The Moon And The Nightspirit „Aether“- VÖ: 19/6/20

A journey to the Divine Essence of the soul …

Aether by Hungarian heavenly folk duo The Moon And The Nightspirit, a journey to the Divine Essence of the soul and their seventh album.


The Moon and the Nightspirit is a pagan-folk band from Hungary, brought to life in 2003 by Ágnes Tóth and Mihály Szabó. Since then they crafting a distinct artistic signature, reflected not only in their music but also in the unique visual universe that illustrates their work.

Ágnes, a skilled singer and multi-instrumentist, is also the talented lady responsible for the paintings which bring to The Moon and the Nightspirit’s music a fantasy-setting populated by creatures that trace back to traditional Hungarian legends and folklore. These memories of times forgotten also echo through the lyrics written by guitarist Mihály, which outline the spiritual mindset behind the project. From the beginning they wanted to be a full time band and play as many live shows as possible. To be able to do this the band completed by two permanent live members Gábor Végh and Gergely Cseh.

Such a combination has been greeted with growing enthusiasm since the release of their 2005 debut album on Equilibrium Music, “Of Dreams Forgotten and Fables Untold”, and the early shows that followed, which included an appearance on Hungarian National Television. Later, and in support of “Regõ Rejtem”, their second album, The Moon and the Nightspirit had the opportunity to tour throughout most of Europe. Playing in small fair markets and large festivals alike, including prestigious events such as Trolls et Legendes (Belgium), Wave-Gotik-Treffen (Germany) and Castle Party (Poland) and also invited to Castlefest in The Nederlanden this year. The band shared the stage with names like Corvus Corax, Faun, Omnia, Blackmore’s Night or Korpiklaani, and gradually conquered a prominent role in the Pagan/Folk scene.

Returning with “Ösforrás”, their third album, the duo invite the listener to the star-woven realm of the wise elders, the ones who knew the secrets of nature and walked the path of light eternal, and embody on their new material a more tribal and exotic approach, in intense rituals dedicated to the old and eternal tradition.

This collection of songs, which feed from the Ösforrás – the “Source Pristine”, the primordial womb, from which all has sprung, a sacred place where all is one – comes together as an offering to the slumbering gods of the old forests, streams and stones.

Weaving a web where threads of ancient mysticism combine with dreamy atmospheres, where World Music acquires a bewitching Pagan aura, The Moon and the Nightspirit live up to their potential as one of the most exciting and refreshing acts in the genre.

In spring of 2011 the 4th album Mohalepte have been released. It is a bewitching sylvan music inspired by Mother Nature. The band left Equilibriummusic and released the new cd by their own.

01) Aether
02) Kaputlan Kapukon Át
03) Égi Messzeségek
04) A Szárny
05) Logos
06) A Mindenség Hívása
07) Asha

Bonus CD:
01) A Szárny (Alternate Version)
02) Kristálymezök (Live In Krakow)
03) Kilenc Híd (Live In Krakow)
04) Mysterion Mega (Live In Krakow)




Mindenségbe áradás Teljességbe oldódás Mindenségbe születés Teljességre ébredés

Flow into Infinitude Dissolve into the Absolute Reborn into Infinitude Awaken to the Absolute


(Through the Gateless Gates) Ébredj Öröktől Való múló formák álmából Ragyogj Lobogj Térj vissza spirál utakon,

kaputlan kapukon át Ragyogj Lobogj

Arise Eternal Self from the dreams of forms ephemeral Shine Blaze Return on spiral paths

through the gateless gates Shine Blaze


(Celestial Distances) Égi messzeségek,áradó Erők, fénylő Rend az éjben,kozmikus mezők.Csillag-özönből

hömpölygő sugár, szemünk mélyén csillan, időtlen varázs.

Celestial Distances, surging Powers, Shining Order in the Night, boundless fields of cosmos

From the deluge of stars a billowing ray of light shines in the mirror of our eyes, casting a spell amaranthine.

04. A SZÁRNY  (The Wing)

Ős-mélyemben fogant erő, világokat álmodó, Te vezess, ha jő az alkony, csillagokkal kacagó.Arany mezőkre,

ezüst egekre Arany mezőkre,  ezüst egekre

Power, begotten in my archaic depths, great dreamer of the worlds, Lead me when the horrid dusk is upon us,

You, who chuckles with the Stars To the Golden Fields To the Silver Skies To the Golden Fields To the Silver Skies


Húsom legyen lüktető föld, csontom égboltozat, kacajom aranyló Hajnal, sóhajom bíbor Alkonyat.

Szemem legyen ezüst Hold, parazsam láng-színű Nap, szívem örök forrás, vérem hűs patak.

Let my flesh be fertile soil, my bones the pillar of heavens, Let my laughter be the golden Dawn,

my sigh the purple Twilight. Let my eye be the silver Moon, my embers the flame-coloured Sun, Let my heart be the eternal source, my blood the soothing stream of Life.

06. A MINDENSÉG HÍVÁSA (Call of the Infinite)

Fény ösvény, szívünk  mélyén. Bölcső  a lelkünk, Galaktika  lüktet bennünk. A mindenség ölén szunnyadó erő

…mi vagyunk A mindenség ölén álmodó erő …mi vagyunk A mindenség ölén ébredő erő …mi vagyunk

A mindenség ölén teremtő erő …mi vagyunk

Pathway  of Light, deep  in our heart Cradle  is our soul, the Endless Cosmos  pulsates inside.

The slumbering force in the bosom of the Infinite …We are The dreaming force in the bosom of the Infinite

…We are The awakening force in the bosom of the Infinite …We are The creative force in the bosom of the Infinite

…We are

07. ASHA

Fényből szőtt szálakon, ezüstlő egeken át, ősi nagy mélyekből, lelkünk magasba száll Ég-fonta bölcsőbe, Mindenség kertjébe.

On threads light-woven, through silvery skies, from the Great Chasms our souls ascend To sky-wreathed cradle

to the Garden of Eternity

Ágnes Toth – instruments, vocals
Mihály Szabo – instruments

2005: Of Dreams Forgotten and Fables Untold
2007: Regő Rejtem
2009: Ősforrás
2011: Mohalepte
2014: Holdrejtek
2017: Metanoia








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