Derision Cult „Worlds Collide“ Single

About „World’s Collide“:
In the last year, especially in America, political divides drove wedges between families, destroyed friendships, marriages and communities. The combination of the panic and anxiety of the pandemic, coupled with a highly charged election season caused people who normally wouldn’t do so to take up arms (figuratively speaking) and become politically active. In many cases, people found suddenly their loved ones looked like strangers, or people they loved were suddenly political enemies because of how they voted or what they thought about masks  etc.

„Worlds Collide“ is a commentary on the impact of these political divides on everyday people’s lives.  We live in a world where everyone has their own little echo chambers on social media and are spending more time staring at screens than every before. The track raises the issue that this may not be a good thing and the emotionally charged nature of the country may be all be part of the plan. We need to be on the lookout for who is trying to make us think and how is just trying to make us mad.

About Derision Cult: The Derision Cult is an industrial metal project from Chicago Illinois. With caustic lyrics and increasingly noisy thrash guitars against a dystopian soundscape albums are a reflection of the times.  Fronted by Dave McAnally- the songs focus on themes of manipulation and media manipulation foisted on the public.  We live in an era where our news and our conversations aren’t meant to make us think, they’re meant to stir our emotions.

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