PHONOMIK – Brain Bleeder – New album – including Interview

With the hard rockers from PHONOMIK, the pirates of El Puerto Records have got real Danish Dynamite online. A coherent concept, powerful and full of conviction: after tours with Rage or D.A.D, the time has come to publish their second album with special support: Jacob Hansen, who also produced Volbeat and Destruction, is on board again! Have fun with „Brain Bleeder“.



PHONOMIK was founded in 2006 by Danish musicians Michael Hansen (bass), Shane B. Dhiman (vocals/guitar) and Kenneth Bergstrøm (guitar) who all shared the same vision – to reach out to the masses through hard-hitting, melodic music and epic live performances.
In March 2010, PHONOMIK released their debut album “Soul Creeper”. Mixed and mastered by award winning producer, Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy) and featuring drummer Hans Krüger, the album received a wave of positive press nationally and around the world, and aired on rock legend Bruce Dickinson’s radio show.
Following the release of “Soul Creeper”, and with drummer Rune Gravengaard onboard, PHONOMIK toured extensively in Denmark and Germany in 2010 and 2011 including festivals and gigs with Danish rock mastodons D-A-D, Illdisposed, The Storm, German metal veterans RAGE and went on a co-headlining tour in the Baltics together with now defunct Latvian metal act Sia Radikal.
The band began recording drums for their second album “Brain Bleeder” in summer 2011 in Jacob Hansen Studios and even built their own studio, PHON Studio, in the process.
Despite the many setbacks, PHONOMIK continued a creative process, which lead to writing a track for power metal mastermind Lance King’s album “A Moment in Chiros” in 2011 and releasing the title track “Murder” for the Danish short film “Nemesis” in 2014 – a track that is also included on “Brain Bleeder”.
Almost 9 year after the band first entered the studio, PHONOMIK is finally ready to show the world the consequence of persistence, dedication and hard work. Now a five-piece with the addition of guitarist Søren Pedersen and new drummer Mickey Nyborg Thomsen, the band is stronger than ever.
“Brain Bleeder” – released February 28th 2020 on El Puerto Records, features 13 powerful songs mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen. Reviews are once again stellar and the hunger for hitting the stage is greater than ever before. Get ready to have your ass kicked!

01. Intro
02. Suffer
03. Catatonic Overload
04. Catharsis
05. Lucid For You
06. Reborn
07. God’s Pimp
08. Forever Undone
09. Brain Bleeder
10. Trench Tales
11. Dead Embrace
12. Murder
13. Rebel Yell



Shane B Dhiman – Vocals, Guitars
Kenneth Bergstrøm – Guitars
Søren Pedersen – Guitars
Michael Hansen – Bass
Mickey Nyborg Thomsen – Drums



Interview with Shane from PHONOMIK

KKM: Hello. Thanks for the interview. Can you give us a bit of a background on PHONOMIK and how you came up with the name?

We formed back in 2006. Michael (Bass) Kenneth (Lead Guitar) and I started the band covering hard rock and metal. We quickly started composing our own songs and recorded our first demo and later our debut album “Soul Creeper”. We have had several drummers since then, but now we have a great drummer in Mickey and hope to keep him alive. We have also had a grand addition with Søren on additional guitars. Originally, we thought of PHON as our band name Which is synonymous for sound. But it was used by other bands. We had already been gigging with the name, so we decided to keep the root of the name and add “MIK” as a kind of amplification of the word. Therefor PHONOMIK.

KKM: Your new Album is named „Brain Bleeder“. What can you tell us about it?

The backstory is the Soul creeper from our first album. It goes as follows:

As Jesus hung upon the cross the thief that was crucified beside him pleaded „if you really are God’s son then have him set us free“

Jesus died and was resurrected and in the wake of this divine intervention the spirit of the thief was ripped from his being. He was bound to Hell but is now destined to roam the globe bodiless. 

He is forced to feed on souls to survive as his own is lost. He is the voice you here in your darkest hour, neither good nor bad but simply your wishes command. He is the archetypical companion that dwells deep within and casts thine shadow upon your fellow beings and will set you free in exchange for your soul.

