Gothic/Industrial Artist NIGHT TERROR Announces Their New Full-Length Release, „Freak On Th

Gothic industrial artist NIGHT TERROR has unleashed their new full-length album, Freak On The Inside.

For Fans Of: System Syn, Tragic Impulse & Bauhaus

What separates NIGHT TERROR’s music is its unique mix of gothic-style vocals with industrial sounds. After a year of „in-genre“ albums, NIGHT TERROR’s blend of eerie, soothing vocals and a multi-genre approach closes out the year in musical relief, standing apart from the masses.

„What really went into this album was 1800 hours of love and passion, pain and sorrow, memories of an old life and anger towards those who cannot seem to respect basic human rights.“
– Jeff Heveron

Freak On The Inside is both a musical endeavor I’ve been wanting to do for 33 years and the stories of my life experience and issues I feel strongly about. From the depression, addiction, and love to disgust with male chauvinists and the human virus that plagues this world. Everything I had went into this album, but it is only the beginning.

I’ve learned so much about myself and the music styles during this process. I have no intention of stopping here. I have so much more music to give back to the artists who inspired me for many years.

The album title is based on my medical condition called primary ciliary dyskinesia and dextrocardia. I truly am a freak on the inside.“

*NIGHT TERROR appears courtesy of Tigersqwak Records



Hi, I’m NIGHT TERROR… I am here to share my music and life experience with you. If you are a fan of goth genres you may like my music. If you’ve struggled with mental and physical health, you may connect with my story. I am a man who has lived through adversity, heartbreak, drug addiction & alcoholism, death, poverty and depression… Let’s not forget of course, the torment of NIGHT TERRORS!

I make music that expresses the dark parts of my life. Through my sound and lyrics you can experience he torment I call… Life. Most of my style is goth, synthpop, industrial and electronic. That does not limit my influences that range from classic Jazz like Miles Davis all the way to rap and hip-hop like Immortal Technique. As a DJ (AKA; DJ Night Terror) I spend a lot of time preparing set-lists for goth nights, 80’s
nights, punk shows and metal shows. If you asked what I’ve listened to in the past week, I’d probably say Gary Newman, Tragic Impulse, Screeching Weasel, Skinny Puppy, Sisters Of Mercy, Pop Will Eat Itself, Moris Blak, Empathy Test, VNV Nation, Aesthetic Perfection, 3TEETH, Crude SS, Carnivore, Bauhaus, Conflict, The Cure, ICE-T, Diary Of Dreams, System Syn, Wolcensmen, Lana Del Ray, Hanoi Jane (a punk band I’m in), Ministry, Koffin Kats, Parkway Drive, SIERRA, God Module, and many more.

Having been a bass player for 33 years in mainly punk or metal bands, with the exception of Pleasure Void and art/punk goth band from the 90’s. I spend a lot of time learning about music, taking lessons and practicing. I lost a lot of years to my alcohol and drug addiction (12 years sober as of Feb 2020). I also suffer from a rare condition called PCD, my music helps me to not think about how I’m actually feeling
and focus on something productive and meaningful. This is a decent bit about me but if you have questions, feel free to reach out and ask. If I don’t respond right away it is because I keep very busy.

Review – Night Terror – Freak On The Inside

Hello freaks?… here’s the next review, night terror, okay… then let’s see what this is again! 😉

A boy in front of a keyboard, a bird over it? First I thought this was a punk record, so Exploited or Daily Terror when I saw the cover, but nee, quite something else, electronic music is here!

It starts with a lot of keyboard-wielding drums, then starts the male voice, the first song „Wreck It,“ what should I say, it is not in my heart, but it is good, it will surely find lovers.

Keep watching, „Addiction,“ I got the impression the voice was mixed together too loudly, probably on the whole album, okay, the song’s not so mine!

„Go Now“ did I think?!… it sounds something like your jackets but with not so good music and worse voice? Sounds bad, but just what I thought was bad!

Also I was afraid I can’t say so much good, but this instrumental piece „Maxxed Out“ can be heard by the way, the typical players of any text passages are okay and the music is already suitable.

„Get Out Of This Place“ scratch first in the auditory canal then the music goes off and the voice speaks what, Lost Dreams… anything…, you can listen, but you can only understand little, no yeah effect so far.

Then to „Viral Attack,“ probably a song about the Corona pandemic, it speaks a gloomy voice to a kind of Captain Future Sound, the best song so far on the album, also the vocals come here which sounds better over, even if everything sounds pretty crazy, here it looks great together! TIP

„Beloved“ is the seventh song, apparently the better songs hide behind, also this song is strong, the voice is good, it goes smoothly forward, this time it takes something with me, next tip! 😉

When „Falling Time“ starts with the bright piano style, you think first, now surely a robotic voice will come soon, and fully in the cliché, but still not, the somewhat too loud (human) voice speaks more than it sings, it stumbles again and stumble is always so short before „skip.“ I want a robotic voice! 😉

For the last song „Twenty Twenty,“ let’s look at the weirdness, the scratching, that was already, and bad sounds, and a sound spectacle, okay,…. it fits, nice finish without voice, an outro from out of space, I like!

Conclusion: I have to push it back to the different tastes, for me really not everything was great, but that has nothing to mean, other people will surely like much rather than me, the album is not crap, but also not a golden egg?!

Tip: Viral Attack, Beloves and Twenty Twenty!

written by Karsten Zakrzewski





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