Interview with HUIR

Hello, thank you for the time you have dedicated today to Kainklangmusik. We are in Germany, and you?


Thanks to you for this nice interview, we are in Barcelona but we feel a special connection with Germany, because of the way you work so efficiently and of course because we have a German label, COLD TRANSMISSION.

The most important question for you is of course first of all: How are you?

We are happy and very creative!

Happy for all the love we are receiving with our first EP and creative in creating new songs.

To begin with can you tell me something about yourself and your artistic development?

*Since we were kids we are musicians and we have had different projects but without any doubt HUIR is our present and future.

Since when do you really like music and is the current line-up?

We’ve seen about 100 gigs separately, we love music.

Our band is formed in June 2022

Is there a fundamental idea behind Huir?

Work, work, work and work and get the best out of us as musicians, have illusions and plans for the present and future.

And most of all, Enjoy the moment

How, where and when did you come to the foundation of Huir?

At a concert of a mutual friend we met, one phone call and the following month we were already composing.

What is a song for you?

A song of ours is like a child, we have the same love and dedication to it.

Is there a person who writes the songs or are the songs in common interaction?

The songs are created by both of us, that’s the magic of the band, the mixture of both of us.

What was the first big production or were there previous releases of yours?

Our first child/song was TRIUMPHAL

Do you yourself feel that the album with your own musical limits redefines and surpasses you?

We are very happy with the result, we have shown 4 parts of us, different stories and emotions, they are 4 totally different songs.

What was it like to collaborate with a label?

It’s the best thing that ever happened to us, working with COLD TRANSMISSION, they are helping us to grow, they do a very very professional job of promotion, communication accompanied by an excellent family treatment.

Is there a song on the album especially from you in the heart?

If yes, what and why?

All 4 are special for us, but undoubtedly TRIUMPHAL for being the first one we composed and in which we were able to express a great part of our emotions.

When you compose new songs, as it requires a certain inner state of mind or a special atmosphere?

For us it’s like going into a trance.

There is no exact moment or time, we spend many hours composing and trying out many ideas until all of a sudden something magical comes along.

To what extent are you satisfied with the results obtained so far and what would you change if you could go back in time?

We wouldn’t change anything at all.

Is there a standard for Huir’s music?

That excites us both

How would you describe your music that people have never heard before?

A mix of Darkwave & Synthpop, strength and melancholy.

What do you want to achieve in the near future (musically) with HUIR?

Keep composing and playing live as much as possible, we really want to play in Europe.

What difficulties do you as a band currently have the most to contend with?

It’s a luck to have this band, no difficulty at all, every day we grow a little bit more, as musicians, as people and as friends we are.

What are your plans for 2024?

We are composing our new Ep, we would like to play some gigs and we have some surprises…

What would you never do for money?

Neither love nor kill.

I thank you for the interview and wish you all the best for the future. It was really a pleasure for me:-)

written by C.T.


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