Aka the Soul Creeper

All the songs on our first album are all related to the Soul Creeper and state of mind that follows in his wake. The dark within, our phobia, fears and more. He is a representation of the collective darkness that we tap into as individuals.

The Soul Creeper is the vessel we use to express our personal struggles in life.

You are my mirror of reality, I am your window to creativity”

(Forever undone – Brain Bleeder)

Which brings us to “Brain Bleeder”. It contains stories of people’s encounter with “The Soul Creeper” throughout history. If you listen carefully to the intro, you hear a man bearing his cross from a slave camp and into the colosseum where he is crucified and set on fire as the crowd cheers and goes wild. The songs on this album are all connected as was it a tale told by “The Soul Creeper”.

The Title track “Brain Bleeder” describes the final silent communication between a guy suffering from a severe brain hemorrhaging, and the Soul Creeper. Peace of mind for a price of your soul.

In the band we have all personally gone through hard times and our music is a way for us to cope with the hardship and difficulties we still face in life.

Personally, my lyrics reflect my struggle with alcohol, drugs and the suicidal tendencies induced by substance abuse. I have now been sober and clean for 9 years, but the nightmares that follow this lifestyle are still present and fuel my lyrics.

KKM: The musical landscape has changed dramatically from what it used to be. Bands are no longer simply doing the album tour arrangement. What is your idea to navigate through the changing times at the moment?

Personally, I don’t care to decipherer the industry, and to be honest I don’t give a shit. I have been down the road of expectation of keeping up, which for me for me has been a hollow dead end. My main objective is to pursue the art of music as purely as possible as it is the only honest thing I can do. I will sing and write my ass off for the next album and see what happens.

Luckily, we have signed with El Puerto rec who seem to appreciate the actual music and are good guys on a mission to spread the word. We signed for Brain Bleeder and an additional two albums, to be released within a few years following each other. We are also preparing to play live concerts, as we are laying the groundwork with a booking agency.

KKM: Aside from geography, what do you think separates PHONOMIK from other artists in the metal/rock world?

Our perspective of the word through the Soul Creeper, is our contribution the community. We strive to make the sound of our story as unique as possible.

KKM: How have you adapted with the current climate of the coronavirus? Have you done any streaming?

We have all had our share of challenges professionally and privately. We have therefor concentrated our energy on our next album, as streaming seems abundant. I am currently working on the vocal tracks while the others are practicing the material that has already been recorded. Mickey our drummer has also been working on finalizing the t-shirt designs, and everyone is doing something in order for us to get the machine going for the next round.

KKM: Are you involved with any other projects or remix work for other artists?


KKM: Can you talk about the cover art from „Brain Bleeder“?

The artist is the great Niklas Sundin from Cabin Fever Media, also known as the guitar player of Dark Tranquility. The color scheme is the same as from our first album “Soul creeper”. But this time depicting the Soul Creeper floating across the night sky harvesting the souls of the desperate.

KKM: Where do you see social media strategy changing in 2020 for this music?

A logical prediction of our future is an augmented reality where technology and biology merge and all human consciousness will be combined. We will break on through to the other side and gain access to the eternal, from where being flows, and transcend the confines of time and space and finally be free from the suffering of our finite being and be able to reach beyond the horizon. This seems to me to be the true nature of art.

Your question implies a change whereto I might further it as an acceleration of an already begun motion. In 2020 Social media is the means to obtain maximum exposure which feeds into the exponential accumulation of data that potentially will kickstart a new form of mass consciousness, like a newborn coming online. We need not change the strategy as the strategy formed by mass intelligence will change us and takes on a life of its own. The Reaper will be summoned to harvest sorrow from minds of the feeble and a reign in blood will begin. Or maybe I am simply a nowhere man imagining stuff while my guitar gently weeps, and really have Nooo idea? ?

Any other thoughts you might have are now yours. Thanks for your time.

Likewise ?

Shane B Dhiman


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