Electro-Industrial Artist I YA TOYAH Reveals Latest Video: „Motion (SKOLD Remix)“- including Interview:-)

Electro-Industrial Artist I YA TOYAH Reveals Latest Video: „Motion (SKOLD Remix)“
Code Blue: Reloaded Album Available For Pre-Order

March 9, 2020 – Chicago electro-industrial artist I YA TOYAH unleashes her latest video, „Motion (SKOLD Remix). “  On Thursday, March 5, MxDwN revealed the premiere HERE:

For fans of: Nine Inch NailsDepeche ModeAudioslave

The „Motion“ video presents the dark imagery of life lived by the person disturbed by modern social trends and demanding speed of life. Filmed by Joel Lopez of Lumbra Productions, it encourages a conversation about mental health and the human mind’s vulnerability. The remixer, SKOLD (MARILYN MANSONKMFDM) put his own twist on the song giving new life to an original version.

„I Ya Toyah is one of the very few super exciting things I’ve heard in a long time. Ania is just crazy talented and I hope I get to work with her again at some point” – Tim Skold (Skold, KMFDM, Shotgun Messiah)

Code Blue: Reloaded – 10 track album featuring remixes by artists such as RHYS FULBERSKOLDADORATION DESTROYEDXENTRIFUGE & More.  Also included is Code Blue: Revelations, an additional 10-track remix release available only on
I Ya Toyah’s Bandcmap page.

Available in digital and physical formats March 20!

Live dates supporting STABBING WESTWARD
6/12 – The Commodore Ballroom – Vancouver, BC
6/14 – Aladdin Theater – Portland, OR

Buy or stream: https://iyatoyah.bandcamp.com/album/code-blue-reloaded

I YA TOYAH is a Chicago – based DIY one woman army of Polish descent that blends the chaos and balance with familiar vibe of industrial electronica sound. Her music melts the smooth, cutting edge vocals, surreal guitars, hypnotizing beats and multiple electronic synth elements into dark arrangements that, combined with storytelling lyrics, respond to the paranoia of everyday reality.

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/IYaToyah/

Website: https://www.iyatoyah.com/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Iyatoyah


Interview with I Ya Toyah

The name I Ya Toyah translated means „It’s Just Me.“ right?

Kind of interesting since the new album is a collection of remix

collaborations.  How did you decide who to work with in this release?

Hello, it is my absolute pleasure- thank you for having me! 

Yes, I Ya Toyah, when spoken out loud, in Polish means ‘it’s just me’ which relates to my one woman army brand and the fact I do a lot of things independently and on my own, with the biggest focus on stage performance where it’s just me on stage performing multiple tasks. Which of course doesn’t mean I don’t collaborate or work together with others. In fact, I now have a small team that is the part of my overall process of creation. Joel Lopez of Lumbra Productions is my official partner for all video related activities, Nicola Palazzo is my stage production partner and I am all about working together and collaborating- which brings The Joy Thieves I’m a part of, to the play as well. I’m prepping some options to begin inviting guest musicians on stage to collaborate live while preserving one woman army brand’s independence.  And, talking about collabs, we of course have to add the remix album Code Blue Reloaded and Code Blue Revelations bonus remix album. I worked on putting this collaboration together for a year. Initially, I was reaching out to artists inviting them to participate, and at some point it turned around and multiple creators started expressing their interest in taking part in this remix project. Thus, Code Blue Revelations as an additional 10 track release. So, the decisions were based on amazing creativity and connection more than the calculated process. Natural flow of things supported by the vision that was nothing more but to reimagine the Code Blue original release and give it another life.

The latest single/video is „Motion“ with Tim Skold.  Can you talk about how you met with him for this project?  Also can you talk about the making of the video?

I met Tim Skold in August 2019, when I got an opportunity to open a show during his tour. Tim, his wife and team were absolutely amazing, the nicest people ever! And, Skold’s show was a bomb. Watching and hearing it I knew the Motion song would be perfect, remixed by him. When I heard the remix, I immediately knew it needed visual representation. Next thing you know, I and Joel Lopez- my video partner, creative force behind Lumbra Productions- are filming on the coldest winter day and night in Chicago…. Smilie: :-) Video features amazing makeup by talented Allie Hendron who was MUA for this production. I wanted to do the body bag scene and the burial of the body to emphasize the fight with inner demons Motion lyrics talk about. It was funny, as we were filming in the forest, police arrived thinking we are murderers burying the body! It got interesting for a while….luckily, there was no body, only pillows in the body bag so they let us go. Joel prepped background visuals to reflect behind, and we filmed. It was a fun process and I love the outcome!

You just finished some work with Pigface.  What was that like? How was the response from their crowd?

Touring with Pigface is definitely one of a kind experience. Pigface is a well known superband consisting of great talent, some of which is legendary. Obviously, it was an honor to be a part of this adventure. The best part was the audience. It’s funny as Pigface disrupts an idea of the band as we know it….bringing 17 or more people on stage at the same time and rocking out like there is no tomorrow. I disrupt a popularly known concept of the band as well but from an opposite angle- one person band vs a typical squad-  so I was curious how the audiences across US coming out to see a supergroup will react to their opener, one woman thing. And, I was mind blown by the love I got. Honestly, in the greatest expectations I have not anticipated that. I love the Pigface crowd and love the fact that they connected with what I do.

