Four years after the acclaimed album Oceans, the Swedish post punksters Principe Valiente are back with a new single and a new album. Porcelain will be released in December, followed by the album Barricades in March 2022.

If you have ever visited the world of Principe Valiente, the ten songs on the new album Barricades will feel pleasantly familiar. The dramatic soundscape rises like a fairytale forest around the singer Fernando Honorato’s warm and unassailable voice. It’s all in there, the beautiful melodies, the post punk energy and the cinematic drama.
At the same time, it is the quartet’s most intimate album to date. On Barricades, the songs have grown out of melodies and chords rather than guitar riffs.
Lyrically, Honorato has been seeking new paths. In the dark and sometimes desperate tone, there is always a streak of hope.
„I haven’t had the same need to express desperation and frustration this time. Now I wanted to try to sing more sensitive „, Honorato says.

Barricades is an album deeply affected by the Corona pandemic. Most of the songs have been recorded from home with the members recording their individual contributions alone.
This has given the album a special, almost thoughtful, atmosphere.
“I’ve had more time to reflect freely both in terms of lyrics and recording, I’ve been able to try different ways. In the end, I knew exactly what I was doing with the vocals“, says Honorato.
If the band has previously been something of a solo project for him, this time all four members – Honorato, guitarist Jimmy Ottosson, keyboardist Rebecka Johansson and drummer Joakim Janthe have all contributed to the album.
“There are more ideas coming together now. Everyone has added their different perspectives to the songs and it’s much more of a collaboration together with Jimmy during the song writing”, says Honorato.

On Barricades, the band’s first album on American label Metropolis Records, Principe Valiente shows its full breadth as a band, from the epic ballad Porcelain to the power and sorrow of “I am you” These two songs also happen to be the album’s first two singles. „I am you is the most intense song we have ever done“, says Honorato. As the world now reopens after almost two years of pandemic, Principe Valiente is ready to face it.
“Our records never turn out the way we imagine them when we start working, but I’m very happy with Barricades. It feels like it’s the best album we’ve done so far”, says Honorato.


Porcelain will be released 3 December 2021, followed by I am you in mid-January. The album Barricades will be released in March 2022.

Principe Valiente is:
Fernando Honorato: Vocals, Electric Bass, Keyboards, & Piano
Jimmy Ottosson: Guitars & pads/programming
Rebecka Johansson: keyboards
Joakim Janthe: Drums

Interview with Principe Valiente

KKM: Thanks for doing this interview with Kainklangmusicmagazine. Could you let us know who you are by name and what your roles in the project are?

Fernando Honorato: Vocals, bass & keyboards/piano

Jimmy Ottosson: Guitars & pads/keyboards

Rebecka Johansson: keyboards & backing vocals

Joakim Janthe: Drums

Me (Fernando) and Jimmy writes all the material and then we finish them together with the band. Lyrics by Honorato.

KKM: The latest album includes only new material or also older ones which where hidden in a drawer?

Fernando: Only new material. Even though we began the writing to this album already in 2018, one year after the release of ”Oceans”.

KKM: Concerning influences… what would you say that the musical influence would be which might be the most surprising to listeners?

Fernando: Good question, actually during the writing process I can be aware of moments like ”this thing could Jeff Buckley actually do..?”. Unexpected or surprising, I don’t know, but a bit of Radiohead sometimes too or maybe Nina Simone as well. Or Massive Attack. Me and Jim are influenced by different stuff as well, even though the red thread is the passion for the post/punk vibe, chorus effects and reverb. I’ve also been a big fan of Tindersticks through the years, I really can relate to Stuart Staples way of using his voice.

KKM: What’s a live Principe Valiente show like? Have you played outside Europe? Or is this exclusively a studio project?

Jim: A Principe Valiente live show are a couple of stories about human relationships and youthful hardships accompanied by a dark, modulated, ambient sonic fantasy, balancing on the line between the introvert and extrovert. You can rock out or dream away.

We are all about putting out records and getting on the road. Some periods all our focus goes into writing and recording, and sometimes it is all about touring and connecting. It is like a circle that keeps this project interesting and inspired.

KKM: How about remixes? Have you done many of those? If so, what would you say makes a good remix from the perspective of both the artist and the remixer?

Jim: Almost every single we have released lately came with one or a couple remixes. We have only done one remix of another artist: the track „Tape“ by our friend Johan Sjöblom.

I guess a good remix is something that captures some interesting aspect of a song and create something new from it. I don’t really see the point in trying hard to make it unrecognisable, i like when the soul of the song is still there.

KKM: Let’s say that sometime in the far future, someone locates a recording of Principe Valiente. What do you want them to learn from your message?

Jim: I think our music, especially the lyrics, are deeply personal. I don’t think of it as a message to anyone actually, more like a confession to a close friend or something you would scribble down in a diary and keep somewhere hidden.

KKM: If everything goes as planned, what do you think we can expect from Principe Valiente in 2022?

Jim: We will release our fourth album „Barricades“ in March! Can’t wait to get out and do a couple of shows with new songs in the set. First gig will be in Stockholm at the release show for the new album on March 18, and we have some European shows planned later this year as well.

KKM: Have you ever written anything that perhaps was outside the scope of Principe Valiente, that might spawn a side project?

Fernando: Well, the ”Broken Wings” cover was a new thing to do for me in 2020. I’ve also recently written a cover of another song. A more modern one, and also some new ideas but these are only in the working process at the moment. Don’t know yet if it can be a ”solo thing” or future material for Principe.

KKM: Thanks for your time. Any last words can be yours

Fernando: We hope you enjoy our new album.

written by C.T.




And the new album pre-orders have begun!! PRINCIPE VALIENTE | BARRICADES – OUT MARCH 18, 2022 (pre-orders for CD & Vinyl coming soon..)