ESOTERIK Explores Beauty In Evolution With New Single, “Hero”

For the new single, ESOTERIK explores the beauty in evolution and transformation. The hero’s journey is one of introspection with an effort to shed light on the flaws that stifle forward progress. But this process can also lead to rumination without the balance of right action. There comes a point in every hero’s journey where they feel as though they aren’t ready to take on the momentous call to duty that lies ahead of them. But it soon becomes clear that a path less-followed is the only option left.

The trial by fire truly cleanses the mind of all doubt giving way to an unfounded strength and focus to achieve their purpose. 

Diving headfirst into one of the more well know archetypes, the “Hero” is front and center in their new single. The listener will immediately notice a more guitar-oriented arrangement which is a slight departure from recent releases, although still retaining the band’s synthpop formula.  Like a melodic freight train going full throttle, this track is steady in propelling the hero into uncharted territory. 

“Hero” is available on all major digital outlets including Spotify!

Founded in 2013, US Dark Pop outfit, ESOTERIK, have steadily evolved into what fans have lovingly coined as Pagan-Synth. The band, comprised of Allison Eckfeldt and Brady Bledsoe, is known for their heady potion of soundscapes that highlight the melodic side of 80’s synthpop alongside the intensity of rock sensibilities. With lyrical content that explores the human condition and how we experience life with senses known and unknown, each compassion beckons the listener towards deep exploration of shadow and light. Their last release, “Alchemy”, has been described as “an album which has mystical folk tendrils, spliced together with electronic synths and rhythms. It is beautiful and danceable with a spiritual center, calling back to a time when our ancestors were more in-tune to the world they walked in and the earth was far more listened to.” 

The forthcoming EP “Archetypes,” slated for release in Fall of 2024, will feature an array of singles and videos to accompany. The first single, “Trickster” released in March 2024, is sonically reminiscent of something you would have heard blasting in a club back in 1986 alongside “Bizarre Love Triangle”. On May 17th, ESOTERIK released the follow-up single from the new EP entitled, “Hero”.



spotify: Hero – Single von Esoterik | Spotify

Youtube: Esoterik ‘Hero’ (Official Visualizer) (

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