Interview with The Exploding Boy

KKM: To start can you tell me something about you and talk about your artistic development? Since when do you actually like music?
Johan: I actually liked music from very early in life. Me and my sister got a tape recorder/radio each that we listened to music on all the time. Mostly music from the Swedish hit program Tracks. I listened to all kind of music but more and more I started listening to synt pop music. Then I started buying records with Erasure, Pet shop boys, Alphaville and Depeche Mode.

KKM: Is there such a thing as a fundamental idea, which hides itself behind The Exploding Boy?
Johan: Yes, when me and Les started this in 2006 we just wanted to make great songs, with no boring parts in them, and I still think that’s an important thought in the band.

KKM: How, where, and when did it come to the founding of The Exploding Boy?
Johan: Me and Les just happened to meet when we were Dj:s the same evening at a club, and just a couple of weeks later we started doing music at his student apartment in his very small studio.

KKM: Why did you decide to name yourselves The Exploding Boy? Does it put you behind for a deeper meaning?
Johan: Not really. I had the name in my head for a lot of years, then I found out it also was a cure song. But I always thought it was a great band name, and Les thought it too.

KKM: How was your last album (the band is about to release their debut album, they only had singles before) received by your fans? Which were the (scene – sector) press’ reactions?
Johan: (I don’t understand what you mean with the debut album) But we got really good reviews from both press and people we know. We didn’t really know what to expect, since it is such a political album and it can easily destroy the songs. But I think it went so well. People understood both songs and message and liked both.

KKM: Did anyone support you, or did you do all by yourselves?
Johan: Well we have a label, if that is what you meant. A German nice but pretty small label called Drakkar. But we have always done everything ourselfs, so we are used to it. It would be nice though to get some help once in a while so we could get to the next musical label.

KKM: Do you need any particular inner mood or a special atmosphere when you compose new songs? Are there any particular places where you can better concentrate when you write new songs and lyrics?
Johan: No, but it is a work. On the latest album “Alarms!” I made 4 songs myself, and I had to take a week off from family and work, and just sit with my small home studio and try to make new songs. But in the end of the week I had the songs ready.

KKM: What are the themes of your lyrics and in which way they influence you? Do you believe that lyrics are more important than music, don’t you?
Johan: No, usually I think the music is more important than lyrics, but of course, the lyrics can’t be BAD. It is always fun if they mean SOMETHING. But this time I think we had a mission for the whole album, so I think everyone really took their anger and fright about the world today and just putted it in the lyrics, so I am very proud of the lyrics of this album!

KKM: How important is in your opinion the image and personal appearance of a band in the current music scene?
Johan: Hmm, good question. I don’t know who other bands think, but we just wear what we want to wear. We normally wear black anyway so that was pretty practical on the dark wave scene. We rather go with projections on stage instead of strange clothes.

KKM: What is your favorite audience? Is there a special one, you would like address your music to? Is there “the” difference between the Russian audience and the audience abroad?
Johan: Never played in Russia, but I must say there are a slight difference between different countries. Germans we like a lot. They are very committed, like music and like bands, and they always want to hear a couple of more songs. Swedish (Stockholm) people maybe like the music but don’t show it much. Slovakian people are crazy, takes off their clothes and dance like hell, and US people are very nice and polite, but pretty calm as an audience.

But we don’t really care who’s listening, we want to play for everyone everywhere!

KKM: What can you tell us about your upcoming Live performances?
Johan: Not much at the moment. We have some plans, but you’ll see what happens.

KKM: How do you imagine The Exploding Boy? What is it with you on the stage that’s special?
Johan: I think we just like people who likes us! As Sabine at Schwarzes Bayern said after our show in Munich – “The connection between the band and the fans is pure and comes from the heart, the music comes from the heart”. Maybe it is like that, I don’t know. I also think that since the members in the band are so very different from each other, it gets so good when we can make it work, then it gets magic.

KKM: How important is the (musical) success for you?
Johan: It is pretty important to me anyway. It is a proof that we do something that people like. Of course it is important that we like it as well, but it would be very boring if no one liked it or just didn’t care!

KKM: How satisfied are you with the results achieved so far and what would you change if you could turn back time?
Johan: I wish we had toured more when people didn’t had children, girlfriends and proper work! Then we would have been a bit bigger now  Now it is a bit harder to make tours work. But it is something that bands have to do and it is wonderful and so fun, so we’ll be out soon again.

KKM: How could you describe your music to those people who haven’t listened to it yet?
Johan: Dark pop songs! There is always a great song in the bottom with some dark lyric on it and great instruments on top. They are meant to be good and hopefully touch someone in whatever way they want.

KKM: What do you want to in the near future (musically) with
The Exploding Boy to achieve?
Johan: We want to continue to make great songs and play them for everyone. We just love to come out and meet people who likes us, but we want to reach more. And make vinyls of all albums!!!

KKM: Thank you very much for this interview, all the best for the future and of course I´ll let you know, when I want to come to see you play ?!

written by Claudia Tomaszewski