Dissonance/Cat Hall „Ephemeral“ EP

 Darkwave/electronic artist DISSONANCE has announced the release of the new single and visualizer clip, „Ephemeral.“   The visualizer made its premiere on ReGen Magazine on Wednesday, September 30 HERE:

Cover artwork by Cat Hall
Cat Hall – lyrics and vocals
Justin Burning- music

Story of Ephemeral

It was 2013-  my bright, funny, enormously articulate, darling father, a professor of Geography, Anthropology, and Folklore at LSUS, was having balance issues and had been falling-  one of the falls resulted in a brain bleed that went undiagnosed for several months.   It resulted in a massive subdural hematoma that required surgery.  There were complications- additional surgeries, strokes, depression, and aphasia.   He was in the hospital for 42 days.   When he came home he was not the same man.  Despite physical, occupational, and speech therapy, Dad went into a slow decline and passed away in late September of 2017.  My mother suffered enormously under the strain that caregivers do, despite in-home help.  She had been a Computer Science and Mathematics professor at LSUS with my father since the university had opened in Shreveport, where I was born and grew up.   She had developed a weak heart, due to the prolonged stress, and could no longer stay home alone.  She came to live with me in November of 2017.   Despite my efforts to involve her in activities and to introduce her to new things, her depression after Dad’s passing was evident.  In early November of 2018, she became ill.  She was hospitalized with a respiratory infection, which quickly turned to pneumonia.  She was put on a ventilator, but was never able to recover.  We removed her life support on December 29, 2018.  So much grief over such an extended time for me.   Watching two people I adore suffer, fade, and die was crushing for me.  I wrote this song for my parents, John and Carol Hall..

Many of us have experienced loss and grief.   There is nothing for the pain except to feel it.  We are more fragile and fleeting than we realize.  We are ephemeral, as are the flowers of summer-  here for a season and gone.


Cat Hall / DISSONANCE Bio:

DISSONANCE began in the early 90’s as part of the Texas synthpop scene, playing live at Dallas venues such as the Lizard Lounge, Curtain Club, Galaxy Club, Trees, and Arcadia.   Cat’s vocals have been described by several as a “siren song,” “compelling,” and  “angelic,” layering several harmonies and textures in a unique manner.  DISSONANCE caught the ear of Paul Robb (INFORMATION SOCIETY) who was forming his label Hakatak International, and was signed in 1996.  Her first self-titled release, Dissonance, produced by Robb, came out in 1997.

The style was edgy electronica/darkwave with Cat’s distinctively layered vocals.  1998 saw Cat working with Paul Robb on a more aggressive solo project Cat Hall – Come To Mama, also available on Hakatak. The second release from DISSONANCE came in 2000 with Reincarnate– on Nilaihah Records.

After this, the band focused on individual pursuits until 2015 when Cat revived DISSONANCE and began work on new material.  Void, a much darker, more atmospheric album, was released on Hakatak in 2017.

More recent releases include: Sycamores, a darkwave/atmospheric maxi single, with mixes by Paul Robb, Federico Balducci, and Jack Alberson.  This was released on the Hakatak label in 2018.

Ascent, an energetic darkwave record produced and co-written by Jim Marcus (DIE WARZAUGoFIGHT) and featuring Kurt Larson (INFORMATION SOCIETY) was released on Hakatak in 2019. Remix maxi-singles of „Poison Kiss“ and „Starstuff“ followed the Ascent release on Hakatak in 2019, featuring mixes by Erie Loch, Ian Staer, Brian Graupner, Danny Saber, and Jim Marcus.

Thus far in 2020, Cat collaborated with Bug Gigabyte of SINTHETIK MESSIAH on his Split Damage release, providing lyrics and vocals for “Languish.”

As of September, 2020, Cat Hall / DISSONANCE has released three new maxi-singles for DISSONANCEPrecipiceTrials, and Ephemeral.  These include remixes by JOE HAZESINTHETIK MESSIAHDIVERJE and more.


bandcamp: https://dissonanceband.bandcamp.com/album/ephemeral-maxi-single

spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3rcx0s3239Whmw4DmRiHo7?s


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClBbnNevUx2OuugdKedd7qw?view_as=public

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