You have a very important mission, one that relates to sucide prevention. Talk about that and the inspiration behind it if you don’t mind.

Mental health awareness has always been a big thing in my life but it was the moment my Mom committed suicide couple years back that truly activated that element in me, and I became a field advocate for AFSP with a simple mission: to talk about suicide, importance of putting our mental health first, and breaking the stigma. There are so many factors to why people break, it’s devastating. We need to look out for each other, inspire and uplift, remind each other and ourselves that life was never promised to be easy- so just by living it we are doing a tremendous job. But yeah….it became a personal thing to me, to the point that my debut album Code Blue is devoted to this subject, with lyrical content highly focusing on inner darkness, struggle, and staying balanced while being part of the bigger, social landscape. Also, 15% of all my physical album sales go to AFSP which I donate periodically directly to the National chapter. During my shows, next to my merch there is a donation box for AFSP where people can throw in money – AFSP and Hope For The Day supplied me with amazing items, booklets and pamphlets that talk about suicide and I have them with me by my merch booth so that anyone can grab them and either keep or give to someone they know could use it. 

What is your advice for touring musicians dealing with the current virus situation?  What changes in the music community do you see happening as a result of the current condition?

Because of the current situation and the temporary cease of live music scene as we know it, lots of tours are getting canceled or postponed, and it is just heartbreaking chaos. I see many musicians are doing live streaming shows from their studios or home spaces, and it’s definitely a trend now. I personally need that organic connection with the audience and as I’m definitely not saying ‘no’ to streaming a show, I simply look forward to when the live music scene is back and we get to connect in the cathartic experience it brings. My solution for that time is to focus on creating, both for the future and for now- to give my fans something positive and happy during this uneasy time. I’m working on couple of short I Ya Toyah Paranoyah: Daily Dose of Nonsense videos you’ll soon be able to find on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Iyatoyah 

I’m writing new songs, and starting to work on production in my home studio. When I need a break from creative musical activities,  I’m updating my live rig, building new cases, changing a couple things, adding new elements and so on…. Getting by while enjoying the process. Life doesn’t stop and I intend to live it every moment, doing what I love most, whatever the circumstances are. 

Let’s go back to the remix release, Code Blue Reloaded.  Have you done remix work yourself for other artists?  

I have not entered that path yet. It is majorly because I’ve been incredibly busy touring and putting this release together, plus doing some work with The Joy Thieves. This is definitely on my bucket list though, just a matter of time.

What’s next for I Ya Toyah in 2020?

Besides writing a new album that I just started working on at my home studio, there are great touring plans for June as direct Stabbing Westward support for couple dates in Canada and West Coast area. Then I was invited on a longer tour in August including a bunch of dates in Midwest US, West Coast, and Canada….cannot reveal much more as of now, but it is super exciting and involves an artist I highly respect and admire. However, as things are uncertain worldwide because of pandemic, my current focus is simple: not to die both physically and mentally, and inspire my fans to stay positive and strong. Once things are back to normal, I’m ready to go back full speed.

What were some of your early music influences growing up in Poland and when did you become interested in electronic music?

My musical influences are very broad. I’ve listened to metal music since I was 5, but at the same time I was deeply in the classical music world as I attended music institute to study musical performance. I got hooked with electronic elements in music thanks to bands such as Depeche Mode, Guano Apes, Nine Inch Nails, Crystal Method, Muse… and it hit me there is nothing more amazing than the combination of organic, natural sound combined with robotic one. The very first band I was in as a youngster, Impexus, was my entrance to this world of sound, as we combined metal inspired hardcore riffs, soaring vocals and….DJ on samples. Band broke up as I moved to the US but the sentiment to that sound combo stayed to be fulfilled years later,  and here I am.

It’s been about a year and a half since the Code Blue album was originally released.  What do you suppose your biggest accomplishment has been in this time?

To me, the goal is not to catch the rabbit, but to enjoy the chase. Living life while doing what I love most. This being said, it is huge for me that people click with my tunes and resonate with the message I put out there. It is my greatest accomplishment. To be able to connect and, as I call it spread the disease of music and infect the human race. Just this itself is an honor. But, many things have happened and I’m mind blown and sometimes thinking, is this real? I toured for the majority of 2019, first with Zwaremachine, then on my own, then with Pigface…. I released couple of singles and videos, was able to get a Puppet song and video nominated to American Horrors Film Festival, was given an opportunity to open concerts of stars such s Mortiis, Grendel, Skold, play in venues I’ve always wanted to play, get my music on cool radio stations and get it reviewed by some of my favorite magazines, but again…to me it is every show I get to play and connect with audience that truly feeds me with fulfillment. Therefore, I’m excited for when the world is ready to bring live music back and I get back on the road.

We thank you for your music, inspiration and your timeSmilie: ;-)

written by W.Z.

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