Gothic Industrial Band BATAVIA Unveils New Album, „Batavia And Their Friends“

The Florida-based duo, BATAVIA has just released their new album, Batavia And Their Friends.

This new album is a cacophony of voices who give their individual interpretations on BATAVIA’s previously released EPs from 2020. You will find reimagined works from the likes of GRENDEL, MACH FOX, SPANKTHENUN, SYINX, BETA VIRUS, and more.

Adding to the works of the guest remix artists, BATAVIA have provided several remixes of their own with additional mixing work provided by Joy Thieves Productions.

Batavia and Their Friends is available now through Tigersquawk Records as a pay what you want via their Bandcamp.

BATAVIA is less about the band, but more about the people behind it. The two had been acquainted years ago and reconnected only by chance. The chemistry between them was immediately apparent and scarcely has there been a day where they have been apart since. They were married in November of 2019 in a retro arcade in downtown Jacksonville, before an Addams Family pinball machine, in true nerdy-goth fashion. Both being musicians, having strikingly similar musical tastes and already doing everything else together, it was a natural step to form a musical project. BATAVIA is a gothic industrial band from Jacksonville Florida. The band is comprised of husband and wife duo Terri and Ed Cripps.
Terri’s comeuppance was in the Madison,Wisconsin scene. She began playing piano and singing from a very young age. Ed spent most of his formative years playing in bands in the Providence and Boston area. He had been recording from his teenage years on, starting with primitive tracker software and thrift shop synthesizers to score video game mods.

They both came into the punk and industrial scene during its 90s stride and draw much of their inspiration from the music of that era; Skinny Puppy, 16Volt, C-Tec, Godflesh as well as goth and post-punk bands The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Smiths and a litany of other influences.

BATAVIA’s music is an amalgamation of all those influences, using those textures as a framework and building into new directions, painting vibrant pictures, exploring new ideas and to make more of the music they would want to listen to themselves.

BATAVIA are signed to Tigersquawk records


Hello peoplea new day a new reviewhere comes Bataviaof which I have never heard anythingso the suspense is great againWhen I saw the cover I thought it was the new record of French fries and beer (but they don’t exist anymore), the two people on the cover looked to me at first like Nils Bokelberg and Britney SpearsIn an old Viva backdrop that was supposed to represent the 70/80, nice kitschig. . yeah!

The „record“ is full of mixes (so probably the songs have been around for a while and now friends of the band have remixed them?!), so lets see how that soundsSong 1 and 8 and 11- The Absinthian1. „The Absinthian (Grendel Mix)“, yaystarts off nice and New Order-likegreat old school drums and keysthe female voice is unexpected but coolA really great song and the mix by Grendel is fantasticprobably my first TIP TOP!

8.  The Absinthian (Beta Virus Mix)“, I personally dont like it that mucheverything a bit too distorted herevoice guitaronly the drums run „straigt“ throughI liked the Grendel Mix better!

11.  The Absinthian (Green Fairy Mix)“, here the song really sounds completely differentits drivingstill I prefer the Grendel Mix, but I am also what „old school, this is what for the cyber-gothics of todayfits and is good? Song 2 and 9 and 12  ScaMask2nd “ ScaMask (Alors On Dance Mix)“, here it gets a bit more gruffindustrial vibes and the typical vocal sequencesa bit of „haaaaaaa haaaaaaa“ in betweenthats how it startsnice break in the middleare there cats screaming?. . . i dont think sothe voice very warped this timethe mix is good if not really catchy.

9.  ScaMask (Mach Fox Mix)“, wishy washy mixkinda confusedmakes me nervousthe mix is hmmmm. . . A „skip“ for meSorry but yocan get away with one and Im sure others think its great.

12.  ScaMask (Microwaved Mix)“, starts like a story from Europa radio playsthen the distorted voice and distorted guitar keysthe pad plays long the same sounds alternating with long always the same violin soundsthen again radio playwhy not?!

Mix 3 and 7 and 13  Step 13 : 3. “ Step 13 (Hell Miix by Spankthenun)“, she wants hell backnice mixthe voice is greatnice sound structurefrom the middle it gets even more rhythmicthe mix is well thought outpure Hellraiser feeling

7. „Step 13 (Liquid Crack Mix)“, this mix is a bit fasterI like it much bettera great „dance-song“ full of energyyolike to go to this hell.

13.  Step 13 (Haunted Halfway House Mix)“, is also goodmaybe a bit too much house, but not badit depends on what kind of music yoprefer to listen toif yolike „fucking shit“ talk in betweenthis is perfect.

Mix 4 and 10  Ab Initio:

4. “ Ab Initio (Insatiable Void Mix) „, strong basses buzz in sea breezesdistorted voice in a danceable soundKraftwerk sound add-ons in between end to the beach againhere again a strong mixnow I have to check if the songs are available somewhere in the original and how it sounds?

10. “ Ab Initio (Psyence Fiction Mix) „, also has a bit too much sounddoesn’t get stuck like thatI stick to the Insatiable Void Mixthere was less moreand here I miss the sea?

Mix 5: „Fields of Gray (UHF Mix)“, is a little bit quieter and at first its just a little bit of a bobble through your earsthe mix fits well into the overall picturetheres only one mix of this, but there would have been more for surestill greatespecially the drum parts go in wellAll in all all great mixessome just satisfyingothers are super awesomeso now I have to see how the songs sound unmixedIm curiousmy tipsThe Absinthian (Grendel Mix), Step 13 (Liquid Crack Mix), Fields of Gray (UHF Mix). 

written by Karsten Zakrzewski 

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