!!! Melanculia – very important news !!!



Hi, it is me, Nino and I just wanted to let you know that I’m reactivating one of my old musical sidekicks. Let me tell you some good news about a project I started back in 2002. I’m talking about Melanculia.

Together with Jo (bass), Quoth (guitars), Drobi (drums) we are preparing everything for upcoming live shows under the flag of this new/old project. But there will be some more surprises …

Our very first live show is planed for December 1st at Druckluft Oberhausen, Germany. Event on Facebook.

In order to retain the feel of a small, underground indie band, I produced only a very limited edition (100) of the band’s releases (“Paths” & “The dazed Prophet”) on CD.
The only way to get our CDs and merch is at our merch store and at our live shows.

CDs and merch will not be made available on the usual mass market platforms. No Amazon, no Google Play, no iTunes, no Spotify…

What else?
Oh – there is a new Melanculia album to be released… more details soon ;-)


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/melanculia

Website: http://melanculia.de/