SPANKTHENUN – Initial Decay Control -including Interview :-)

 Der elektroindustrielle Künstler SPANKTHENUN kündigt offiziell seine Veröffentlichung in voller Länge an, Initial Decay Control mit der ersten Single für „Glitch“.  

Die anfängliche Zerfallskontrolle  ist JETZT digital auf Bandcamp verfügbar. Physische CDs werden am 1.28.2020 verfügbar sein.

Für Fans von:  Ministry , KMFDM & Nine Inch Nails

„Mit“ Glitch „wollten wir eine Stimmung der frühen 90er Jahre. Wir sahen dies auch als eine gute Gelegenheit, Samples während des gesamten Songs zu verwenden, um ihm die Stimmung der alten Schule zu verleihen. Wir hören viele schnellere BPM-Songs da draußen und wir Wir konzentrieren uns eher auf den langsameren Bereich von BPMs: 88-100. Wir mögen den Fokus auf den Groove sehr und schlagen den Hörer nicht nur mit Rauschen und Beats, obwohl wir das auch tun. Aber unsere Platten streben im Allgemeinen eine Aggression mit einem Groove gegenüber an Geschwindigkeit.“


SPANKTHENUN  ist eine Elektro- / Industriegruppe, die sich darauf konzentriert, dunkle Musik mit eingängigen Beats, Hooky-Synth-Lines und eingängigen Texten zu versehen. Manchmal bekommt man pulsierendes EBM, das den Club erschüttert, wie die Zusammenarbeit mit der legendären EBM-Band Leæther Strip, „Rotting Meat (Mind Control)“. Oder Sie erhalten einen Old-School-Industrial-Beat, der wie ein Trap / Hip-Hop-Beat programmiert ist und einen Gesangstrack enthält, der an frühe Gothic- und Industrial-Platten aus den vergangenen Jahrzehnten erinnert, wie „The Clock“ aus dem  Regression Complex, der  jetzt bei Spotify und iTunes veröffentlicht wird .

SPANKTHENUN plant  nicht, Musik in der traditionellen Trittfrequenz von Single, Single und dann Album zu veröffentlichen. SPANKTHENUN wird kleinere EPs und Singles wie „Slow Suicide“ veröffentlichen, um Themen und Konzepte zukünftiger Veröffentlichungen wie die geplante Dezember-Veröffentlichung hervorzuheben; das Album in voller Länge,  Initial Decay Control . Kein Füllstoff hier, alles Fleisch! Nur massive Beats!

Veröffentlichungen werden auch über soziale Medien und YouTube oder direkt in Radiosendungen veröffentlicht. SPANKTHENUN  wird Videos und Schnitte von unveröffentlichten Songs veröffentlichen und sie dann für immer aus der Öffentlichkeit ziehen. Derzeit können Sie exklusive Remixe nur über bestimmte Wiedergabelisten in Streaming-Diensten und auf YouTube hören.

Das Bootleg ist zurück! SPANKTHENUN wird auch inoffizielle Remixe und Rekonstruktionen von Songs anderer Musiker veröffentlichen. Im Moment können Sie den glühenden Clubbanger von GOD MODULE’s – „First Last Wish“ hören, inoffiziell, nicht genehmigt, überarbeitet und neu erfunden von  SPANKTHENUN … nur auf sozialen Kanälen.

SPANKTHENUN  arbeitet mit einigen der angesehensten Namen im Industrial / EBM / Electro-Geschäft sowie mit Hip Hop- und EDM / House-Produzenten zusammen, um einen einzigartigen energetischen und aufregenden neuen Sound zu entwickeln.

Interview with SpankTheNun

KKM: Hello and thanks for your time. SpankTheNun, it would appear hasn’t been around for that long but it seems you have accomplished a lot so far. Talk about the new full-length release, Initial Decay Control and the concept behind it, please.

We released our first full length release earlier this year in January. In 2019 we started the work for this release and we also look back at some of our unreleased work from years past when we played live but never released any songs. This past year we decided it was time we finally put something out. We started with the EP Regression Complex, in June 2019, to test the waters and see what the feedback would be like. At that time we were working on different styles of songs and weren’t sure on a final direction at that point. We were deciding between a goth dark electro sound or a more EBM Dance Floor style of Industrial. We ended up somewhere in between and we call it Dark Electro.

For this release we really wanted to focus on a slower down tempo Industrial vibe, while we like aggressive in your face electronic music, we weren’t going for that for this release. We also wanted to focus on making a sonically outstanding album with clear and concise production. We didn’t want that „too slick“ over produced sound, but we want to be able to hear all the sounds and detail and a lot of those sounds and samples are distorted and tweaked and can get lost in the wall of sound. So we reach out to Scott Fox of iVardensphere to help us really hone that sound. He nailed it and helped us learn a ton in the process.

