Kiss Is Kill – ‘Anatomy Of Fear’ (electro, ebm, rock)

Anatomy Of Fear presents a highly introspective view by the artist looking back during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. The last few years have been difficult for us all: a global pandemic, lockdowns, riots and political unrest. We’ve all lost so much. For many, it was a time of great fear: fear of getting sick, fear of failing relationships and a fear of the world our children might grow up in; also fear of the growing hatred and division. The album is about the unknown and the unknown breeds fear.

Says KISS IS KILL founder, James Chapple, “This album was a chance for me to analyze all my fears, reflect on them, and try to grow beyond them. The songs are, as usual for me, deeply personal. Reflections of love, death, loss and grief populate this collection of my anxieties made into song.  All of my fears charted so that I might understand and master them. This is my anatomy of fear.”

Anatomy Of Fear is available on all major digital outlets including Bandcamp and Spotify.

KISS IS KILL is the solo project of award-winning composer/producer, James Chapple. Punchy synths, crunchy guitars, catchy hooks, and stomping beats are the ingredients that drive KISS IS KILL’s Industrial Rock sound. For the past 25 years, James has composed music for a variety of media, including some of the biggest shows on television. His diverse production experience has allowed him to dip his brush into a variety of different musical palettes, which he uses to create the varied sonic landscapes of KISS IS KILL. Industrial, Breakbeat, Metal, EBM, Rock, and of course, soundtrack work all contribute to James’ musical backbone.

Inspired by electronic rock of the past, James strives to make something new, creating songs that are both familiar and explore new ground. Your ears will be tickled, your brain will be shocked, and your head won’t stop banging. This is KISS IS KILL. Turn it up loud and move your body!





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