Wanda Wulz – Polaris including new Interview


 Wanda Wulz is a project of words and sounds by Ludovico Padovan

Picking up the sceptre of the cold, sad wave of the ’80s, WANDA WULZ explores the territories of italian-sung nostalgic music. Echoes of Tenco, Colloquio, Le Masque on top of a personal, sullen, gloomy, at times “jazzy” approach to songwriting. The result ? Interesting, very interesting. Features Gianni Pedretti (Colloquio) on “Non ritorna più”. Digisleeve + booklet.



Polvere / Cabaret / Orologio / Non ritorna più / Improvviso atlantico / La luce / Organza nera / Polaris / Trascorsi mai estinti / Abell 1835 / Come la neve

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Interview with Wanda Wulz for Kainklangmusikmagazin

We like your music very much. We hope which our readers just think.
To give them a little bit more insight into the world of Wnda Wulz, we are glad very much which you take the time to give us an interview.

KKM: What is your typical sound and how has it changed over the years?

Andy: Wanda Wulz project was started by Ludovico as a mix between poetry and black and white music. The first record Colorermetico is a fine container of this. Poetry, melancoly and cinamtic music. The second album Manifesto Intrepido followed the steps and refine everything. With Polaris we decied to add more to our music, trying to have more songs oreinted material, but without losing poetic words and visual music.

KKM: Please tell us something about your new work. Is there a central song, the basic idea of the / a album shows an example?

Andy: Polaris is a mix of electronic, some jazz, shoegaze, and 70’s influences that we wanted put together, because we are always experimentic ways to do our music. I think that every song has its place in the CD, from the electronic melancoly of Polvere, to the lighten up Come La Neve in the end. If I should chose a song that represent the album it would be Improvviso Atlantico.


KKM: Is the choice of lyrical backgrounds are still running in complete stylistic

Andy: yes. Ludovico put on the music, closes his eyes and starts to write what the music tells him. Sometimes lyrics come out before any sound tho. It depends by the mood and the moment.

KKM: Is the last CD in the original version of the recordings, or are you once again gone over it in order to smooth passages, which critics later from a “dirty sound” or “not perfect vocals” could speak?

Andy: of course we want every new record sounding fine, detailed and yes, we are trying to do this during the composition of our newset material. For the vocals you know, they are recorded in the same way he (Ludivico) writes his lyrics, so we fix the moment of his voice in natural way, without many takes and absolutely without any electronic correction . Imperfection is what makes us humans after all.

KKM: Did you confronted any time with such a thing anyway?

Andy : yes it’s a multi task attitude , events and situation mixed in our minds explained in sounds and words.


KKM: How it comes that you choose the cover and the title of the last album?

Andy: Ludovico is in contact with the artist that gave us the image coved and the image you see on the disc. We are onoured to have him on board with his estetics, also because he likes the sea like us, and since Polaris is an album that shows the love like ti was a sea, with big waves, calm, ice, Roberto Kusterle (the artistic photographer) pictures were perfect for us and for the oceanic feeling the album has. The name Polaris is still related to water. A cold water ready to be warmed.

KKM: What you care most the time and makes your heart heavy?

Andy: I care of the little things. The more they are small the more I want to absorb them. My heart is heavy when I don’t see respect, in every shape. My heart is heavy right now but I don’t wanna talk about it, sorry.

KKM: With whom do you want to go on tour once or
make a CD?

Andy: I probably sound pretentious, but a dream would be tour with Delerium (Frontine Assembly side project) and Colloquio that’s the italian band I love.

Ludo: I love to play on my own , this is my perfect live situation ;)

KKM: What do you need absolutely, if it goes on tour?

Andy: My need is… well.. To have a satisfied audience after the concert. I absolutely want my electronic cigarette and I need my usual calm enjoyng the music we play.

Ludo : Vape.Beer.

KKM: During your career have you immensely with many themes, ideas, concepts and stories apart. You are interested in these issues even today without exception, or there are areas which were once the basis for a song have been, but now you no longer employ?

Andy: both for music and lyrics we creat some concept everytime. The protagonis of Polaris is love we’ve seen as the ocean for example, and we think we could go on this way also in the future.


KKM: What can we expect from you next?

Andy: space. I mean the real one, with stars, planets and a void to be filled with our ideas.
Ludo : A Space Opera.

KKM: Is there anything in your life that you really regret? Can you imagine yourself in 3 words?

Andy: no, not really. I did errors, I did good things. I lived and everything is inside a drower that sometimes I open and check. Three words…Don’t know if they are three, but I can tell I’m a dreamer with my feet on the ground.

KKM: Can you describe yourself in three words?

Ludo : Liar Romantic Protocollar Droid


KKM: I thank you for the interview, wish you all the best for the future and hope we´ll get more music!

Andy: thanks to you. It was a nice chat. We’ll see in space then! Bye for now.
Ludo : Thank you so much for the opportunità you gave to our project

written by Claudia Tomaszewski

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wandawulzmusic/

Eibon Records: http://www.eibonrecords.com/

bandcamp: https://wandawulz.bandcamp.com/