KKM: Your sound is definitely unique. What artists outside of the electro/ebm styles have influenced your work?

Our influences are all over the map, but generally dark edgy influences, from Bauhaus to Tricky to Aphex Twin and to cyber punk like Angelspit. We also see a lot of similarities in production between some hip hop and EBM, we are always looking for ways to experiment between the lines.

KKM: Is there a central theme or concept behind your work as SpankTheNun?

It is first and foremost about making music we like. We may write 20 songs and only release 5 of them. We want a solid album full of songs that could all be singles. We also want to challenge ourselves and keep pushing the limits on what counts as music. We wrote the album in sections style wise, for example we wrote SIN, and that song is 100% samples and found sounds. There is one sample that is a couple notes from a synth, but it is all percussion in that track otherwise but it doesn’t come off as an all percussion or tribal sounding song. Then we took the same concept and wrote SOMETIMES trying to duplicate the same sound and style with completely different samples and almost all synths in that one. You get the same vibe and style with totally different approaches. It’s not easy to do but it is a good challenge.

KKM: Are you involved with any side-projects?

We are working with several other artists right now, it’s too early to talk about those… but we have a number of things in the works planned for late 2020 and early 2021. We are focused on remixing other artists, we have knocked out about a dozen remixes that have either been released or will be released later this year. We also do some one off mixes for some of the Industrial and Dark Wave shows.

KKM: You are stuck in quarantine. What are 3 albums that help you through the boredom?

Really we are listening to shows, shows like Cyberage Radio, Dark Indulgence, Bootstomp Industrial, Shane Aungst, Communion After Dark, The Incinerator and Beyond Punk… there are some great shows that keep us up to speed on what is going on out there. We get to consume a lot of great content that way. We just want to discover new music every week.

But, when we were writing IDC, we listened to Bi-God 20 a lot and Leaether Strip, because we were going for that early 90’s Industrial vibe.

KKM: Last month you released a Youtube clip called „Dominate.“ Is this from the next album? When should we expect that? How will it be different than Initial Decay Control?

About a month after we released IDC, we found ourselves in a very productive two week period and we wrote 10 new songs, and DOMINATE was one of them. It has a very particular Front 242, Frontline Assembly early 90’s vibe, we made a quick video, literally spent an hour on it, and put it out to see what would happen. The footage from that video comes from a Japanese cyberpunk movie called Rubber Johnny. We actually did videos for two more songs but haven’t put them out yet. We are planning to release an album with DOMINATE late summer time… all the tracks have a similar vibe to DOMINATE.

Since June of last year we have released 35 tracks and have 10 more on the way. Next month we will release a single called GLITCH BURN KILL featuring some killer remixes from some of the best in the business. It will be another 12 tracks. Then in June we are working on a Deluxe version of IDC that will include 10 more remixes. You can hear many of these remixes on the shows I mentioned above. We like to get them out there and then decide what to release later. We also have a couple of cover songs we have just recorded that we are deciding what to do with now. They may end up straight to YouTube or straight to the streaming shows. Our goal is to have something new out every month in 2020 whether it is our track or us remixing someone else.

KKM: Do you have a particular favorite remix that you’ve done?

We have done some that we really like. But of the ones that have been released, we are really proud of the Vital Signs remix we did for Dogtablet. We were excited about doing a remix for some legends of the 90s Industrial scene and we took a very dark instrumental and turned it up a bit, added some vocals, threw in some samples old-school-style and it came out really well. Proud of that one for sure.

KKM: You have some pretty unique cover art. What visual artists, painters etc. were you into growing up?

CHAD WARD is incredible and we still want to get a cover or poster by him, that would be amazing. Jeffery Scott and Moebius are big influences too.

KKM: You do a lot of creating your own videos and visualizers. What do you use to do this?

Anything we can. We will take video from archives, recorded on camera phones and other sources and then mess with it on the phone to give it a decayed and glitchy look. Pump that into Adobe Premiere and then we will dump that back into our DAW. We use FL Studio and it has a great Visualizer on there that makes it easy to decay it even more and add weird effects and get the video to respond to the music. Sometimes we just use the Visualizer and put in our spinning logos and other industrial looking content… we push that thing hard until it breaks. But it gives some unexpected results that remind us of using old school hardware like the EPS 16 as a sampler and the best effects you got were when it ran out of memory and started to mess up the sounds and timing.

written by: W. Z.