METAMORPH Brews A Potion Of Passion With New Album, HEX

Goth Pop band, METAMORPH and Distortion Productions are proud to announce the release of HEX; the new full-length release from METAMORPH.

HEXenchants with songs of love, personal empowerment and the hidden secrets of sacred geometry. Each rose-infused track is a captivating tale of thorny affection, all enveloped in a sassy, gothic embrace. Transporting you to the sultry world of gothic pop, HEX isn’t merely an album; it’s a seduction.

Highlights include the new songs “Veridia“, “Raining Roses“, and “Wasteland Witch” as well as title track, “HEX” which serves as the heart of the album, pulsating with a catchy luscious, sensual energy. The album is enhanced by the dark electronic vibrancy of Grendel’s remix of “Veridia” and dance remixes of “Woo Woo” by Moris Blak and Assemblage 23.

With a wink, Margot Day shares: “‘HEX’ is like a lover slowly undressing, revealing the secrets of the universe encoded in melodies, seducing you to unlock the enchanting mysteries of your being”.

HEX was produced by METAMORPH “alchemist” & Cleopatra recording artist, Erik Gustafson. The album is available on CD and on all digital platforms via Distortion Productions.

Metamorph Bio

In the realm of Goth Pop, METAMORPH emerges as a mystical force. Starring native New Yorker, multi-range vocalist, flute player and songwriter, Margot Day, who was an integral part of the 80’s NYC goth scene while fronting the legendary band, The Plague with notable drummers Nick Ferrell (Spahn Ranch) and Damian (Misfits). Margot Day was bandmates with Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys in her first band Slow Walk 13 and later with Joey Smur Kryzwonski (Motograter) in her project Sacred. By her side, in METAMORPHKurtis Knight and Thaliana conjure luscious dance vibes, dark synth, and harmonious backup vocals. Together, they fuse tech and magic to deliver shows that are danceable, otherworldly, and intoxicating.

After a profound healing in 2016, Margot Day established METAMORPH. The METAMORPHMusic Channel on YouTube chronicles this journey, captivating over 150,000 viewers with bewitching music videos. Traveling with their tiny mascot, Melody, METAMORPH has taken to stages in the US, Canada, Costa Rica, and Guatemala.

The Kiss of the Witch album, Spellbound Empress EP, and singles “Woo Woo” and “Witchlit”, were produced by the METAMORPH “Alchemist”, Erik Gustafson of Adoration Destroyed, Eva X and Grendel.  2023 also brought remixes from the illustrious Moris Blak, and Assemblage 23.

METAMORPH’s new album, HEX offers haunting melodies and stories of heartbreak, empowerment, and mysticism. Released on March 8th, 2024, this album is crafted to resonate deeply, showcasing the dance of love in METAMORPH’s musical saga.

METAMORPH invites you to embrace the allure and awaken your inner witch, vampire, superhero, wizard…




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