Interview with Heartlay


KKM: Please tell us something about your new work …

“Close To Collapse” is our debut album. This release marks a new musical transition compared to the EPs as well as a new chapter in our story.


KKM: Is there a central song that depicts the album ? What are the album’s main themes ?

The album reflects the idea of collapse. However it is in a physical, political, moral way. I wanted to make a varied album while respecting an amount of tragic feelings on all tracks. 

KKM: Are the lyrical backgrounds resulting freely as a stylistic and personal will ?

Lyrics reffer to both personal and society related issues. Both are employed while combined into metaphorical forms. 

KKM: How comes the idea of a new CD or song and how do you process ?


The selection came from the general mood and progression i wanted for the album, not necessary in question of what is catchy and what is not. I had a lot of material, so I focused on tracks that were a good synthesis between my old sound and the new, more electronic direction we’re taking, yet still with the mood i talked about earlier.

KKM: How would you define your own sound? Would you say it has evolved from the beginning those past years?

At first the sound was very guitar/drums oriented. I come from the industrial, dark music scene but there was something in me that wanted to see if i could make solid songs with good structure, cool choruses etc. This album is for me a come-back to my early influences in industrial and electro, fused with the arrangement style of Heartlay.

KKM:Will you release a live album?

We’re not thinking about making one now.

KKM: How came the idea of this album’s cover and title?

It came from simple idea of being honest regarding my own perspective of today’s society as well as my own issues. The title ‘Close To Collapse’ is a metaphor of what happens in the world right now, as it was for my own feelings. 

I wanted the artworks to feature images of dying nature treated under glitchy, VHS manipulations. 

To me, this is best way to represent this album visually, like a combination of romanticism with modern, digital, industrial production and instrumentation.  


KKM: Which band would you like to go on tour with or make a collaboration cd?

Probably challenging collaboration, bands we’re not expected to play with.

KKM: What is the next step?

We’re essentially working on promotion and shows right now. 


We thank you for the interview and wish you all the best for the future!

written by Claudia Tomaszewski (





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