Single Release “Absolute Disgrace / Lonesome Hero `20”

THE BRUTE : have announced their third double single and remix EP on CD

The Brute : is an Electronica music group and combines progressive electronic sound with haunting vocals and a melange of  Electro, Blues and Rock influences.

The new double single „Absolute Disgrace / Lonesome Hero `20“ is the 3rd release of the group and the second one in cooperation with Timezone Records. While „Absolute Disgrace“ is a clear political statement about autocratic governments, lunacy and political corruption, „Lonesome Hero“ is about not taking yourself too seriously.

All tracks can already be heard on Soundcloud and the video „Absolute Disgrace“ is already on YouTube.

The digital release of “Absolute Disgrace” is on September 11th, 2020. On September 25th 2020 is the release of “Lonesome Hero `20” as download followed by a six-track Single EP “Absolute Disgrace / Lonesome Hero `20” on CD with some remixes and an additional bonus track.

„Lonesome Hero“ was originally just a digital release in 2019. Back that time without a proper label. A completely re-recorded version will be heard on the new double single.

The songs of The Brute : contain echoes of classic electronic bands but given a more modern touch made for a mainstream audience and come along with a mix of driving bass lines, atmospheric vocals and lyrics that gain new meanings with each listen.

The Brute : are in the studio right now for the upcoming debut album, which should be released early 2021. Meanwhile, a fourth single is under way to be released in late autumn 2020.