Post-Punk Band, MONTA AT ODDS Drops New Single, “Forget About You”

Nouveau post-punk troubadours MONTA AT ODDS have recently unveiled their latest single, “Forget About You”.

“Forget About You” is a dark-natured opus about resisting attraction, especially when the bound proves hazardous. Vocalist, Mikal pleads in desperation against the “bite” while a relentless, driving rhythm and entwined guitar and bass riffs explore the inevitable consequences. The tune answers its own call as it produces a mesmeric swirl one gets lost in – forgetting life’s dangers. Even if just for the song’s moment, it is entirely possible. 

MONTA AT ODDS have minimized to a tight, feisty trio with Mikal on vocals, Krysztof wielding the baritone guitar, and founding member Dedric polymathing on all other sonics, MONTA AT ODDS unleash a determined and danceable mixture of eras past and present to match this raw but crisp sound.

“Forget About You” is available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify & Bandcamp NOW!


It’s a strange time to be making music. In the midst of this bizarre attention economy, it’s hard to retrain our minds to sit still for an entire song. We are in constant states of flux. Kansas City’s resident post-punkers MONTA AT ODDS find themselves in that same state of change now. The band is finding freedom in the moment, wherever it takes them. 

“Monta” means “to climb higher.” Through lineup changes and scenes ebbing and flowing, this band continues that climb. MONTA AT ODDS has grown into its own community with Krysztof Nemeth playing baritone guitar and  Dedric Moore experimenting with synthesizers and electronics.  After exploring the far reaches of sound through psych-explorations, the band is now turning their attention towards melody. Joined by songwriter and vocalist Mikal Shapiro, MONTA AT ODDS is now able to take their pulsing soundscapes and pair those with pop hooks. With friends and other collaborators making appearances, MONTA AT ODDS expand and contract to fit the need of the song. 







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