INERVIEW with Jayce Lewis


KKM: To start can you tell me something about you and talk about your artistic development? Since when do you actually like music?

I’m from Bridgend, South Wales… I make lots of sounds and rhythmic patterns and somehow that forms a song. I have loved music ever since I was young, I think since I was 6 years old, my first band of love.. was Queen, their music blew my mind.. I loved the sound of Brian May’s guitars.

KKM: Is there such a thing as a fundamental idea, which hides itself behind Jayce Lewis?

I have no idea, Music is an expressive outlet for me…a way of controlling my emotion using the medium of music, Live however… that is a different animal.


KKM: How, where, and when did it come to the founding of Jayce Lewis ?

After many years being in bands as a drummer, and being in the background of a band where if that band fell apart that would be the end, I was sick of trying to keep things together, so I decided to become a solo artist, and play all the instruments my self, this was in 2008.. the problem was that, I had to also try and sing… something now that I wish I did years ago…. singing is a strange thing, I dont do it enough, but again… something else comes out of me, that I have no clue or idea how.. it just happens that way, and I dont question it.

KKM: Why did you decide to name yourselve Jayce Lewis? Does it put you behind for a deeper meaning?

Nah no meaning at all… its my name, so it does what it says on the tin :)

KKM: How was your last album received by your fans? Which were the (scene – sector) press’ reactions?

Nemesis was a strange one as I was advised to release under a different name ‘Protafield’ which was crazy now thinking about it… I have existed as ‘Jayce Lewis’ the solo artist for 6 years previous with some incredible momentum.. but, my 2nd album was released under this name, only now in 2017 for us to re release the album under my solo name, and totally erase the existence of Protafield ever happening.


KKM: Did anyone support you, or did you do all by yourselves?

Originally I was with EMI Records for 4 years, I signed off 1 song… now im with Universal.. who are a great bunch of people.

KKM: Do you need any particular inner mood or a special atmosphere when you compose new songs? Are there any particular places where you can better concentrate when you write new songs and lyrics?

I see many things that influence how I feel, or should feel… this has a huge baring on my writting, lots of things like world affairs really have an impact on me… from that to lots of personal things.

KKM: What are the themes of your lyrics and in which way they influence you? Do you believe that lyrics are more important than music, don’t you?

Most of my lyrics are written about all things that have happened to me… good and bad, but I find that writting about these things helps me to deal with and cope with all the crazy things that have happened, much like a therapy really.


KKM: Which news should we know about the story of the band?

That the latest music video featured Darth Vader actor, Dave Prowse… it was also his very last and final on screen appearance, so quite a closure for such an amazing person.

KKM: How important is in your opinion the image and personal appearance of a band in the current music scene?

I would say its important, sometimes very important… depending on the music, but… people can tell when it is fake and a band seeking desperate measures.

KKM: What is your favourite audience? Is there a special one, you would like address your music to? Is there “the” difference between the German audience and the audience abroad?

I think my favourite audience is the Numanoids (Gary Numan Fans) they are so loyal to him, and are awesome people… I am lucky enough to have toured with Gary twice in my career, and have an amazing friendship with him and his wife Gemma, I feel welcomed the most by that circle of people. I do love Germany though… Love coming here and absorbing the culture.

KKM: What can you tell us about your upcomming Live performances?

Well we are planning a tour in the UK, possibly Europe again as a headline run.. so keep an eye out for that in 2018

KKM: How do you imagine Jayce Lewis? What is it with you on the stage that’s special?

Its all real, no fake moulded rubbish here, and I hope that the music I make is different enough that people can either relate or enjoy it for that very reason. I play every instrument, write every lyric and even produce it all in the studio… so when its on stage it is all of that times 1,000 !!

KKM: How important is the (musical) success for you?

Musical success is very confusing these days, bands think they have made it with 1million views and all.. but for me, I class myself a working musician and if you are able to earn a living from it, that is a success in this day in age.

KKM: How satisfied are you with the results achieved so far and what would you change if you could turn back time?


If I could turn back time I wish I could tell myself to enjoy it a bit more when everything kicked off for me in 2009… with MTV, EMI and the BBC, it was a crazy time and I should have relaxed more.

KKM: How could you describe your music to those people who haven’t listened to it yet?

Loud organised chaos…. with a smile :)

KKM: What do you want to in the near future (musically) with

Jayce Lewis to achieve?

just to keep touring, making albums and meeting new people around the world… I love it for that

KKM: Thank you very much for this interview, all the best for the future and of

course I´ll let you know, when I want to come to see you play ;-)!

Diolch yn Fawr   (Thank you in Welsh)

Jayce Lewis

written by Claudia Tomaszewski





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