/vocals) and Brydon Bullock (drums/vocals).

Greg Bullock, poet and synthesis, formerly the keyboardist for RealEyes and Shamen, currently splits time between CYBORG AMOK and The Antoine Poncelet Band. As the principal songwriter and voice of CYBORG AMOK, Greg continues his journey suspended in dark waves crashing over striking landscapes.


Brydon Bullock emerges as an up and coming drummer on the local music scene. He has performed with Rockit Live in NYC and on the Jersey Shore. Brydon adds a contemporary element to the CYBORG AMOK landscape with solid grooves and strong backing vocals.


Cyborg Amok Review

Cyborg Amok is the name of the band and also the first album that is filled with songs from the previous E.P.s that are no longer available. Greg and Brydon Bullok, are they father and son? No idea. I’m excited!

The cover is grey, skyscrapers and the Cyborg Amok lettering, that doesn’t tell you so much!

  1. „Burden Away“ is the name of the number one song on this 7 track album, beautiful clear drums, guitar and electro sounds, which is classic goth synth rock, the narrative dark voice fits perfectly. A good start.

2. „Still Too Far Out“ sounds very similar, here there seems to be a pattern, a style of its own, because you have to have it. The frail voice sings here a bit more melodic, beautiful strings underline the „structure.“

  1. „Beyond Me,“ tactfully it goes into the next song, piano alternating with guitar, then an electro melody and the narrator voice sets in, tells and of itself, then a somewhat childish chorus and the 80s melody, I don’t quite come in yet.

4. „Dancing On The Floor Of The Sea Of Tranquility“ has a very long song title, it starts with peculiar „Hauche,“ on synthetic sound carpet and oriental keys, then the great bass sets in, that comes well, the voice tells stories again, the bass drives on. That’s all that catchier in contrast to the long title name. 😉

Clear tip!!

  1. „New (er) Dark Age,“ is gloomy, but the name promises more than it is, it is clearly structured, but nevertheless it seems twisted, the singer tells his stories, but the music does not stand out and only accompanies the voice. No roar!

6. „Choice Not Taken“ fängt mit schönen klimpernden Synthis und klarer Gitarre an, das hat was, Tropfen fallen steril in künstlichen Welten auf pinke getupfte Pflanzen, in meinem Kopf, dann beginnt die Stimme uns zu betören, der Refrain ist diesmal etwas mehr rauszuhören, und das macht wirklich Laune. Das Soundgerüst ist hier sehr gelungen.

7. „Another Turn“ und die dunklen Zeiten sind vorbei, die schlaflosen Nächte, langsam gefällt es mir einfach zuzuhören, wie einem alten Schamanen, der einem seine Weisheiten abgibt, …around, around… singt diesmal eine zweite Stimme mit und ein militärisch anmutender Takt und klingende Becken machen diese Geschichte komplett. Okay!

Fvourites: Dancing On The …. (und so weiter) 😉 & Another Turn

Until the Days

Karsten Zakrzewski 04.09.2021


Interview with Cyborg Amok

Thanks for doing this interview with Kainklangmusic. Could you let us know who you are by name and what your roles in the project are?

Greg bullock; lead vocals and synthesizers … also producer and songwriter.

Brydon Bullock; drums/percussion and backing vocals.

The latest self-titled album includes material from two previous Eps. Have you been writing new material since then and has it taken a different direction than what’s out?

The songs on the two EPs were from my catalog of songs written over past years, with only Choice Not Taken and Burden Away being new songs written for the “TOO” EP. We have many songs still not recorded and also some new material in the works. The vibe of newer Cyborg Amok recordings will likely be a little more industrial/metal in our approach, while still in keeping with our mix of electronic and organic elements.

Concerning influences… what would you say that the musical influence would be which might be the most surprising to listeners?

Well, the obvious influences for myself would be Depeche Mode, NIN, Peter Murphy and Bowie, but I also listen to jazz fusion, prog, string jazz, bluegrass and Celtic music. As for Brydon, his influences tend to be a combination of classic rock, grunge/punk and current alternative artists. But, Brydon also listens to hip-hop, jazz and show tunes.

What’s a live Cyborg Amok show like? Have you played outside the US? Or is this exclusively a studio project?

A Cyborg Amok show today is a duo using backing tracks for guitars and bass … until we secure permanent guitar and bass players. We use backing tracks for our electronic, sequence and loop elements as well as some backing vocals, which will always be part of our presentation. The vibe is gothic, post-punk, synth rock.

We have yet to perform outside of the US, but hope that will be doing some foreign dates in our future … we believe that our music is best suited to overseas music markets, especially the UK and Europe.

We have been a studio project since early 2019. We did a live show at the Evil Expo this past July and are planning on building our band and doing more shows in the future.



The information in your EPK and on your site is extremely well written. Are you lyrically influenced by any authors or books/literature?

I have been writing poetry/lyrics for many years. I don’t know of any authors or literature I specifically gravitate to. I am a fan of Poe, Kafka, Lewis Carrol and Dickens … a fairly classic line-up. My writing comes quite naturally. I sit down and put to the page what I want to say. Not much more to it than that.

How about remixes? Have you done many of those? If so, what would you say makes a good remix from the perspective of both the artist and the remixer?

Short of doing our own re-mixes or re-arrangements of our songs, the opportunities for re-mixes by other artists/producers have not come our way. I really don’t know how I feel about Cyborg Amok re-mixes yet.

Let’s say that sometime in the far future, someone locates a recording of Cyborg Amok. What do you want them to learn from your message?

I think our music is a portal into human kind. Hopefully future inhabitants of our world will have discovered a way to turn the darkness of the past and turn on the light … so far, over our many thousands of years getting the message has been the struggle.

If everything goes as planned, what do you think we can expect from Cyborg Amok before the end of the year? New album/video etc?

We have a video shoot in early September with a new video for Burden Away being produced. The video should be released mid-November. We are looking into more shows this year and next, and working on new releases for 2022.

Have you ever written anything that perhaps was outside the scope of Cyborg Amok, that might spawn a side project?

I have several solo projects available on our Bandcamp site. I am also keyboardist for The Antoine Poncelet Band, which is very rewarding. Brydon plays in a yet un-named original grunge/punk project, as well as, working on a solo project he’s hoping to release in 2022.

Thanks for your time. Any last words can be yours

Thank you for giving us the chance talk about Cyborg Amok. We’d like to thank our audience for supporting us. Stay tuned …

written by W.Z.


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