The Familiar is VAZUM’s second single from their forthcoming album, V+

The Familiar is a tongue-in-cheek expose on a culture of regurgitation that dominates the music industry in today’s algorithmic landscape which rewards conformity over originality. With it’s dancy drum beat, post-punk style guitars and gothy vocals, The Familiar is sure to arouse your penchant for fishnets, hair spray, black lipstick and eyeliner. With the single comes a music video shot and edited by vocalist / bassist Emily Sturm. It features the duo sporting the looks of goth / post-punk icons Siouxsie Sioux, Robert Smith and Andrew Eldritch. The Familiar is available for pay-what-you-want download from and is on all streaming services. 

Everything you do and say
Leftovers from yesterday
Replicating the mainstays
Still don’t get ya paid

Can’t you hear what I’m saying
I’m breaking your malaise
I’m bringing forth new days
It spells out your decay
You’ll offer me false praise

Crushing with Cacophony
Drowning mediocrity
We are here now
Rotten pool of luxury
Pissing in your stagnant stream
A fountain of tears
Forty two years

Painting all your flowers grey
Cowardice keeps you this way
Mimicking the way they played
Might just get you laid
Something new is heresy
Silencing your mockery
Destroy insincerity
Who cares anyway

We all see you’re an imitation, a copy
We can see all your limitations, your obsolete






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