Miara – Hungering Inside

Italian melodic death metal band Miara is set to release their highly anticipated debut album Hungering Inside on November 17th 2023 via Finnish Inverse Records.

Miara was founded in 2022 in Bologna, Italy. The project was born from an idea of Antonio Grillo (guitar) and his brother Francesco (bass). During the pandemic Antonio feels the need to give voice to the feeling of precariousness and impotence that the world was going through in that period. The two brothers recorded the first single “Ascending to Second Life” which was released in February 2022 and  immediately received very positive feedback on online platforms.

Framed in the “Death melodic metal” the band was completely formed in 2023 when Ruben Sanchez (guitar), Guido Romano (drums) and Markus Kristofferson (vocals) joined in. They immediately start working on the first album “Hungering Inside” in which there are hard and melodic riffs typical of the Gothenburg sound. 

In May 2023 they were the finalists of the Wacken Metal Battle.

Track list
1 – Hungering Inside
2 – You Still Remain
3 – The Gate of Hell
4 – Fit Into the Mold
5 – Save Me
6 – Broken Bond
7 – My Will Dominates
8 – Trying
9 – Honesty Is a Dream

Antonio Grillo – Guitar
Ruben Sanchez – Guitar
Francesco Grillo – Bass
Guido Romano – Drums
Markus Kristoffersson – Vocals 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/miaraband

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/miara_official_band

bandcamp: https://miara.bandcamp.com/album/hungering-inside

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