Dockhuset – Behind the sun

Massproduktion proudly presents
Dockhuset – Behind the sun
Distribution: The Orchard
Genre: Electronic/post-punk/synth

Electronic music pioneer Cathrine Fandén from  northern Swedish town Sundsvall started making  music in 1983 under the name Dockhuset together  with Kenneth Cosimo. She has collaborated with  different members during different versions of the band but the name has remained. The band was most active between 1983-1986 when they released records  and toured Sweden and Denmark with bands such as Ragnarök, Kaj Martin & Stick, Twice a Man and  Dead Can Dance. After that, the Dockhuset reformed  sporadically.

In 2016, Cathrine Fandén decided to bring Dockhuset fully back to life. In 2017, she released the song Portia with the help of Eva Öhgren who wrote the lyrics. An acclaimed video was made by well-known photographer Niklas Palmklint. A year later, low-key minimalist track Sailing was released.
In 2019, Cathrine began a collaboration with poet and author Maria Curtis, and with musician and producer  Henrik Leander. The result of the collaboration was Behind the Sun, with Maria’s gripping text and a fantastic  soft/hard bass by Henrik. The song is mixed and mastered by Stefan Boman in the legendary Park studio in  Stockholm.

Dockhuset is working on new material and plans for an album. For the past 16 years Cathrine has battled a  serious illness (ME / CFS) who periodically have knocked her out completely. Therefore, the recording pace is slow. She has therefore not been able to play live regularly for the past 10 years, but we plan for occasional gigs  when the album is released.

Cathrine Fandén: Drummer in postpunk band Vacum 1979, later keyboardist and singer, Krank and the song  Död Dröm 1981 – now considered one of the most important and earliest electronic post-punk songs. Having  participated in various studio jobs as a singer for bands ranging from The Shades of Orange, Paradise Lost to Kjell Höglund, in 1999 she recorded a new song with Vacum – Scream.
In 2003, she and Jan Strandqvist started Daughter, which led to further collaboration with Red Mecca.

Henrik Leander: Multi-instrumentalist and music producer, writes music for other artists, played guitar in Monument, Selkäsauna and now in the punk band Belmondo. Operates record label Peter Out Records, as well as working as a DJ.


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