CAELUM WRAITH Embraces The Darker Side Of Life With The Album, ’13’

13‘s concept is based upon the idea of embracing the darker side of life. It even underscores how members of the conservative ‘right’ often conduct themselves in quite the opposite manner of the message of faith and forgiveness taught by their religion. 13 addresses the darker, more dystopian side of love and seduction. It often takes a tilted, ironic angle on traditional supernatural ideas.

13 speaks to the partially-outcast gothic community which continues to be among the most diverse and tolerant groups despite their embracing of the “darker side of life”. Every day we hear conversations among them alluding to the extent which they feel comfortable revealing their darker side in their families, their jobs and in every-day life.

13 is available on all major streaming platforms including Bandcamp and Spotify.

CAELUM WRAITH is the brainchild of  composer/singer/Songwriter, Edward Hunter. The band was inspired by a broad range of influences including Gary Numan, Depeche Mode, Love & Rockets, NIN, Ministry and more. The band blends gothic and darkwave with EBM and futurepop, drawing on themes of spectral presences and eternal night.

Over a 15 year period, Edward Hunter quietly produced and released singles that have racked up over a million streams.  A habitual recluse known to keep his ‘day persona’ separate from his music, Edward Hunter is an accomplished songwriter and composer who grew up in the 80’s gothic-industrial scene in Tampa, Florida and by day is a nationally recognized figure in data science, analytics and AI. He has lectured at MIT, Game Developers Conference, AWS Re:Invent and has appeared in interviews in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and The LA Times.  

Edward Hunter is joined in the studio and on stage by Fabio Gadel on guitar/bass and Fader on drums. 



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bandcamp: Musik | Caelum Wraith (

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