SUPER DRAGON PUNCH!! Confronts Personal Demons With New Album, “Thorns”

Belgian industrial band, SUPER DRAGON PUNCH!! has announced the release of their new & highly-anticipated full-length album, Thorns.

The songs are mainly about being lost in one’s desperate tortured and destructive thoughts, about past and present demons, about being afraid of getting hurt by others or losing them or relationship difficulties and fights. It’s called Thorns because there’s some kind of pain associated to everything that is beautiful and nice in life.

Speaking specifically about a couple of the singles from the album, SUPER DRAGON PUNCH!! founder, Jérémie Venganza says,  “Split” is about losing someone  and being stuck in a place alone with thoughts, thinking that things could be better if I could try again. “Rise” is about surrounding oneself with people that seem like they want to help you in life while in reality you’re just being used by those you gave your time to.

Thorns is available on CD NOW and will be available on all major digital formats including Spotify and Bandcamp on August 7th. 

SUPER DRAGON PUNCH!! has cultivated its signature sound by creating electronic music that is influenced by 80s video game sounds, synthpop and industrial, as well as several other influences.

Mexican-Belgian artist Jérémie Venganza who used to be a video game store manager has been active as a live performer with various Futurepop/Industrial/EBM projects for over 15 years, before creating his solo project. 

The band has performed with their illustrious highly energetic live shows at many events in Europe, Latin America, Japan and Russia, sharing stages with different kind of acts such as Suicide Commando, Frozen Plasma, Nachtmahr, Underviewer, Kanga, Parade Ground, Dive, Alien Vampires, State Of The Union, S Y Z Y G Y X, Elm, Torul, Reaper, Omodaka, Alphamay, Centhron, Surgyn, Ambassador21, Pro-Patria, Larva, Schwarzschild, Das Leiden, Nova-Spes, Alienare, . .

In 2016, SUPER DRAGON PUNCH!!! won the Dark Demons Night concert contest, scoring a gig at the famous belgian BIMfest festival and was selected to play a gig at the official after party of Tokyo Decadance 2017, in Japan. They were selected as opening act for the first ever Suicide Commando concert in Brussels, in 2019, alongside Ambassador21. In 2023, SUPER DRAGON PUNCH!! went on tour through Latin America with Frozen Plasma, State Of The Union & Reaper, playing several events like Synth Fest 5 and Synthember festival, and has also been invited to play Hellsinki Industrial Festival 2023.

SUPER DRAGON PUNCH!! released it’s first EP in October 2017, followed by a long -awaited first album in 2021 The new album will be released in 2024, preceded by the new singles “Split”, “Haste” and ‘“Rise”.






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