Neon Tzigane

Are you ready for some Post Punk music with not only roots in typical 80s influences like Siouxie and the Banshees and  The Cocteau Twins? Neon Tzigane (it’s pronounced ZEE-GAN) is the musical child of Howling Mina and Samson
Deluxe based in South London.Coming right from the British Island, the band chose to name their first four track mini album Del Wesh which means‚ dark woods‘ in Anglo-Romany, the language of the British Romany Gypsies.
And as you may guess, the songs are dark but with catchy synthesizer lines, that take you directly to the spooky woods, where the band seemed to have recorded their tracks. Responsible for the recording of your new favourite Post Punk tracks
was Trevor Bamford, who is known from bands like Every New Dead Ghost, Midnight Configuration and Arcane Winter.

Howling Mina and Samson Deluxe bonded over a shared love of 80’s music and culture from their childhood that very few of their friends and peers were into. They formed originally in 2013 under a different guise but in its current incarnation in 2018. And they soon realised that they should form a band that they always wanted to see.
With their love of Jan Hammer, 80’s synths, synthpop and fashion, TV shows like Miami Vice and also local gypsy mythology, Neon Tzigane formed their own type of music which they describe as Gothic Metallic Synthpop. You can’t imagine how this may sound? Maybe just lean back and enjoy the four songs of their first release, which are lyrically speaking about having courage in your convictions and never going back, witchcraft and ancient stories.

Neon Tzigane are:
Howling Mina: all visuals, random noises, vocals and percussions
Samson Deluxe: guitar, synthesizer, drum programming, random noises and vocals

1.When Hell Freezes Over
2.Neon Witch
3.Return From Tomorrow
4.Unplanned End

The song When Hell Freezes Over premiered on German webzine Musiktelegraf on Nov 20 2018.
Del Wesh will be released on Dec 13 2018 on bandcamp, you can pre-order it now.

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