Czech Gothic Rock Band CATHEDRAL IN FLAMES Bring Darkness & Hope With New Album

Czech gothic rock heroes CATHEDRAL IN FLAMES are releasing the long-awaited album Hang Me High & Bury Me Deep. Says Gatsby: “It’s about the darkness of our souls that is around us, perversions hidden in people but also about hope and romance. This is exactly what Gothic should look like.”
The whole recording process was extremely demanding on our mental health this time. While laying down vocals, I even experienced something like a change of consciousness. It was disturbing, but at the same time liberating. They (the songs) are beautiful, monumental and dark. Yet at the same time uplifting, “ adds Phil Lee Fall.

Hang Me High, Bury Me Deep is available worldwide on CDs and all digital platforms. A special vinyl version in a 3D gatefold package will be released a month later. You can find them here:

Nine songs influenced by the likes of Sisters Of Mercy and Fields Of The Nephilim both in terms of sound and musical ideas.

CATHEDRAL IN FLAMES singers Phil Lee Fall and Ambra Von Bernstein have layered dozens of vocal tracks, making the choirs anthemically monumental and the choruses appropriately vaulted. The musical arrangements used a combination of analogue techniques and state-of-the-art technology with multi-layered sound, including samples and guitar parts by Billac DeVille, Mr Theorodick and Gatsby, who – in addition to the obligatory bass guitar – also recorded a substantial part of the guitars and keyboards. The piano virtuoso Antonio Koczwara was also invited to record the demanding keyboard parts.

Every detail of the album was painstakingly cared for.  With the work of mixing wizard Eike Freese (Deep Purple, Helloween, Lord Of The Lost), a crystal clear sound was created for the album.


Cathedral In Flames – Hang Me High & Bury Me Deep – Review

Hello dear people, today again a band that I did not know so far, apparently they come from Czech Republic, maybe you know them better there, I see and hear them for the first time.

Let’s see! The album has 9 songs, which is just behind an e.p. and just a whole album, if you’re petty?! 😉…. on the cover a gun and on the pictures a band gang in the classic western outfit.

Let’s listen to the first song „Twilight Of The Goth,“ and in fact there comes a „Sisters-like“ guitar to dull drum punches and a „necessary“ male voice, which is very reminiscent of Nephilim, but there is also a female voice that I like better right away. Now we’re headed back towards Sisters.

As I hear this, I think it’s good to compare a band like this, probably not, but everything is very obvious here, it goes in the direction of 80/90s Sisters of Mercy and Fields of The Nephilim.

The first song still has something, after listening several times you get in well, the two voices fit well together, the sound is good here.

On to the second song. „Black Train,“ the drums tune in nicely dark, then two dark male voices come, one of which is hardly to be understood, they alternate after each beat and make the whole song seem as rushed as a black train racing through storm and rain, that is well implemented.

Music here is nice catchy, but not sensational, the chorus goes well in the head and stays there for a while.

Let’s see what the third song can do, „1989,“ hmmm, hmmm, is this a homage to 1969 or 1959 of the Sisters?… sounds very similar, piano and dark voice, but doesn’t quite bring up the feeling I get with the other two Sisters songs mentioned, so for me rather boring, others will maybe love it.

Now to the title song of the album „Hang Me High & Bury Me Deep!,“ a female voice turns the typical „Ohhh ohhhhs“ into driving drums and guitars, then the male voice sets in a typically dark manner, the whole thing becomes a bit more poppy, the organ in the background looks beautiful. Here somebody really deep inhaled Carl McCoy and sang out again, which I don’t think is bad. All in all a good song!

„Children Of The Blackest Hole (The Final Shot)“ is again rather a quiet song with lots of piano and acoustic guitar to sound drums, again there is a duet, the „Revolverheld“ and the „Bardame“ tell their story of the last shot, where the lady sings along in the background and buzzes, well, i think the song is not so catchy, it stumbles and pimps so therefore, there are a few highlights missing and the chorus gets something out but completely in the heart, it is not possible, still not bad.

The entry into the next song „Blame It All To The Pain,“ is already a bit more sweeping, the change into the slightly more restless part from 0:50 min is great, a good chorus, otherwise everything as had, dark voice meets bright guitars and dull drums. Here the theme song of the little vampire came to mind, so from the old series, if you remember. 😉 I like it very much! Both.

Song Seven is, „Dia de los Muertos“ may be a little more cliché, all times painted the masks and spat around. Beautiful female voice meets here on reserved sound, could really be film music, but will in the long run, so completely without pictures, a bit long-winded, even if the „Ohhhs“ in the end bring a little more to the afterlife, that comes well! So continue…..

„Drinking In The Car“ I only got in the summer, the last beer was then not so good and everything else landed on the highway stop, But that’s not what this is about, the song, that is, something is unspectacular, it is just too much like the other, and I feel little at ease, a lot of „Ohhhs“ meet dark voice, dull drums and bright guitars, „in the background the female voice talking about something, But this time there’s no part of one that gets out of lethargy.

…. and already we are on the last song, „Providence,“ there she is again the „nuschel“ voice, nice dark and „grunzig,“ the beginning very slowly, from minute 1:40 it gets full, a great song develops, is fun and lets you look back again, what was that actually, what was new, what was old, it had its strengths and weaknesses, but is quite okay, even if the Fade Out is annoying at the end of the last song. 😉 Much old known was there, and why not, what was good can also be good again.

Fovourites: Twilight Of The Goth, Black Train & Blame It All To The Pain

Until the days

Karsten Zakrzewski 04.09.2021





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