Goth/Industrial Artist NUDA Brings Light To Mental Health Struggles With New Video

Gothic/Industrial artist, NUDA has just unveiled her new video for the track, „What Did You Want To Happen?“ The track appears on her latest album, Mindful Tragedies.  It deals with the struggle with mental health that NUDA has had for years.

NUDA was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder in 2017. There were some extremely dark moments for her and when they were shared, her therapist said something that stuck in her mind. She said, “Say if you went through with it, and you went away; what did you want to happen?”

That moment was eye opening and helped NUDA be present to seeing the overall message: That there is more support and love than you may not see when you’re buried in the darkness. You can get through this, you aren’t alone, and people dearly care about you…

Possessed Tranquility typically held lyrics that spoke to mental health struggles. When bandmember Anthony shared his version, it was a moment where NUDA realized, this song can’t go out there without these vocals. The music video premiere is a performance of “What Did You Want to Happen?”


NUDA is a Solo Ambient, Gothic, Industrial Artist based in Seattle, Washington. She brings instrumental soundscapes with „a feminine touch“ to Industrial Music. Previously a guitarist for the electronic band Possessed Tranquility who have opened up for well known bands Orgy and Wes Borland’s Black Light Burns; She later began the solo instrumental electronic project, NUDA and released her first album Intimate Senses in February 2019.

NUDA’s second album Mindful Tragedies finished and was released in 2020. Mindful Tragedies includes collaborations with DK-Zero, Possessed Tranquility, and Jaymie Valentine of CINDERGARDENNUDA has been gaining traction in the industrial music community by guesting on other tracks with industrial music artists. Her live performances feature guest vocalists and light shows that blend together an immersive experience.


Review – NUDA – „Mindful Tragedies“

Already in October 2020, the artist from Seattle sent her second synthpop album „Mindful Tragedies“ to the ears of the people. Most of the songs are purely instrumental, but NUDA has gained vocal support for some tracks.

The song „Electric“ is included in two versions. Once purely instrumental and once as a remix of DK-Zero. I personally like the remix a little better. He has small passages of text, which, it sounds at least, a small R2D2 always repeated. Occasionally, another computer voice turns on, making it look like a little conversation among robots. The whole thing is deposited with a good beat.

„Missing“ is a good example of one of the instrumental songs and really comes without vocals. It could be a gentle yet very specific accompaniment to a dream from which one awakens somewhat melancholy, but without exact memories.

The theme song „Mindful Tragedies“ is accompanied by a pleasant and calm voice. The light synthies carry the feeling that you just want to be left alone and have nothing to do with the dramas of others, very well. The chorus is short, crisp and yet catchy. I admit it’s my favorite track on this album.

For „What Did You Want To Happen,“ NUDA brought Possessed Tranquility on board. The voice here forms an absolute harmony with the atmospheric synthies. This is also a rather quiet song, but with a captivating rhythm that lets you stick to things.

The end is „All In Your Head.“ The song is also very quiet again. Bit by bit, more sounds are added until an almost hypnotic beat begins. Steeped in melodic vocals, you’ll be kidnapped wherever you want. After all, it’s all just in your head…

This quiet synthpop album is wonderfully suited to get down a bit. You don’t have to strain your head and you can just get a little stroked. And who doesn’t need this now and then?

written by Antje Heine








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