After the success of his  single, „Darkness Never Lies“, ERIC OBERTO brings you the latest version interpreted by Erik Gustafson from ADORATION DESTROYED. „His task was to turn my Dark/Downtempo song into a DJ/Dancefloor masterpiece, and he knocked it out of the park!“, says ERIC OBERTO. 

He goes on to say,  „Erik and I go way back to the days of the 90’s Industrial/Goth scene of Austin, Texas! He was in the band Terminal 46 and I was in Tungsten Coil. Our bands ruled that scene back then and I will cherish those memories forever! I’ve always wanted to work with Erik again, but the opportunity never revealed itself (until now). This remix marks our first collaboration in a long time, and there’s more coming from us soon, so stay tuned…“

Here’s a quote about this remix directly from Erik Gustafson:

“This was a great opportunity to work with an old friend. Our bands had toured together many years ago, so this was so cool! While I liked his original song; it has this morose feel and vibe, I was definitely feeling like I could turn this into a Dancefloor/DJ banger and kinda also make it heavier. I feel I nailed those things by adding this “Orgy/The Birthday Massacre” fuzz guitar and some galloping programming and a big beat. I am really happy with how it came out! I think it could find a home on many Spotify Industrial, Dark electro, and even Synthwave/Industrial bass playlists!”

„Darkness Never Lies“ is about the lies people tell and the fears that rule their lives. It’s a warning to live honestly, intently, and urgently. In your final darkness, that all untold truths become your last regrets. The original version is featured in the motion picture- Amityville Cult. Eric’s debut as a Director and Editor are spotlighted in his music video for- „Darkness Never Lies“, which is a bonus feature on the Amityville Cult DVD/Blu-ray.

What makes ERIC OBERTO‘s composition truly unique is his ability to embrace his diagnosis of synesthesia and right ear deafness.  This  has created a technique for composition that is nothing short of original.  

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