Dark Ambient Act IN THE ABSENCE OF WORDS Reveals Their Compilation, A Collection I

„Mature, hypnotic works exploring themes of grief, tapestries
of mood, and dramatic natural landscapes.“

– Danica Swanson (Endarkenment Newsletter)



A Collection I is a compilation of six long-form dark ambient works by IN THE ABSENCE OF WORDS, which have been carefully selected to complement each other and to create a single immersive listening experience. Each track was originally released individually on Bandcamp between 2017 and 2019 and each has been remastered and assembled specifically for this compilation.

A Collection I was released on April 23, 2021 on Spotify and Bandcamp. A Collection II will be released towards the end of 2021, comprising the more melodic, song-oriented works from the catalog.



„There are certain experiences, moments, and feelings which I cannot describe. Whether it’s stark and dramatic landscapes, the serenity and solitude of the forest, connection with another human being, or the grief of losing one, sometimes it’s hard to find the words to express the feeling.“

“Inspiration always comes from a feeling or an emotion, which is then transmuted and expressed through music as a way to process and ultimately transcend it and gain a deeper knowledge of self. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the original 12 chapters, which were recorded over one year, represented an inner journey. The first chapter was recorded during the most challenging period of my life, while by the time I recorded the final chapter, I arrived at a place of peace and solitude. Though personal, the themes and their associated emotions are also universal.” 



bandcamp: https://intheabsenceofwords.bandcamp.com/album/a-collection-i

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/intheabsenceofwords

spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/4uTAOeC5JLEBVdozcf9fmA?si=uzxmQ7ktRueutNNGrU28LQ&nd=1

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiv3UTINZAsKI8-dsT4wiWQ/featured


IN THE ABSENCE OF WORDS was founded in 2017 as an outlet to express experiences and moods in ways other than words. The original goal was to create „chapters“ every month for one year. With each chapter, the aim was to create a „story“ based on a mood or feeling, accompanied by a brief description explaining the track’s inspiration.

While the output from IN THE ABSENCE OF WORDS explores an array of different sounds and styles, both ambience and emotional resonance are always present. The music explores shared human experiences and emotions, such as longing, yearning, awe, tenderness. Listeners often remark on the project’s distinctively Nordic and glacial qualities together with feelings of melancholy. One Bandcamp listener writes that the music is „expansive like a landscape reaching for the horizon, but at the same time has an acoustic quality that gives the sensation of being in a great hall or church. This really speaks to me.“

After achieving the original goal of releasing new music every month for a year, music has been released sporadically. Since the initial chapters, Memento Mori (single 2019), Ascension (3-track EP), Womb of Creation (single 2020), a re-work of chapter III (2020), Ceremony of Endings (single 2021), and Cerulean Reflections (single 2021) have been released.

One of the earliest and darkest works in the entire catalog is the 17-minute ‚Suspension of Belief,‘ recorded in 2015 and included on the project’s first release in 2017. Contrasting it is ‚The Meeting Point‘, one of the project’s most serene tracks to date. Other highlights include the hulking ‚Memento Mori‘, the windswept ‚Northern Lights,‘ and the icy soundscapes of ‚A Search For Silence.‘




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