After their two well-received debut EPs in 2020 (‘Death Pop’ and ‘Hex’), the enigmatic duo now presents their highly anticipated debut album.

‘Dead Lights’ showcases the duo’s visceral and sleazy hybrid of hard hitting dance beats, monumental synth bass lines and catchy vocals in 9 brand new songs.

Far away from the creative wasteland of retro synthpop, or the machismo of metal-infused industrial, the androgynous duo creates raw art that disrupts gender and genre, offering high energy, dark electronic songs with killer grooves that cross the borders between dancefloor TDM and electropop.

Imagine the gritty sounds of Gesaffelstein or Schwefelgelb on one hand, and the dance vibe of The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy on the other. Locked together in energetic, dark, industrial electropopsongs destined to fill dancefloors in a dystopian world.


01. The Raven

02. Plastic Girl – watch video​

03. The Future

04. Deleted Scenes

05. Futile

06. Insekt

07. Industry

08. Quiet Pleasure

09. The Witching Hour

bonus 1: Death Pop EP

10. Death Pop

11. Dead Lights

12. The Host – watch video

bonus 2: Hex EP

13. Hex

14. Ice Queen  watch video

15. Format The World – watch video

The 6-panel digipak CD edition incl. booklet contains the 2 previously released EPs as bonus tracks.

The 2LP edition contains the new album on LP1 and the 2 EPs as bonus on LP2. It features vinyl exclusive extended versions of ‘The Host’ and ‘Ice Queen’. Black splattered white vinyl with lyric sheet.


DEAD LIGHTS was founded a year ago at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, forcing the international duo to work on all their output from a distance.

Androgynous and visceral creators of raw art that disrupts gender and genre, DEAD LIGHTS fuel their dark alternative electronic dance sound with punk energy and catchy lyricism.

Since the start of Dead Lights, Saul and Richard have never met in person, yet managed to write and produce 15 tracks, release 2 EP’s, create 3 videos as well as all the artwork and band photos.

Watch their video for „Ice Queen“ here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialdeadlights

Web: https://www.deadlights.band/




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