V.A. – Awake The Machines Vol. 8

There is a drone in the depth – and it sounds different to everything ever heard.
Because when the machines awake for the eight time, they show up as diverse as they have never been.

Out Of Line – that is the unexpected, suprising, probably absurd. Regarding this, it is a kind of likely to release a 3 CD sampler with a fast-ride through the whole stilistic of Out Of Line including some interesting guests in the digital aeon. Trusting that there are still music fans such as us who like to be challenged by the unknown, „Awake The Machines VIII“ offers the full crazy world of Out Of Line between pounding Electro, harsh Metal, dreamy Neofolk, danceble Synthpop, dusty Desert Rock and much more. For the price of an EP. Madness? Maybe. But this is Out Of Line!

Label: https://www.outofline.de/