LIVERNOIS Addresses The Human Reaction To Trauma With ‘:ablation:’

Industrial band, LIVERNOIS recently unleashed their new EP, :ablation:. The term “ablation”, the surgical removal of flesh, serves as a metaphor for closure in the context of the EP’s concept. 

:ablation:. as an album, wrestles with the human reaction to trauma. More specifically, the EP addresses the responses that tend to be stigmatized and shunned by an increasingly repressed, and emotionally-paralyzed state.

The intent herein was to walk a fine line between violence and vulnerability. The sounds echo between precision and senselessly screaming into the void.

:ablation: is available on all major digital platforms including Bandcamp and Spotify.

Through a driving mesh of chaos and order, LIVERNOIS brings a new approach to industrial, known but not quite seen before. Formed in New Orleans in 2022, the members of LIVERNOIS come from different backgrounds in music and performance, drawn together through a mutual love of horror, visuals, and out-of-the-norm sounds. LIVERNOIS’ stage performance brings a visceral and atmospheric experience, tearing straight to the darkest elements of the human condition.






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