ReGEN Magazine Premieres New Track From Electro Artist CELLMOD: „The Inevitable“
We’re excited to share with you the new release by electro-industrial artist CELLMOD entitled „The Dissident.“  Formerly on Infacted Recordings, USA-based CELLMOD now presents „The Dissident“ independently.


Cellmod was born to display an adaptation to his surrounding environment. The name itself signifies a desire to unify with the very roots of one’s physical being, or in simpler terms, Cellmod is taking it back to the vibe and pulse of the music.

Cellmod is the brainchild of Tampa, FL, US based Juan Espinosa. Cellmod’s 2008 debut came with the release of his first album Option One from Sector 9 studios. Since then Cellmod has continued to expand his body of work with notable releases such as Adevolve, Nanomáquina and his last album Graveyard of Empires from Infacted Records in 2017. Cellmod has worked with guest singers such as Pete Crane of Shiv-r, Alex Matheu of Negative Format, Jared Lambert of Ien Oblique, Raziel Panic of You Shriek; and has remixed bands including Solitary Experiments, Shiv-r, God Module and System Syn.

After the release of Graveyard of Empires, Juan took a hiatus from Cellmod to focus on his side projects where he released an EP Break it Down under his moniker Mekotam from Blind Mice Productions and a self released album Momentous under his Dune moniker.

Now four years after his last release, Juan returns with his 2019 album “The Dissident” featuring 9 original high energy instrumental tracks including an exclusive remix by Giant Monsters on the Horizon.

Cellmod’s keen sense of formulating a balanced equation for the depths of clubs around the world comes in the form of translating mood and emotions and movements, using electronic elements in place of beakers and bunson burners. His music can vary from energetic and aggressive to mysteriously tranquil and boding. The focus is on the motion of the music, all the while still exploring sound and structure.

Album Description/Thoughts from Juan Espinosa

The Dissident is my first album since my last album Graveyard of Empires which was released four years ago from Infacted Records.

The technical and sonic focus of this album was energy and style. In most of my previous releases there was always a presence of melodic progressions combined with climatic movements painted with Trance like sound aesthetic. While this album is not void of these elements, there was a clear push on a bigger sound, punchier kicks, and harder synth treatment.

The overall concept for The Dissident was influenced by a few things, The social and political climate of the United States being one of them. The album by no means screams this concept out load but does make subtle references to it within track titles, song moods and specifically tracks Harder Serum and The Inevitable.

In Harder Serum I used a sample from a 1950’s PSA discussing the threats of “deviant” sexual behavior and pornogrophy being distributed widespread and how this could affect the lives of the everyday-america. A throwback to what some would consider this country’s great time. The irony being that in today’s age any perceived vice or contraband can be easily accessed with the click of a button.

In The Inevitable I utilized a text-to-speech software to record what I feel would be the words of the would be entity that represents the consequences of our actions, specifically any of those made resulting in a negative outcome. Much like a genie in a bottle, The Inevitable delivers on the demands and wishes of humans that are seldom made with caution.

Included in this album are two previously unofficially released tracks: Praying Mantis and The Machine. Initially they were released exclusively on my Bandcamp page as a free download to a great reception. The versions included on The Dissident have been completely mixed and remastered. The choice to include them on the album was to ensure they were available for listening on Streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Fire Storm and Harder Serum were both started over 5 years ago. During the production of this album, I reached back into the back catalog, dusted off these tracks and revamped them for this release. The revamp included new sound design and completion of the songs.

The Dissident features only one remix by my dear friends “Giant Monsters on the Horizon” of Harder Serum. There previous effort to collaborate with Vinnie Salleto (of GMOTH) on a previous project unfortunately life events and responsibilities put a delay on that. Their remix contribution to this album as well as my Dune remix I did for their last was the latest effort of our working together. It definitely won’t be the last. GMOTH’s remix of Harder Serum reimagines the original by including incredible drum programing, a huge crunchy guitar and great sound design in a way I could not of imagined myself. Love it.

The Dissident is my first 100% fully self-released album under my record label Mekanick. This album will mark the second official released from Mekanick.

The Dissident will be available on all major digital streaming platforms as well as physical CD in the form of a Short Run 4-Panel Digipak.

All Design, Layout and Illustration work on the album artwork and CD Digipak layout was done by Cellmod (Juan Espinosa)